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  1. I'm speechless. I've never actually seen a MJ tailgate that straight...ever.
  2. Oh that's clever...way better than just throwing a tool bag and some straps back there!
  3. Well, it's been some time and I've had no issues with starting...hot or cold. I'm confident in saying the fresh battery was everything I needed to resolve the issue. In the meantime, I'd just been daily driving it and recently went to the local club's Cabin Fever event. There was a good turnout and our usual trail had about 15 rigs on it, several were brand new to off roading and had a blast! Here's a shot of the air down spot: The trail starts off with a hill climb that leads to some beautiful views at the top! A little while later, we come to "the wall", which is a pair of rises that are fun for a lot of people (the gladiator high centered on it and ended up taking the bypass). No issues for me though! <pictures> Partway down is our favorite "flex stump". Of course, you know we had to climb it for some pictures. This stump is where I proposed to my wife, which is one of the reasons this is our favorite trail every year. We had some lunch at an old mineshaft and, at this point, we stopped remembering to take pictures and just enjoyed the trail and time together. After lunch, we went down to a creek bed that had a few small waterfalls to climb (with a nice bypass for most of the more stock rigs to enjoy while seeing what's going on in the creek). I had to use a bit of throttle on one of the waterfalls but the jeep seemed to drive fine otherwise, so I didn't think anything of it (hint: foreshadowing). After a great day on the trail, we aired up and headed out onto the road and the adventure continued! We had a pretty significant vibration in the whole truck at anything beyond 10mph. After crawling under the jeep, we noticed that the rear driveline was no longer straight. We suspect we hit it on that waterfall but we'll never know for sure. Thankfully, SYE means it's easy to pull the rear driveshaft without risking spilling fluid everywhere. ...and of course, Jeepers never go alone and we always help each other (huge thanks to Jim for helping me out). So...we pulled the rear driveshaft off and drove back home in front wheel drive. I had to stop a couple of times early on to experiment since the front auto locker was constantly engaging and making it difficult to turn. I disengaged one of the hubs, which made it easier to turn but I had to keep the steering wheel turned against the driving wheel (since it wanted to pull really hard to the opposite side of the jeep while accelerating, but returned to straight when braking). We made it the couple of hour drive home on the highway and through the city but by the time I got home, the power steering pump was leaking like a sieve. I think it was just too much constant strain for too long. I got the driveline repaired and a spare on it's way (should have done this sooner but just never got around to it...live and learn I suppose). But I suppose that gives me direction for the next upgrade. Hydro-assist steering (redhead box, PSC piston)! More to come on that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I've had a few extra financial blessings lately and I got myself a more reliable (but still fun) daily driver so I can do some of these projects on the Jeep myself going forward without the stress of needing it running the next day to be able to drive to work and whatnot.
  4. Yup! That’s me! Glad you’re loving it! :)
  5. Agreed. Move the accessories back using f-body or 'vette spacing for them and there's a few options for PS pump stuff to get it out of the way and there's good room. :)
  6. It would probably fetch more if it looked a little more done, and not like he started 20 things and only got 50% on any of them. I'd be worried he half-@$$'d a suspension bolt somewhere and end up in a wreck.
  7. For me, it's just a tool...and like any tool, it sometimes doesn't work perfectly or needs maintenance/assistance (especially if I'm changing anything about it). Windows is my primary OS because I like to play video games in my offtime and is most compatible with most programs I use. Apple is a secondary OS for me because I also like to dabble in music production and, while most programs exist on Windows and work well enough, they work WAY better on the Macs. Linux is the OS I want to love because it appeals to my inner and outer nerd and it has real customizability. I love how efficient it can be. But very little of what I want to run...runs on linux. ChromeOS is...ok for basic functionality, but that's about it, so any of the other OS's fulfill this need and with battery life like you get in the new M1 Macbooks, ChromeOS is largely obsolete as modern laptops can do what it does and more.
  8. Many years ago, Full Traction Suspension had something similar...the "CRC link". They no longer offer it through, I suspect because it either didn't sell well or there were some issues (such as limits on travel, like Tex06 said above).
  9. It happened more often when the engine was hot, but it did start happening when it was colder as well lately (engine had only gotten up to 160F at the battery place). It could be...but when it does start, it starts strong...not sluggish like I normally expect when a starter is getting weak.
  10. No picture updates today, but a minor update for posterity on an issue I've been having. Lately, I've been having "no start" issues on occasion. To the point that I am hesitant to go anywhere unless I am going to stay there for a while. The symptoms are: - Full power to all accessories - Voltage in the dash looks fine - Temperatures within range (160-195 degrees) - Starter won't turn. No click, nothing. - Occurs intermittently. - Wait 15-45 minutes and it will start up again, cranks quick, as if nothing is wrong. Well...yesterday, I was at the local "Batteries Plus" store to pickup a phone I had dropped off for a battery replacement and when I came out, the truck wouldn't start. After waiting and trying for 20 minutes, I finally called AAA. I kept trying every 5-10 minutes while I waited...what else was I going to do? Then...2 minutes before they arrived, it started up just fine. Well, they offered to test the battery anyways and we did. Sure enough...battery is bad. That's what I get for using an old used battery for the engine swap. I always assumed it was fine because voltage showed fine and the engine never struggled to start. Thankfully...I was in the right place. Got a battery right there at the store and installed it. Time will tell if that solves the issue. So...this entire time, my issues for starting may not have been with under hood temps afterall, but merely a bad battery.
  11. LS based swap is not nearly as plug and play as people proclaim. That said, it's well supported and probably requires the least amount of fabrication compared to most other swaps.
  12. Looks like this guy: https://www.holley.com/products/intakes/efi_manifolds/parts/300-620
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