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  1. Yep, put one in once,pain in the butt
  2. Yes sir, I've replaced hundreds of them and don't recall any difference except width
  3. Thats a good idea,I should measure volts, mine is original I believe so may just replace as it's 31 years old, sucked standing in pouring rain and sleet today to get at it, and of course lock tab broke off
  4. Quite a few made, for R.R. mail delivery so right side always worn out suspension wise, good used parts are scarce, no fun to drive, dangerous because you can't see to pass
  5. check park brake cable on R. side has lever pulled a bit and self adjuster is not sitting level, L. side is in proper position
  6. What is the best CPS out there for an 89 4.0L. Rain ,sleet, snow out and mine must be getting weak, left a wake this afternoon for a good friend and MJ wouldn't start, unplugged and plugged fired right up so I will be replacing soon, is MOPAR still available?
  7. look at O ring mine was sort of smashed and had a few cracks, you could smell at drivers door real strong at gas door,new Stant cap 5 bucks
  8. usually toward rear shoe,when adjusting insert screwdriver through access hole and move handle downward to expand shoes
  9. check gas cap, mine was very strong gas smell till I replaced cap
  10. Warren Mohler


    Manual by far, owned 2 autos, 2 spd powerglide and AW4 both trouble free, still prefer stirring the pot
  11. Yeh this is tough not being there, switches are a bugger and need to be adjusted, if I remember right they slide on column. I would hook EVERYTHING back up and start over. Work switch by hand off of column to see what happens. I will say I always HATED working on these columns but seemed to get every job that came into shop TS switch,wiper, cruise, horn, loose tilt bolts not much fun!
  12. Please forgive me for butting in, seems like just about everything has been covered. This has happened 3 times to me in last 10 years, first 2 times could not remove key, last time was able to remove key with engine running, all times it was JUNK lock cylinders. I am on #4 in 20 years. Does it keep running if ign. switch is removed from column and worked by hand? Could it be the rack in column is "out of time"
  13. I used later visors in my 89 MJ, I believe out of 99 XJ plain no mirrors paid five bucks at JY and recovered them myself very easy job and look great. Sheet metal in your 89 is flat at center mounts later XJ's have a protrusion at center for each mount hook so visor hangs level, I added 1/8 thick piece of scrap aluminum approx. 1inch square and JB Weld in place. if doing again I would increase thickness to 3/8. Center hole in headliner board was glassed over before recovering as well as entire board to strengthen. I believe I spent about 40 bucks for entire job as headliner material was donated to me
  14. Vacuum leaks can be found by spraying carb cleaner at suspected areas BE CAREFUL, propane can be used also and is a bit safer. Look at fuel pressure reg. vac. side VERY close, run with vac hose off to see if fuel is present, may take a while before drip occurs
  15. I have seen later style 231 rear output seals make noise
  16. Do they come with springs and tumblers?
  17. are you gonna put in new liners and pistons?
  18. the wave usually comes to me from older Jeep owners MJ ,XJ and Wrangler, but if they wave to me I'll return
  19. if you changed CPS since your last post about not starting proper, make sure CPS wire is not against exhaust manifold, check that vacuum line as Ohm suggests also make sure throttle body and IAC are clean---also does cat converter rattle?
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