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  1. 2015: So I had a 96 XJ sport that had rusted out and the engine blew on me, it had a salvage title so it wasn't worth fixing but i just re built the AW4. So I went a searching for a MJ on craigslist to do a 4x4 swap and found one in Houston. The guy wanted $1200 for it but I talked talked him into trading 2 guns for it. I loaded up a car dolly and went to get it. It was a 2wd 5sp so i had a bit of custom work to do with everything installed i had one big problem... my MJ was a 87 and couldnt
  2. well it does act as restriction to flow. I removed it because the extra electric fans and new radiator wasn't enough driving with the wind on the beach, all other driving it was just fine. id rather not have it over heat 50 miles from civilization with the tide coming in. But like I said this just started a moth ago and I've been running it like this for over a year. It wasn't even doing this over the winter where the temp never got above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Is there anything else that could cause it?
  3. well because I live in south Texas and in the summer it easily ranges from 95-113 degrees I tuned my cooling system ro run cool to prevent overheating. I spend alot of time on the beach and when your driving 15-20mph in soft sand at 2+k In the same direction the wind is going it ends up being like there is no air going across your radiator. So I removed my thermostat and have 3 electric fans on top of my clutch fan but I only use the electric fans when it is necessary. Normal idle and driving it stays around 78-86 Celsius but on the beach its right around operating temp
  4. hey guys, my mj is running super rich at idle, it started doing it about a month ago and it levels out a bit at driving speeds nut stil rich. Its so rich its blowing out thick fuel smoke and well my cat don't like it lol. I'm thinking it might be staying In closed loop for some reason. I have my coolent set up to run really cool to stay cool on the beach but I'm not sure that is it because its just started and nothing has changed with my cooling set up in well over a year. Any ideas?
  5. that got it, feel stupid lol my ad a circuit fuse that i have hooked to the blower circuit for my gauges covers that fuse so i couldn't see it...
  6. you wouldnt happen to have a diagram of the location?
  7. ok guys i need some help. at the beginning of the month my turn signals stopped working, a week before i was going to take it to get inspected. Break lights, running lights and hazards all work. checked all the bulbs and they are good, changed the flashers next and no good, and i just replaced the multi-switch and still nothing... any ideas? its keeping it off of the road..
  8. well the block don't matter to me, but that's the head I want to use, just want to make sure all my sensors will have a home
  9. thanks for the info guys! I'm doing a supercharger build and I was planning on upgrading to the newer throttle body so I already have one with a retrofitted renix tps. I'm also planning on over building the na engine to prepare for the boost in going to throw at it after this supercharger. I found a company that can make me a solid copper head gasket and ima go with upgrade head studs. Be a little less hp till I get the blower on but it'll be able to handle the boost when I'm ready . This is the combination I want to use. https://www.mabbcomotors.com/catalog/Auto/National_Short_Blo
  10. well as far as the blocks go for performance it shouldn't really matter to much right? Beside rods and pistons the performance should be the same, its the head I'm worried about because thats where everything goes. I found a nice new casted performance head i want to use but its only for the ho engine
  11. hey guys I'm wanting to give my 87 a new engine. With the 99-06 HO long block work with my renix sensors and exhaust manifolds? I would love to stuff as much n/a power in to work with my supercharger build
  12. rock sliders would be the main thing i would be looking for, and maybe some kind of protection for the bed seeing how that is the hardest body part to replace
  13. out of curiosity does any company's make armor for the Comanche besides of bumpers?
  14. I'm almost thinking of cutting that whole side of the dash completely out and fabbing a dash panel that opens like a big glove box, just an idea though, ill be finishing my supercharger build before i make it to that. i already have re wired most of the dash with custom digital gauges, why not go custom on the other side to lol
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