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  1. Rear leaf centering pin , something simple but I over looked it when reading about SOA lifts
  2. That is it for the winter, I'm gone for work now until the spring, seems the Jeep is parked more than it is driven. Guess that's how projects go, so the Jeep is tucked away for another winter. Leaving for work, about 3hours to the airport, this guy decided to escort me for 5kms
  3. Good job on the rockers, the black really ties it all together, gives it a clean look.
  4. I used cheap 5w 30 in the transmission. With the plan to change it soon with Amsoil that I have on hand. Doing a quick change because the trans is new to me and I'm kind of thinking I'll flush it out, whether it makes any difference or not but peace of mind I guess.
  5. There have been a few people who've made their own. Here's a link to a build on expedition portal, a site with tons of information on overlanding. On page 4 of this thread there's a guy who made one with a bed frame base and tarp for the tent, turned out really nice. http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/96119-Roof-top-tent-DIY-Scratch-build
  6. Since I swapped in the TJ Transmisison I haven't had back up lights. First thing I did was check the fuses, start small ha. Will it seems nothing is ever small, the fuses weren't the issue with the lights but there is another possible problem. This fuse pulled apart taking it out of the fuse block, another fuse the plastic just crumbled as I was taking it out. Looks like I will be pulling the fuses and cleaning this block before the clutch fluid completely destroys it and I have bigger issues. Hopefully not too late. Still don't have backup lights , checked the bulbs, all tested g
  7. Small update. New tank assembly from RockAuto came in, with new pump, straps and other fittings. Haven't installed the tank yet, jeep is parked for other reasons. Power steering pressure hose sprang a leak or 2 in the metal hose right at the steering box, waiting on a new hose to come in. Old hose came off without much hassle. Ordered some 12volt meters to keep an eye on the camping batteries Also came across someone scrapping a 2003 Dodge Dakota single cab, hauled the seats out of it. Currently have the bench and I need the third seat, so these Dakota se
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I'll go check it out. I do like spare parts.
  9. Some pictures of the 5 night trip through Gros Morne National Park. This is the purpose of this Jeep.
  10. Went for a couple nights about an hour from my house. Met up with Nolan in his Rubi JKU, he lives about 200kms from me, so we decided on a place in the middle. During this trip I could smell gas fumes, spent some time underneath, couldn't see any leaks. After I got it home and parked for a day or so, I noticed a spot under the rear driver side, right under the tank. The tank doesn't have a skid but it has a thick coating of some sort, don't know if it was the previous owner or if the stock tank came like that. Either way I noticed it had a wet spot and a very slo
  11. Went to the local "car dump" , kind of like a scrap yard but no one runs it, just an old pit where old cars are dumped/stored before they are shipped off to the crushers. You can go there and pick what you want , if there is anything there, usually not. I'm only in a town of 1200 people, next town being 200km away. But I did find a 2000 or 2002 Cherokee with the 4.0, I pulled the valve cover and brake setup. Is there anything else worth grabbing from this thing while it's still there? The valve cover was a simple swap, it took care of the broken elbow mainly, newer style cap
  12. Thanks. I feel the same way about the axle. Where I live there isn't anything around unfortunatly. I've been trying to track down a Ford Explorer for the 8.8, easier to find the whole vehicle and scrap it for the axle. I'm hoping the summer I will find one that's relatively close and for the right price. The jeep has been parked most of the fall and will be the majority of the winter. At least the Jeep will be available to go pick up an axle if/when I find one.
  13. Brackets welded on and starting on the paint Waiting on paint to dry... I get side tracked easily it seems Painting up the bare metal and plasti dipping the emblems Let's see if I can't finish what I stared ha Tandem axle MJ ? Guess I'll keep it simple and keep it in its original configuration ha. Axle bolted in and back on all fours again, it definitely came up some! Opposite rake from before Even with the the RTT in the back it doesn't sag like it did with the the spring spacers that I made (which are now gone). It's sitt
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