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  1. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    We’ll see if my tank mod works but, I suppose I can. I hate being tasked ..... 😜
  2. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Thanks. It's coming along slowly.
  3. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Got my fuel tank brackets done. I used the stock MJ tank straps and, cut new holes in the frame to match the new rails. TJ tank with XJ pump. Tank is out to have the fuel filler neck moved to the side to match the fuel door on the bed.
  4. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Traced it down to a fuse in the pdc. Looks good, ohms bad..... Grrrr
  5. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Added a ground to the fuel pump and, it's cycling now. But of course my gauges quit again.
  6. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Thanks for the advice. I found an fsm in PDF that I'm perusing now. This thing is really trying my patience.
  7. IDMJ


    It will work for the front. If you do a spring over in the rear, that will get you about the same lift in back.
  8. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Well, after the last month I think I'm about ready to push this project off a cliff. Spent 3 weeks chasing a " no bus" issue. Stupid airbag control module ground. 😈 Before I started this swap I made sure all systems worked and I had no cel's. Now, my horn, power windows, door locks and, turn signals don't work. My brake light switch now sits about 1/8" away from the pedal assembly and, I don't see any adjustment. Also, fuel pumps not running but, gas gauge works....... Does anyone have a diagram that shows what the connectors that plug into the fuse panel go to?
  9. You can swap the speedo drive from the old style mechanical right into the later style electric.....
  10. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Kinda what I’m shooting for.😏
  11. IDMJ

    Sigh of relief

    Today was very productive . Installed new water pump, thermostat, header, hoses, and belt. Drivetrain is in. Under hood is probably 80%.