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  1. What do you guys think of this Comanche? Seems like a good candidate for the build but wanted to get you guys' opinion... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/367313697201332/
  2. Okay...crazy conceptual idea but figured I'd hit you guys with it. I've been finding some J10's pretty close to where I live for surprisingly cheap. Those clunky v8's arent really what I'm looking for given the low gas mileage but with the weight the truck will have to support once I build out the Sunrader portion the beefier axles and what not are appealing as I will likely need to upgrade those anyways should I go with a Comanche. I also have a buddy who has a solid running Mercedes with a OM617 turbo diesel which I know is a pretty popular conversion I could swap into the (conceptual) J10. My questions - Does anybody have the rear of cab to center of rear wheel measurement or at least a close guestimate of what it may be? Has anybody done this conversion and how do they feel about the outcome? What would the cost be to swap the engine if I were to have somebody with a bit more knowledge do it? Sorry for all the questions but not the easiest info to find apparently. Just trying to weigh out all my options for the best outcome :)
  3. Hey Guys, Just a quick update, I got the shell off the truck and am in the process of rebuilding the clutch on the Hilux before turning it into a flatbed and the shell is patiently awaits its new home. I found an '86 2.8L Comanche that looks like a great candidate for the build, but I wanted to ask, is it worth it to hold out for a 4.0L? Are there any benefits to having the 2.8L such as gas mileage advantages? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Very cool man, I dig this a lot! Yeah not too much info on Comanche campers out there although I did find a chinook one that looked really rad. But ultimately I think the sunrader shell would look so good sitting on a Comanche :)
  5. Great info man, thanks for the tip(s) excuse my ignorance but this is a whole new ball game to me...do you mean I can adjust the back axle to fit is where it will line up correctly? The purist in me says no but for the purpose I want to use it for that would make a ton of sense. My skateboard buddies and I take trips all over and its nice to not section it off from the rest of the crew for those longer drives. If I were to do it I would probably still keep the sections behind the driver / passenger seats and just have a little doorway type of deal. Funny enough, the bracing on the current '78 Hilux it currently sits on just has a steel bar that hooks into two brackets on either side above the driver / passenger doors. Ahh, the simplicity Yeah I've seen a good amount of Chinook swaps but not too many Sunraders. As much as I like the Chinook's I feel like the over-cap area is kind of dead space since its not really enough room for a bed unless it were to pull out into the space...thats just me though. These videos provide good info for the swap process if you havent seen them...
  6. With that said, anything I should look for when buying one or any particular year to avoid?
  7. Nice, that should work then :) Now I just need to find one in my price range haha
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! Well, that rules out the short bed It needs to be about 44". Does anybody have a longbed they could measure?
  9. Hey guys, Glad I found this forum and hoping you guys will have some insight for my project idea... So I picked up a rare 1978 Toyota Sunrader at a price I could not talk myself out of. Since the stock toyota is grossly underpowered and slow, I want to pull the camper shell off of it and put it on a 4x4 truck. My initial thoughts were a more modern Toyota (am I allowed to say that word here?) since they match up fairly nicely but recently I discovered that the Comanche might be a good option. The wheelbase is similar and from my research, these are fantastic trucks. The one thing I'm curious about is I need to get a measurement from the back of the cab to the center of the rear wheel to see how the camper shell would pair up. Also, and I know this is vague, does anybody know how the frame would compare from the Toyota to the Jeep? Thanks in advance! :) Existing Truck: Frame with shell removed:
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