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  1. I'm learning how powder coat. Happy with the results so far. Can't believe I didn't do it sooner.
  2. Crassis - I can't help with a bumper but you might be surprised at how reasonable shipping is. I recently bought a Detours front winch mount for an XJ/MJ. It weighs about 40 lbs., is shaped a bit like a rear trailer frame hitch and is about 2/3rds the size. I'm north of Toronto and it was south of Ottawa. The cost to get it here via Canada Post was $42. That was their lowest price and I got it in 3 days! A bumper would be larger of course but the weight would be less. The funny thing was the way the seller packaged it. He basically taped heavy duty nylon shopping bags to both ends, wrapped some cardboard around the middle and put my name on it. The guy that delivered it said he'd seen a LOT worse.
  3. I'm converting mine from closed to open right now. It was running fine with the closed system and the only serious problem I've had since I got it was when the block heater fell out! That was a new one for me. Lately, it developed a slow leak in the area of the pressure tank. The port on the bottom of the after market tank broke with the hose. The tank is otherwise fine and I'm converting it into an overflow tank. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea please let me know. I'm going with pretty much stock parts from NAPA. No problems so far. Re Mishimoto rads ... they get absolutely slammed on the TJ forums where it's MOPAR or nothing. The discussions sometimes get ugly and I'm not sure I get it. They seem to get generally good reviews on other forums (racing, hot rods, rice rockets, etc.). I've seen good XJ & MJ reviews too. I have a new one for my LJ but I have not installed it yet. The quality seems good and I might do it just to just to prove the TJ/LJ guys wrong ... I hope.
  4. If you're rethinking the chrome here's mine which is basically black all over. My old XJ was black with chrome bumpers and I liked it too. My current XJ is white with chrome.
  5. I ran 245/75/16s on my '88 2WD with stock suspension for a while. The MOAB wheels shown below are 16x8. I liked the look and it ran fine on the road with no rubbing or clearance issues. I don't take this one off road. I later switched to 235/75/15 tires on Turbine wheels.
  6. PCO6

    Must see car movies

    "The Art of Racing in the Rain"
  7. Regarding the speedometer, in Canada it was common during the 70s' and early 80s' for vehicles to have both Imperial and metric markings. It was the other way around though ... metric on the outside and Imperial in a smaller font on the inside. It was our government's way of telling us not to speed! I'm pretty sure it was abandoned by the time the first XJs were produced though. My '88 MJ and '89 XJ have metric only gauges.
  8. Here's a slower method of air travel. It's a 1980s Cadet fibreglass trailer. I already have half of what I need. I just need to find a suitable dirigible.
  9. What happened in Lytton yesterday was heart breaking. We watched what was going on all week re the high temperatures but never thought that it would end like this. It's such a beautiful area and I was encouraged to watch a former Town Mayor say today that no mater what they'll rebuild. As for South Central Ontario, it's been an odd year. Basically cold and wet. We're finally going camping starting on Sunday for a week. We've had 3 trips cancelled this year due to COVID restrictions. It's been raining all day and fairly cool and I just packed up our propane heater to take with us. Two years ago at this time we camped at a Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. It was sweltering and a few days after we left the park was evacuated because of a forest fire. I can't imagine anything like that happening this year.
  10. That's amazing! I kept trying to count the men to see if they lost any.
  11. ... and you can you can load frontward or backward from either end!
  12. I agree! I started "real" working the early '70s when the metric system became official in Canada. We weren't taught any of it in school prior to that, not that it's all that hard. Many of us relied on conversion rather than thinking things through in metric. A lot of us still do. In my line of work (now retired) I had to present land development applications to municipal employees and councils, ratepayer groups, etc. I often told them that ... "my decision on whether to use imperial or metric measurements was solely based on the age of the person I was trying to confuse." I wasn't always kidding! btw - Our speedometers had both for for many years. Glad they finally got rid of that.
  13. Mine runs at "100" all the time! It's metric and the gauge reads 40/100/125 *C.
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