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  1. Thanks Don. I'm well into the fun stuff now. I've installed all of the usual trailer electrics and am now on the camper electrics (12V deep cycle battery, power inverter, solar panel and controller) plus the water system. I scrapped the "kitchen" shown in the pics and made a much lighter table that attaches to the trailer. I'm installing the propane cylinder and various accessories (shovel, axe, first aid, lantern, etc.). The lid now tilts to 45* (or more if wanted) via 12V actuators. I'm currently working on the bike and kayak/canoe racks. Always lots to do yet and I'll probably be modifying it with new ideas after every camping trip!
  2. Thanks Pete. I have no clue about these things ... but that sounds like a lot of work. Any way, for anyone that is interested, Expedition Portal is a great forum for many off road, camping, equipment, trailers, fabrication and the outdoors in general. I spend way too much time there! Stew
  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. Pete - I'll give that a try. I may have to open/edit each of my posts in that thread but it sounds like it will work. We'll know soon! EDIT: No luck with copying and pasting from my Expedition Portal thread. I could copy the text but not the photos (they came through as red "X"'s). Sorry but I think the best way to see it is click on ... https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/pco6s-trailer-build.148123/ EP changed its format recently. After that a lot of strange things popped up. You'll see things like ... 10&#8221 ... and I have no idea where they came from.
  4. PCO6

    Fuel pump ground

    I agree. I've left all of those ... although I find Pirate 4x4 entertaining, name calling and all. I frequent https://www.cherokeeforum.com/search.php?searchid=6940593 . There's lots of good information but there is also a lot of guys who just seem to be talking to each other and clogging up threads.
  5. PCO6

    Random Purchase Offers

    It's happened to me a few times including last week while I was sitting in the parking lot at Home Depot. A guy in a pickup truck came speeding across the lot straight at me broadside then "kind of" turned in to the spot beside me. I probably wasn't as polite as you were. I thought he was going to run in to me. On the flip side, about 2 yrs. ago I followed the silver MJ below for about 2 blocks. I was in my LJ and wanted to tell him that one his brakes lights was out (it was). I asked and he politely said ..."get lost". I've bought one since and ended up getting a pic of them together where I originally asked him (just down the street from me).
  6. The above thread refers to utility trailer I built. It's great for trips to Home Depot, the garden centre, the dump, etc. ... and of course for hauling Jeep parts home! I've also been using it for hauling bikes and kayaks and some camping.
  7. I've been building an off road trailer for what seems to be too long now. It's an on again off again seasonal project that I've been doing partially outdoors due to lack of adequate garage space. Nothing "big" gets done in the winter due to the cold. I also got a bit side tracked with a '95 XJ build and having bought a TJ, LJ, XJ and MJ during the trailer build process - no complaints! Each one needed work, fortunately nothing major. Any way, I'm back at it. It's been on the road and it tows great. I hope to camp with it this summer. Here's what it looks like now. Rather than try to recreate a thread I have on it on a couple of other forums I've just included a link to it on Expedition Portal Forum. I've done a lot since the build thread ended ... an update will be coming. PCO6's Trailer Build ... https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/pco6s-trailer-build.148123/
  8. Don - I pulled the spark plug wires off of my parts XJ on the weekend and you're right ... they're stubborn. I used a pair of wire puller pliers that I think were also made by Lisle. I've never seen one like the tool you posted but I can definitely see how it works and that it can probably get in to pretty tight places.
  9. Thanks John. I wear gloves for 2 reasons - vibration and as mentioned my aim isn't very good ... even with the holder! That's not me in the picture btw. I hired a hand model for that.
  10. Here's mine parked next to what may be the only other Comanche in town. I don't see it very often and think the owner visits his son who lives just down the street from where I do.
  11. My aim isn't all that good so I built this punch/chisel holder out of scraps that I had laying around the garage. The brass "holder" part is part of an electrical ground rod/strap.
  12. This is a "hose hooker" that I use for loosening up rad and heater hoses that are "stuck" and you can't get off after removing the hose clamp. Not always but I can usually get the hose off without damaging it. It's a pick/awl that I just heated up with my O/A torch and curled the end.
  13. I made these out of old screwdriver handles and new brake lines. I use them to fish electrical wire through fire walls and other tight places. Remove the handle from the driver, drill a hole in the handle that provides for a friction fit for the brake line when you press it through. Boiling the handle before you press the line makes for a nice tight fit. These are cheap and easy to make so I don't hesitate to bend, shorten, replace, etc. the brake line when I have to.
  14. PCO6

    looking for your Comanche literature

    ... and when I flip the above over I have the "Comanche Guide d'utilisation" and "Notice De Garantie et D'entretien". Because almost everything we get has to have both of our official languages they are twice as thick as what our American friends have. As the old saying in English Canada goes ... at least when you're pouring paint you know which side to spill on!
  15. PCO6

    looking for your Comanche literature

    Here are the "Owner's Manual" and "Warranty and Maintenance Guide" for my '88 Comanche which is a 2WD. The 4WD's obviously say "4x4"