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  1. No I just ended up drilling a hole in the metal and putting a nut on the other side.
  2. Trimmed up the fender flares and lower part of the fender today. Also cut the factory tow hooks off and also took the air dam off. It looks a lot better!
  3. Got the Logan metal works front bumper installed today. Came with mounting brackets and all the hardware. Was less than $400 to my door! Fitment was great, wasn't hard to install other than having too drop my alternator. It attaches at four points instead of the stock 2. I still have to trim my fenders and flares. Also will most likely remove the stock tow hooks as well, but haven't decided on that just yet.
  4. Great idea! I was thinking about welding a seat belt nut to the 2x6 piece of metal in the pic. The 2x6 is my rocker and seems to me like a good place to attach the seat belt too.
  5. Well I decided to start tearing into the interior to get my floor owns squared away. I attempted to take my passenger lower seat belt off to remove the interior trim pieces. Well the rust was so bad, that the entire attachment came out. Has anyone dealt with this before? Would love some ideas and possibly some pics if there are any out there.
  6. Thinking about welding a nut into the 2x6 and attaching the seat belt to it. Any opinions out there??
  7. Now that the exterior is pretty much done, I started ripping out the carpet and interior trim on the passenger side today. I still would like to be able to drive the truck, so I'm planning on doing this side first. The rust wasn't too awful, however when I tried to loosen the bottom seat belt attachment it decided to come out. Not only will have to patch some holes, I'll have to figure out how to address the seatbelt. Any and all ideas are welcome!
  8. Looks good. What size tires and lift are you runnin?
  9. Another pic from the front in the day light. Real happy with how it came out.
  10. Just read through your other post on the Cherokee Forum. How about show us the love you show them :yes: It's looking good so far! Keep the updates coming.
  11. I got them off amazon. Let see if I can find you a link to them. https://www.amazon.com/XtremeVision-Sealed-Power-Headlight-2150LM/dp/B01MXYRADP/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1488830340&sr=8-5&keywords=7x9+led+headlights They are very bright and were plug and play installation.
  12. Redid the Bedliner on the rockers yesterday. Here is a good picture of before and after with out reading through the entire thread. Also ordered a Logans Metal Works bumper for the front.
  13. Finally got around to getting the MJ painted this weekend. I went with Truck Bed liner for entire body. I chose the color Anvil and used Raptor liner. These pictures aren't the best, but I plan to take some better ones once I get the truck back together.
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