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  1. In the process of sourcing parts :) I have a AW4 with 70k miles, the drive shafts and Transfer case lined up and will be picking up tomorrow. Now I need some axle suggestions... I was told that a Dana 44 up from and a 9" Rear would be a great set up. I've found quite a bit of both but any recommendations of years I should look for or other rear axles for that matter? the original dually rear on the toyota the camper came off of measured about 66" wide so I'd like to keep a wider stance in the rear for stability but would prefer a non-dually rear. Any and all recommendations welcomed :)
  2. Haha yeah I hear ya...I'd prefer to keep it automatic so I'm guessing the AW4 is the right move. Plus with the price and low miles, that definitely is what I'm leaning towards as of right now.
  3. So as far as the transmission goes, I've sourced 2 AW4's so far, one of which only has 70k miles on it. Is it worth holding out for an AX15?
  4. The original toyota had a stock front axle, don't recall which it was, and the rear had a Dually Rear end, or "Foolie" as it was referred to since there was a major recall on them. Whatever option I decide to go with will be a major upgrade from the original for sure haha. Also need to widen the stance a bit so since I have to swap the front axle anyways, may as well beef it up some
  5. Okay cool, I'll look into that. Yeah I'm not, I'm swapping the front and rear axles with probably a Dana 44 up front and a Ford 9" Rear with a 4:10 Ratio unless anybody has a better suggestion?
  6. Yeah in the process of doing the axle swap to be able to support the camper shell, I'll be re-gearing as well. For the transmission, I need to be looking for an AX-15 correct? Assuming the Cherokee I'm looking at has that Trans, everything else should just swap over accordingly? Anything I should consider upgrading during the swap process?
  7. So I have the parts sourced to do the 4wd swap from a 1995 Cherokee. Can somebody confirm what all I'll be needed and what I may as well go ahead and replace while doing the swap? Thanks again for all the valuable input, you guys have all been super helpful in this process :)
  8. Well, went ahead and scooped up a Comanche and I'm really stoked to get moving on it :) This was just too good of a deal to pass up on and it was right down the road from me. 1990 2wd LWB w/ 139k on the odometer
  9. Looking for a 4.0 auto otherwise I'd consider that one. Back to the 2wd, I was able to source a rebuilt trans, transfer case and drive shafts for $500. The transmission is out of a '95 cherokee and the Comanche is a '91. That trans should still bolt up correctly right?
  10. Okay so, the struggle to find a solid LWB Comanche continues and I'm looking all over the damn country at this point lol but I had an interesting idea. A really clean 2wd LWB came up locally for a damn good price with low miles. Since I'm going to have to axle swap it anyways for this project, to turn it into a 4wd I essentially (and please, correct me if I'm wrong) just need the transmission, transfer case, and drive shafts? I know it'd be much easier to just get a 4x4 but between how crazy the prices have gotten lately (and they seem to be going higher) and just struggling to find a solid one in general I'm just trying to figure out a solution. Thoughts on this?
  11. Yeah, I guess the hunt continues then. Pretty frustrating how this project has been at a stand still with the difficulty I’ve been having trying to find a Comanche that fits my requirements but I guess that’s how it goes. still very torn about the one I mentioned in my previous post (#1) as it seems like such a good candidate other than it being a short bed.
  12. In a perfect world, yes a long bed has its benefits but I’ve been having such a hard time finding one in my area and just finding a Comanche in my price range that isn’t too far from where I live in general I’ve kind of given up on that idea and willing to extent the frame a bit which I reality could be better overall.
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