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  1. If you count the number of "stripes" or "ridges" on the lock switch there is 7 of them. Does any one think Jeep did that to match the grill!? Really enjoying your build! You're not holding back on anything.
  2. I got my stickers at http://www.jeepsticker.com/ . The guy was great to deal with and his products are very good … and inexpensive … about $15 for the tailgate stickers.
  3. Also, on the bottom picture the toggle switches are reversed. The lock button is the one with the vertical "stripes" cast into it. The top one is correct.
  4. LOL. You think he would have left his flashers off to draw less attention … if that was possible.
  5. In Jeep Driver's pics above the top wheel is an Ecco and the bottom one is a Grizzly. Both are OEM but I'm not sure of the years or models. Both are 15'x7" with 5.25" backspacing. The Eccos came is a few finishes, I believe 2 shades of silver and a darker one generally called Graphite. They also came in bronze but those are rare. I pulled a set of 5 Graphite Eccos off of an original '97 TJ.
  6. Oops! I was too busy admiring your MJ and over looked the obvious. I have the same combination on my LJ and was thinking of doing it to my MJ.
  7. Picking up tires for my XJ … And another sports bar … because you should always carry spares.
  8. lol. I don't think my pile of radios is nearly as high as yours! Honestly, when I see a guy selling things like this for as little as $20 I'm just happy he's not throwing it out. I'd sooner put it on my shelf and give it to an MJ/XJ owner in "need" rather than see that happen!
  9. I agree with the other commenters … that looks great! What are the lift and tire sizes? As for me, I drove mine on a 3 hr. round trip to buy a $20 radio from an '89 XJ. I needed the drive more than another radio but it was good to get both.
  10. I've never had one fail before but after having one fall out I added checking it to my maintenance list. We used to install a lot of them on customer's cars years ago. Lots of new frost plugs too. We just used engine oil on the heater gaskets, like installing an oil filter. Every Jeep I've owned has had a block heater. I've read that they came standard with Canadian Jeeps. They appear on the build sheets for each one I currently own. On most of mine the electrical cord was never even unravelled. Where you are I'm sure they all were! I'll get into NAPA this week for a cap. Not sure about the aluminum can though. Apart from the price (!) I like to see what's going on … leaks and all.
  11. EDIT --- I basically stated earlier that the cooling systems on my RENIX era MJ & XJ have been trouble free. NOT TRUE. A few years ago I was about to take my MJ in to Krown Rustproofing to be sprayed. I took it through the car wash the day before to clean the underside. It was the first time I did it and I don't plan to do it again. About a km later the block heater fell out. It over heated and when I pulled over it was pretty obvious what had happened. There was a trail of coolant and it was literally dangling by the electrical cord. I doubt the cord caught on anything and I can't imagine that the water pressure knocked it out. I've never had that happen before but I've had enough of car washes.
  12. One of my brothers runs a '68 Mini that he converted to a closed system. I did the same to a '60 MGA many years ago. Not sure why I did it back then (late '70s) other than some of the "cool guys" had it on their race cars. I'll take a closer look at my Dorman cap. it sound like I might want to replace it.
  13. As far as I could tell the pressure bottle in my XJ was the original (30 yrs.) and that's why I replaced it. I'm about to do my MJ for the same reason. I also couldn't see what the coolant level was and got tired of using the wooden dowel dip stick I made for it. I have a NOS closed system radiator in my shed and haven't really paid attention to whether new ones are available. I'm not opposed to converting to an open system and if the rad supply dries up that would be a pretty good reason!
  14. I'm not surprised that some after market parts (Dorman & others) don't last as long or perform as well as OEM parts. The bottle on my XJ has only been on for about 5-6 months and no leaks ...again ... so far. I bought a new XJ back in '90 and never had a cooling problem, all OEM of course. The ABS brakes were another matter. The final straw was a brake job that cost me 10% of the cost of the vehicle. I have TJ and an LJ as well. Both are open systems of course and I admit that I prefer that. They both run fine too. Funny thing, I just replaced the OEM over flow bottle on the LJ. It cracked after 15 years and it just sits there. lol.
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