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  1. Hi guys I am looking for spring shackles Mopar # 52001828 is NLA from the dealer. I don't want to lift the truck, I like the way it sits now but its time to replace leaf springs and shackles are rusted pretty bad. bushing bolt hole to bolt hole is approx. 4.25 in. I have found several on Ebay that say 1-2 in. lift which may not be too bad at 1in. I need some input. THANKS
  2. The supply and return lines to the 4 l Renix fuel rail are the o-rings and spacer the same size for both.I have fuel injectors coming next week and want to replace those o-rings as well,I should remember this from the past but memory is fading I know the locking piece at the fuel pressure regulator is white while the one at the rear is black which raises suspicions. Thanks in advance
  3. The factory tweeters attached with small screws into those rectangles the wires should already be there if not not too hard to run them, I installed it set in mine not too long ago. I believe I have another set both tweeters I would sell
  4. This is a new one on me! I've worked on these since they came out and never saw direct wired gauge cluster
  5. No pics, drain is at Left side rear of trans above mount, fill is on passenger side 2/3 back and both have square drive plugs
  6. Since this has been a topic for a while I thought I would post my version for those that don't have access to a lot of special equipment. I had one good tailgate side insulator and one that was smashed.I removed the metal insert from the smashed one and cleaned it up. Made a plaster of paris mold of the good one. used silicon dielectric grease as a release on the rubber so it could be removed from mold, once mold has set up I drilled through original 3/16 to find center then removed original and drilled 1/2 hole through mold and inserted 1/2 dowel to support metal insert and used a small screw to hold insert to dowel, clamped dowel in vise to hold insert at proper height in mold, inside of mold and dowel get a lite coat of the dielectric grease as release, slowly pour FLEX SEAL LIQUID into mold till full I let it sit one week to fully cure. Both body side insulators were smashed so I cut one out of wood to form mold of it and poured that one today same process. This one turned out well and so far I have a $20 investment. I used FLEX SEAL LIQUID just cause its cheap but I believe windshield urethane would work as well and may set up faster. In pics original is on left FS part on right
  7. Run engine till warm, shut off, motor should extend at key off then unplug and start engine adj. plunger bolt to 3500 RPM
  8. Raise off ground and try, happens a lot if tires are worn different
  9. Good kit, be careful with outside lower window rubbers the metal clips break easy
  10. How many times you wanna do this? It'll work the way it is but for how long?
  11. That band appears burnt, should look like the one in previous pic. which looks good to me. these parts should be available if you can't find one new visit local mom and pop trans shops, most of these guys are hoarders and may have one for cheap
  12. Man sorry to hear that, keep a positive attitude, good parts guys are hard to find, either they call you back or find another should not be hard. Good weather is here UC is paying 100% of wages, enjoy go fishing
  13. nothing wrong with making it look nice,I painted my coolant bottle tray, cleaned the rubber strap, and scrubbed my relay cover today
  14. Washed mine down last fall and it did the same thing
  15. For t-case I liked Permatex red gel gasket, 1/8 bead is all thats needed, no parts need dipped in atf that will just make a mess, you are going to fill it that is all that is needed
  16. I found one at Advance 11/4 ID x 11/2 OD x 1/8 that sealed but I know it's not right my Jeep dealer is only dealing with account customers due to this crap going on. My buddy owns a shop so I'll have to go through him to get from the dealer IF they have it in stock. NAPA isn't even taking walk in customers-SUCKS
  17. I bought a Fel-pro # ES72962 O-ring kit to fix my seeping filter base. The kit contained 5 O-rings the base only uses 3, of the 5 only two were proper size. The one that was not included is the one that seals the hollow bolt head to the base. My local Jeep dealer is limiting sales at the moment so does anyone know the dimensions of this outer ring?
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