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  1. xjrev10

    Mj armor?

    Dirt Bound Off-road has some nice stuff.
  2. xjrev10

    92 wheel bearings

    Buy new bearings. Less then $150 for the pair most retailers.
  3. xjrev10

    short bed price

    Yes. That's too bad. Its the peope that buy them that keep the prices going up! I think a nice clean set should be worth maybe 80 bucks myself.
  4. I used my stock prop valve. WJ master/booster. Elimated the load sending valve and plugged on port (think the front) on the prop valve. Run ZJ rear discs and WJ front brakes. Works like a charm. Stops like a new one ton.
  5. Do not put those toes bolts back in. Replace with a standard 6 point bolt.
  6. Bump. Pics are gone but this truck is now back in the circle after a year and half away.
  7. xjrev10

    The Wyomanche

    Hey I'm still here. Sorry guys. ARB is gone. I wouldn't put one on a truck that gets wheeled probably a little harder then it should. Like Ben said, the dang thing moves on the truck no matter how hard you tires the bolts...oh and they are heavy. Perfect for a DD type truck though. I have a DirtBound winch bumper now. I'm going to have to relearn how to post pics. Been over a year and a half 2 years since I've done that. Truck currently sits on 34" KO2s and Hutchinson Beadlocks. Some plans in the works for this summer...
  8. E brake cables work also with little modification.
  9. Looking good as always buddy!
  10. Yep. You can remove everything off a ZJ 93-97 Grand Cherokee and it will bolt right up.
  11. xjrev10

    Freight shipment to residential address?

    Yep. A lot of times the driver will call you personally. I've met them in town in the mall parking lot before.
  12. xjrev10

    What the heck is up with MJ owners?

    If you think Craigslist is bad, I've found Facebook is worse. Not the MJ pages, just car sales groups in general. Too many kids wanna trade nothing for something.
  13. xjrev10

    Transfer Case Linkage

    Love my NoVak shifter but Dirt Bound Off-road makes one that's identical for half the price.
  14. xjrev10

    Superlift Add A Leaf Kit 01-2505 for MJ. $125 Shipped

    Heck with it. I'll make them work. Pm sent.
  15. xjrev10

    Superlift Add A Leaf Kit 01-2505 for MJ. $125 Shipped

    Did you ever figure out exactly what they were?