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  1. Agreed. Move the accessories back using f-body or 'vette spacing for them and there's a few options for PS pump stuff to get it out of the way and there's good room. :)
  2. It would probably fetch more if it looked a little more done, and not like he started 20 things and only got 50% on any of them. I'd be worried he half-@$$'d a suspension bolt somewhere and end up in a wreck.
  3. For me, it's just a tool...and like any tool, it sometimes doesn't work perfectly or needs maintenance/assistance (especially if I'm changing anything about it). Windows is my primary OS because I like to play video games in my offtime and is most compatible with most programs I use. Apple is a secondary OS for me because I also like to dabble in music production and, while most programs exist on Windows and work well enough, they work WAY better on the Macs. Linux is the OS I want to love because it appeals to my inner and outer nerd and it has real customizability. I l
  4. Many years ago, Full Traction Suspension had something similar...the "CRC link". They no longer offer it through, I suspect because it either didn't sell well or there were some issues (such as limits on travel, like Tex06 said above).
  5. It happened more often when the engine was hot, but it did start happening when it was colder as well lately (engine had only gotten up to 160F at the battery place). It could be...but when it does start, it starts strong...not sluggish like I normally expect when a starter is getting weak.
  6. No picture updates today, but a minor update for posterity on an issue I've been having. Lately, I've been having "no start" issues on occasion. To the point that I am hesitant to go anywhere unless I am going to stay there for a while. The symptoms are: - Full power to all accessories - Voltage in the dash looks fine - Temperatures within range (160-195 degrees) - Starter won't turn. No click, nothing. - Occurs intermittently. - Wait 15-45 minutes and it will start up again, cranks quick, as if nothing is wrong. Well...yester
  7. LS based swap is not nearly as plug and play as people proclaim. That said, it's well supported and probably requires the least amount of fabrication compared to most other swaps.
  8. Looks like this guy: https://www.holley.com/products/intakes/efi_manifolds/parts/300-620
  9. It's $99.99/day plus tax. For three days (friday pickup, monday drop off), total cost ended up $335.11 out the door. When I only need it a 2-3 times a year, it ends up being way cheaper than owning a full size truck like that (especially considering there's no change to my insurance either).
  10. 97+ mirrors are also bigger than the 96 and earlier ones, giving added visibility.
  11. Thanks for the correction! I'll update the post and video title. It was a blast and I can't wait to go out again!
  12. That said, leaf spring perch welding is probably the easiest welding project there is, if you've done any welding before.
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