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  1. Thanks. It will get a real paintjob someday
  2. Finally had some time to get on the body work. At least it doesn’t look like a quilt anymore....
  3. IDMJ

    While out and about

    I’d sell one for $300. 😁
  4. I made a bonsai run over to Klamath Falls Oregon to pick up another project vehicle and while I was over there, hit a wrecking yard. i scored a complete Ford high pinion Dana 44 and 2 excellent MJ tailgates for a very paltry price. I’m kinda happy 😃
  5. My Napier flares showed up and are on. My dirt bound rear bumper is here as well but probably won’t be going on anytime soon.
  6. I know the feeling very well. Keep at it and, all the sudden it’s nearly done....
  7. What do you think? A little sawzall action and some bumpstop should work huh? 😱
  8. Obviously personal tastes run the gamut. I've seen so many builds that beg the big question of WHY??? But, it's his truck, his dream and , his money. I say " you go"!
  9. blockquote widget Well I've put over 400 miles on it with no hiccups. I am seriously impressed with the truck since the swap. Took it out last weekend and wheeled in the snow. Did great for being open/ open. I do either need to do cutout flares or lift it some more. Front tire clearance with the 35' s is an issue. I have some spacers and shackles I may throw on to see how I like it.
  10. IDMJ


    I’m running a 904 behind a Cadillac shortstar in my crawler. Running a reverse manual valvebody. Haven’t had any problems with it. Wonder if you could come up with a starter that would mount on the bellhousing. Mine has the caddy starter with notched bellhousing.
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