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  1. Apart from the licencing fee we're not that different. Our annual licence fee is $120 CDN (about $90 US). Your $1,000 car would be about $1,300 CDN. It would cost me $20 to transfer, $130 in taxes, and if it's 20+ years old $50 to $100 for an appraisal so lets say a maximum of $250 CDN (about $185 US). Same as you, we require the vendor to sign the ownership (title) and provide a bill of sale. If I was putting it on the road I would need a safety certificate from a licenced mechanic and proof of insurance. If not I would register it as an unfit vehicle. Regarding non-commercial trailers, we pay a one shot fee of $25. We get a licence plate and an ownership / title.
  2. I noticed that on your earlier post and nearly fell over! $14,000 to you would about $18,500 to me. I paid just under that for an LJ, XJ and MJ … total. Although getting a transfer appraisal can be a pain in the butt I'm glad we have that option. The most I've paid is $100 and to be honest, they "work with you" to come up with the appraised value.
  3. How so? If you're referring to my post in particular, I checked my files and I was off on the appraised values. They were $2,000 for the MJ & $2,200 for the XJ. I was thinking of the total cost not individually. A "parts" MJ that I bought and then sold was appraised at $1,000 for the transfer. Tax at 10% is what it is. In the past I've questioned why there's a tax at all. It's to the Province's benefit that vehicles be sold over and over and over … and so on. It's a windfall to them. That argument goes no where.
  4. In Ontario, you have to get an appraisal for any vehicle that is 20 years or older in order for you to transfer the title into your name. That includes ones that are gifted to you. It's a pain if you pick up a vehicle that is immobile, although I have had appraisers come to my house for a slightly higher fee. If you buy a parts car that you think you might restore one day it's best to get it appraised and transfer it into your name. There are basically 2 types of appraisals, one for vehicle ownership transfer and a more detailed one for insurance purposes. For tax purposes on transfers, the Ministry of Transportation uses the higher of the appraisal or the bill of sale, which is usually bogus anyway. My MJ & XJ, which were both complete and good running/looking vehicles, were appraised for about $4,000 CDN (roughly $3,000 USD) so the tax hit at about 10% wasn't all that bad. What really bugs me is that I have a 2003 TJ and a 2004 LJ. To me they're not that old but they would have be appraised at the buyer's expense if I decide to sell them in a few years.
  5. I use these old tried and true cheap, sorry inexpensive, metal socket rails in my tool box. I use single rails for my junkyard box. I keep a full set of sockets, ratchets, etc. in a blow mold box in my Jeep that I can go back for if needed but on the single rails in my junkyard box I can mix and match the 1/4" to 1/2" sockets, drivers, etc. that are commonly needed on Jeeps.
  6. I agree with Minuit. For over 7 years now the only vehicles I've owned are Jeeps. I currently have 4. My biggest kick is that everything I need or want to do is done in a Jeep. None are modified in any big way and all are used on a daily basis unless they're off the road for work I need to do on them. As my Dad told me when I was young … "When you park your car and walk away, if you don't turn around to look at it you might have bought (or built) the wrong car". So what ever you do or don't do to your Jeep, so long as you're happy that's all that matters.
  7. Thanks. They're a lot of fun. btw - I've only made a few mods to the kayaks.
  8. PCO6


    The beer fridge in my garage was down for a while but I managed to get it going again with some Jeep parts. Heineken mini keg, Moosehead and now more often Sleeman Original Draught.
  9. "Period correct" could be accessories bought from a J.C. Whitney catalogue back when the vehicles were new or close to it. I can remember guys in an MG club I belonged to 30 or so years ago that seemed to specialize in that kind of thing. They'd track down all kinds of weird things mostly for a laugh. Very little of it made it on to their cars, thank goodness. None of it was stock but some of it was fun to look at and it was representative of the period. Has anyone ever put curb feelers on their MJ?
  10. I have the same covers too, at least I think I do. They covered a pair of sport bar lights and are smaller than the bumper driving lights. The covers are in fair shape and I'm hoping to either restore or find the trim rings for the lights. They have rusted through in spots and welding will be tricky. The lights are not Marchal but they work and the covers fit.
  11. Thanks. I have kayaks but I don't know very much about "real" boats. My MJ comes in handy for what I have! I should also point out that my 10 hole wheels have been powder coated, so not original. I got them that way. I have a second set that aren't great but might be able to be polished. Also, the non stock rear mud flaps are now gone. I later installed a sport bar and the kayaks still fit.
  12. My '88 MJ is basically stock except for a few things (rear bumper, radio, B pillar lights, Eliminator stickers) but it has something that is period correct although probably not from a Jeep. Each side of the bed has 3 aluminum cleats or tie downs. I have never seen them on a Jeep and I don't think any other truck either. The original owner and then his daughter owned it for about 20 years. They lived in a resort town where boats are common and I suspect they are boat parts. The fellow I bought it from was big into boating and was pretty sure that's where they came from too. I removed them when I had the bed Line-xd. I was used to seeing them on of course and it drove me nuts not to. I couldn't wait to put them back on. They're practical but I have to be careful because I've caught my shirt or jacket on them several times. I think they've been on for most of the life of the Jeep and out of "respect" for the previous owners (I'm #7) although not stock they're staying.
  13. The top of my list would be the Kinks … … and Blue Rodeo ...
  14. PCO6

    Ford v Ferrari

    I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was great. My son asked me if I wanted to see it with him and by total coincidence I had watched the documentary on the real life story on Netflix the night before. It's well worth seeing too.
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