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  1. Yes they are still available but are currently limited to what I have already made because all my tools are still in storage while I’m looking for a house. Message me with what you want and I’ll have a look this afternoon at what I have
  2. I did a prototype but I have had to put it on pause while I am still looking for a house. All of my tools are still in storage unfortunately but I will certainly be picking back up as soon as I find something - this market is horrible
  3. Yeah I might just go with the HO box because of the easier to source Evap coil. Pretty sure they are slightly different sizes from what I remember. Sounds good thanks @eaglescout526
  4. I think at this point I’m down to the alternator bracket, all the wiring related to the AC, and the actual heater box with evap coil to be able to do the job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes I need the dash wiring and deck for the ac / heater controls and the engine side wiring for the compressor. Also the alt bracket and hardware. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I am looking to add A/C to my 87 2.5L and am in need of the alternator bracket parts - I need everything shown here: Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you to @eaglescout526 for helping source some of the other parts already!
  7. In case anyone’s looking for a reservoir cap that fits, I found one made by doorman. Part number is 82594. Fits perfect on the 2.5l reservoir made by crown automotive (part number 52003213)
  8. Sounds good! They will be exact replicas and should look like NOS lights. I am in the middle of a move/house search right now so had to take a break, but will be back at it by the spring with a nice new workshop (not settling this time) which will make this so much easier to work. The house I just sold had such a small garage which made it rough as you can imagine.
  9. Still with ya, just got a bit delayed. Going through a move and still In the process of buying a house so my workshop is currently in storage. Will be picking back up as soon as I get settled in.
  10. Yeah but it's going to sit for a while, I'll likely be renting and won't have space yet. I got it in the trailer but it was a tight fit!
  11. That’s how I originally got it home from the scrapyard, but it’s a 7 hour drive through the mountains so I’m going to have to trailer the Comanche - it’s got too many issues at the moment to make that kind of drive lol.
  12. Thanks guys, this is going to be tight lol. How about the fender flare itself? I might be able to get it in if I took them off.
  13. Anyone happen to have the outer width at the widest part of the bed (fender flare to fender flare)? I am moving soon and am trying to figure out if it will fit in an enclosed trailer. I'd measure it myself but both my Comanche and the new bed are at my storage unit.
  14. @Missobrien93 I sure do have them available. Send me a PM and let me know what you need!
  15. They'll be just as durable plastic if not more so than the original. Yes, they will all be the same and I am planning on doing the entire assembly for both right and left sides. Obviously there's a lot left to do, the clear reverse light is in the works. This was my first lense prototype just to prove it can be done so I didn't waste too much time and money. As far as pricing, cost of production, quantity, etc. goes, that's all still up in the air as I am still in the early phases of the process. I'll keep everyone updated as I work through this project and know more of the specifics.
  16. I wasn’t planning on saying anything until I’m close to releasing them but, yes I’ve been working on the tail lights haha. Here’s one of my first crude prototypes. I still have a lot of work to do and am doing this in my spare time but I’ll keep the community updated!
  17. Unfortunately I’d have to get my hands on one first but I could make it if I do. I’ll keep my eye out though. Maybe someone has one that I can borrow.
  18. Yup metric ton is available! I think I have updated the post for the most part but I will double check when I get back from vacation next week. Let me know if you want anything!
  19. Yup I can for sure. Strokermjcomanche is potentially going to lend me one so whenever I get my hands on one I can do it no problem
  20. Yeah I could do custom ones or ones for the club, that would be a cool idea. They’d probably take longer to make but it can definitely be done
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