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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, the more info I have the better :)
  2. The camper is made of fiberglass and is quite rigid, but yes, the meeting point is where I'm struggling with my vision a bit. First with the camper clearing the cab accordingly without some crazy gap inbetween the top of the cab and the bottom section of the 'over cab' area on the camper. And I've considered leaving a slight gap inbetween the camper and the cab so that it has some room to flex a bit. On the hilux it originally was on, it was just bolted directly to the cab and had four bolts holding it to the frame and it was super rigid given the circumstances, even with the truck rusted to hell and made of surprisingly thin steel.
  3. Yeah this is basically what I was thinking, thanks for the photo!
  4. Yeah you're right, just want to make sure I cover all bases up front before putting in a lot of effort and $$. And I'd only be keeping some of the back panel just to give me more material to build support off of, so my cuts would basically just allow access to the cab in between the seats. A mini-hallway if you will haha
  5. Hey guys, does anybody have the measurement from the top of the frame the bed sits on to the top of the cab? Looking to put a camper on a Comanche and need that measurement to figure out if this project is realistic or not. Thanks in advance :)
  6. Also, does anybody have a measurement from the bed frame to the top of the cab?
  7. Yup, that was my initial thoughts as well. As of now I'm thinking of axle swapping a 9" in the rear and maybe a Dana 44 up front with beefier suspension all around. Also what I was thinking, I would only be cutting sections of minimal structural bracing and would probably reinforce it regardless just to be on the safe side.
  8. here's how the shell is looking currently while it awaits its new home...
  9. Yeah you can, its kind of a squeeze but its definitely convenient. My friends and I are big skateboarders and we travel all over to skate so my main reasoning for having the cab flow to the camper is mostly just so we can all hang out and talk while were on the road for long periods of time
  10. And to be honest, I really didnt know a whole lot about these trucks until I started researching them heavily for this project so thats another reason why I'm looking for other opinions.
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