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  1. PCO6

    Newbie build - 91 Eliminator

    I got mine at www.jeepsticker.com . They have the Eliminator stickers too.
  2. PCO6

    Kayak Rack

    Thanks and yes, it was fun. I just picked up a factory roll bar and am thinking of a way to add a temporary rear rack for when I want to take my kayaks. "Should work".
  3. Not exactly high tech but a fast and fun project. Yesterday I cut, drilled, filed, painted, etc. some metal pieces to tie together the kayak racks that I usually use on my trailer. it will be great for day trips without the trailer and will break down for easy storage when it's not being used. it fits in the bed nicely and is tied in by ratchet straps (not shown). All ready to go. Today we went to the annual "Lock n' Paddle" kayak/canoe event at the Peterborough, Ontario lift locks. … 1 minute video of the 2017 event …
  4. If it helps, the 6' liner in my '88 Eliminator says "Comanche".
  5. PCO6

    Station Wagons

    Our family has always owned SW's of one sort or another. One of my brothers just returned from a trip in his '66 Ford Fairlane Country Estate (woody) wagon. He and his wife left from their home in the Toronto area and took Rt. 66 to LA then up to BC and back home. He thought it would be neat to take it back to the dealership in San Jose that it was originally purchased at and get an oil change. The 20 something service manager had no idea what it was. He asked if it was a Corvair.
  6. PCO6

    pick n pull came through for once!

    You're lucky that they helped you with this. The one that I frequent the most will not assist in any way. Great stuff at reasonable prices but you're on your own. A lot of the heavier items that can't be easily picked go for scrap metal.
  7. From Barn Finds. According to one of the commenters dually kits were available from J.C. Whitney. https://barnfinds.com/petite-dually-1989-jeep-comanche/?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_source=Newsletter+(Daily)&utm_medium=email&utm_content=titlelink
  8. PCO6

    looking for your Comanche literature

    fiatslug87 - That's quite a collection ... and a stroke of luck! Seeing those '70/'71/'71 brochures with the red CJ's on the cover brings back some memories. I bought a red '69 CJ in '73. Private deal so no brochures!
  9. PCO6

    SB tonneau

    I posted this Kijiji ad a little over a month ago. I think the MJ has been sold though. I believe the owner had a Ford Ranger tonneau on it. There was a better picture of it from the back of the truck and it looked god.
  10. PCO6

    barn doors on an XJ

    You're right. OLD men do a better job!
  11. PCO6

    barn doors on an XJ

    That's pretty neat and I appreciate the work that was done but I've always enjoyed hanging out under my hatch ... especially when it's raining! I can think of many times that I've done that while camping and/or at a race track. I keep saying I'm going to custom build an awning of some type using the hatch as a base. Lets just say it's on "the list".
  12. Congrats! Looks like a pretty good Comanche.
  13. I agree with this. Also, when my vehicles are on jack stands it's either over concrete or asphalt. I place the stands directly on to the concrete. On asphalt I always put a 12" square piece of 3/4" plywood under each stand.
  14. I've had my jack stands for so long that I couldn't tell you what brand they are. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a set of Torin Big Reds though. I bought a 4 ton Big Red floor jack just yesterday. I was in the market for a new one. I was in my usual tire store last week and saw that they had about 8 of them. I figured if they are good enough for commercial use I'll never wear it out.
  15. PCO6

    Clueless Modifications

    Mine came without a catalytic converter. I had to put one back on to have it certified so I could transfer the ownership. It's the opposite to what you want to do but that was pretty straight forward.