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  1. I haven't heard anything bad about them. I don't know anyone with a 5 but I have had several friends with 3s that have the same drivetrain. No major issues. Plus if you get bored you can swap in the Speed 3s drivetrain... I contemplated a Mazda 5 before I got the Hot-rOdyssey.
  2. If you are willing to squint and pretend it isn't a minivan... Mazda 5? It is somewhere between wagon and van and you can have it with a manual trans.
  3. I love my minivan though... XB is a great choice though. RAV4, Honda Fit, and the Chevy Cruze would be things I would look at also.
  4. Sounds like my truck... 2WD till the day it dies or gets sold if I ever do that to myself. Definitely just a weekend hauler.
  5. Thats a great garage! I have a 24x24 and I don't think I can ever go back to smaller than that.
  6. Torq_Shep

    Home Security

    I did this... 8 cameras, 14 ethernet ports. What a PITA.
  7. Torq_Shep

    Home Security

    POE = Power-Over-Ethernet which IMHO is superior to regular wired cameras. You just run an ethernet wire to each camera. NVR = Network Video Recorder. With POE cameras you have to have a POE network switch, which in most systems is built into a DVR (digital video recorder) Anran = Some crappy chinese camera company Amcrest = Some other camera company NVRs do have the ability to record on motion trigger or record all of the time, most of them can also text you recorded clips, etc. My 8 camera 2TB system records 1 week of video on all cameras.
  8. Torq_Shep

    Home Security

    I have wired POE cameras from Anran. The cameras are great, the NVR is garbage. We use Amcrest at work and it is a lot better. With that being said I havent had any more thefts from my yard since the cameras went up.
  9. This is one of those "the longer you look" ones.
  10. Thats sick! but not a Pennzoil truck. It is not 4x4. Unfortunately, Pennzoil has not responded to 2 emails now...
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