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    I think it would be closer to what are generally called community teams in the US. In Canada we have Provincial Sports Associations that organize and govern sport. The Ontario Lacrosse Association for example has Zones across the Province and municipalities within them that have their own clubs. The clubs are non-profit community owned and compete against each other and against other teams from other Zones in tournaments and ultimately against all teams at the end of the season for Provincial Championships. That's generally how it works for 4 to 16 yr. olds. There are 3 main leagues for 17 to 21 yr. olds called Jr. A, B & C and in each league the teams are from across the Province. Above that for 22 to ?? yr. olds there is Senior A & B. There are National Championships for all but Jr. C. The Mann Cup, which is solid gold, goes back to 1910 and is for the Senior A, or "Major", National Champion. There is also the National Lacrosse League (NLL) which has teams across the US & Canada. Here's an example of what that's all about. Most of the players grew up in the Canadian Lacrosse Association although several have come from the US Field game. Field Lacrosse in Canada is organized in generally the same way as the above but it is also gaining popularity at the High School and University levels. Regarding the photos, I can get them to appear by left clicking on the .pdf icon and then left clicking on "open" when it appears at the bottom of my screen. I might just be getting lucky though! lol
  2. Bob McKenzie (Rick Moranis) used to be a DJ on Chum FM in Toronto before his Bob & Doug days. He used to do all kinds of imitations and one of his funniest characters, I thought, was Geetz Romo. One day he opened his wallet (on radio) to show another DJ a picture of his family and said … "This is my wife and this is my dog. Sorry, THIS is my wife and this my dog".
  3. PCO6

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    Thanks! I have lot of them but none from back then are game shots. I'm in the back row second from the right and I was just coming up to 10. My Brother, just coming up to 8, is beside me on end and our Father, the Coach, is right behind us. Here's one from 1972, ten years later, when we were playing in the Ontario Provincial League. Sorry but it's another .pdf. I'm in the front row third from the left and again my Brother was beside me on my left. You can see PCO on my sweater and 6 on my sleeve so hence … PCO6. btw … we were NOT the champions that year. lol This by the way was BOX Lacrosse vs. FIELD Lacrosse which is much more popular in the US. Both countries have caught on to each others specialties over the years but both retain their favourite version of the game. I coached both versions and, although quite different games, the basic skills are the same … pass, catch, run and keep your head up so you don't get clobbered. Unfortunately all but a few of the National and Provincial seasons (and the remaining ones will be) have been cancelled this year due to the virus. 1972 - Mississauga PCO - Jr B.pdf
  4. I drove mine 200 miles round trip to pick up a restorable rear bumper. It ran great!
  5. PCO6

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    The oldest one I have is from 1962, which would have been my 3rd yr. I only have a .pdf of it - hope it turns out. 1962 - Clarkson Novice B.pdf
  6. PCO6


    I like them all provided they're installed right side up!
  7. PCO6

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    I've been involved in the sport of lacrosse for the last 60 years. Mine is the last team I played for and my sweater number.
  8. Thanks Blue XJ. This job has been worse than fixing many vehicles that I've owned. The previous home owner built this basement bathroom back in the '70s and his techniques were "unusual". It took more work to wreck it than it has been to rebuild it.
  9. Great posts Minuit. On this particular point, for those who use their Jeep (or?) year round in snow/salt conditions your choice of floor mats is important. Last fall I replaced the driver's side floor pan and torque box in my LJ. Floor pans are relatively easy but torque boxes are a much more involved. The passenger's side and both rear floors were in great shape. The previous owner of my LJ used simple flat rubber floor mats. I replaced them with Husky liners but it was way too late. For several years before I got it the driver's side footwell carpet never dried out in the winter and that's what caused the rust. Other than that, I have my vehicles sprayed with Krown T-40 annually and I spray them myself with Krown and a Shutz gun as a I work on them. It's not a messy job and it's well worth it. It makes working on them much easier too … everything is lubricated. Your floor pan drawing and pics are very helpful. I've done several floor and sill replacements (XJ's and MGB's mainly) and I have always applied POR-15 to the inside of the uni-body frame before I close them up and used seam sealer after that.
  10. MLT Lulu - I've been doing a bathroom too. Fun eh?
  11. Nice. I just posted this pic of one of my old MGB's on another forum thread about bridges.
  12. Speaking of garden gates and fences (^^^) I've been building a roof rack for my XJ over the past few days while self isolating in my garage. It started out as a chain link fence gate. I made a similar rack for my tear drop trailer and it was a lot easier to work with preformed 90* bends than to attempt them myself. I cut it up, spliced in some extra tube (1.25" OD) to get the shape I wanted and then welded on some e-track to stiffen it up add plenty of latch points. I'm working on the kayak attachment for it and the front rack which will only be added when I transport the kayaks. I have more welding, metal finishing and painting to do but it's coming along.
  13. Well said. Our Federal government knew that the initial problems were travel related yet it refused to properly asses people coming in. Suggesting that it should were met with accusations of racism. Telling people to self isolate only goes so far when the government is powerless to enforce it. Now that new virus cases are mostly community transmitted people are complaining that the borders weren't secured earlier. It's encouraging to see private industry starting to produce products that they never would have before (ventilators, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.). There was a report of a Doctor from Eastern Ontario that figured out a way for 1 ventilator to serve 2 people with box store parts.
  14. I think this guy put down his welder … and then ran over it.
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