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  1. I have some WJ knuckles. I live just south of Fort Wayne
  2. I would like to know why they are so much ??? Not but putting price down ,just asking why They do look really nice
  3. Thanks, was thinking that but thought I would ask the Comanche Gods
  4. Can't believe people are still stealing them. Scrap is low and most places take a picture of you and have to put down where it came from
  5. I pulled both the opening wings windows and manual window regulaters off of a 2 door Cherokee. Question is will they work on a Comanche??? Thanks
  6. Wow. I need to find a sucker to buy the extra ones I have in the garage
  7. Guess I'm lucky, I only asked about parts and sent no money
  8. I'm getting ready to pull a column with that part
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