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  1. IDMJ

    While out and about

    I’d sell one for $300. 😁
  2. IDMJ

    While out and about

    I made a bonsai run over to Klamath Falls Oregon to pick up another project vehicle and while I was over there, hit a wrecking yard. i scored a complete Ford high pinion Dana 44 and 2 excellent MJ tailgates for a very paltry price. I’m kinda happy 😃
  3. My Napier flares showed up and are on. My dirt bound rear bumper is here as well but probably won’t be going on anytime soon.
  4. I know the feeling very well. Keep at it and, all the sudden it’s nearly done....
  5. What do you think? A little sawzall action and some bumpstop should work huh? 😱
  6. Obviously personal tastes run the gamut. I've seen so many builds that beg the big question of WHY??? But, it's his truck, his dream and , his money. I say " you go"!
  7. blockquote widget Well I've put over 400 miles on it with no hiccups. I am seriously impressed with the truck since the swap. Took it out last weekend and wheeled in the snow. Did great for being open/ open. I do either need to do cutout flares or lift it some more. Front tire clearance with the 35' s is an issue. I have some spacers and shackles I may throw on to see how I like it.
  8. IDMJ


    I’m running a 904 behind a Cadillac shortstar in my crawler. Running a reverse manual valvebody. Haven’t had any problems with it. Wonder if you could come up with a starter that would mount on the bellhousing. Mine has the caddy starter with notched bellhousing.
  9. I did see them on that rig. Seems that they both need “massaging “ to fit properly. I was wanting to hear some personal experiences with them if possible. Both installing and how well they hold up.
  10. I'm looking at cutout flares for my MJ and am looking for some feedback. I've been looking into either Notch brand or, Napier. Pro's and cons?
  11. Tons of info here. Do a search. I found lots of answers to my questions before I even asked them
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