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  1. 75sv1


    I heard you'd go blind looking at them.
  2. 75sv1


    One MJ has a bed topper, another some off road lights.
  3. 75sv1


    Is it the light bar or the topper?
  4. I have Dewalt. A drill and a 1/2 impact. I do not have the XR. I had planned to get the XR. NAPA had a sale on some Dewalt Impacts at the time. I did not check that. I checked last night, and not an XR. I feel the non-XRs are a bit weak.
  5. 'Those would be cool. A friend of ours owns a tool and die shop. The machines in there are fascinating. Also, you own a Bricklin SV-1, correct? If so, you should start a build thread on it. ' I have all those in my garage, except the AMX-3. Look up AMX-3. The Monarch 10EE I have is a round dial, so not metric, nor 30" bed. I do have metric change gears. Running is the issues. I do have a Bridgeport clone mill and a Well saw. Its a tight fit.
  6. I think there were some that were black with a gold outer rim. I remember seeing one at a PnP.
  7. I bought them at a JY. They were listed as for a 2000 XJ. I do not know if there is a difference.
  8. I have a set on a 2000 XJ. I didn't notice any issues. I needed them for the WJ Big Brakes. On the rear I am running a Ford 8.8. I put on a 1" spacer and extended studs. The spacer was made from one of the standard hub centric spacers. Just popped out the studs and used one set of holes.
  9. One of my neighbors has an airplane in his garage.
  10. Monarch 10EE Metric. Working CNC Mill and Lathe. Running '75 Bricklin SV-1. Now if I had the money, AMC AMX-3.
  11. Also, find out what blood type you are. In todays colas, there is usually something to avoid for each blood type. Maybe try a natural sugar cola. The Mexican sodas have natural sugar. I think a little alcohol is good or OK. 3-4 hard drinks , not. One glass of wine or beer is OK, possibly one hard drink. No driving, no firearms, no equipment. Also, 28-32, men go through a transition. If this keeps happening, look into doing a cleanse.
  12. Is it losing coolant? I'd replace the Radiator cap.
  13. So, basically, giving up 25K miles for a $60 part. I saw an oil test rating from Blackstone Labs. The T6 Rotella was near the top on two modern engine platforms.
  14. Basically, that is when the newer oils were introduced. Also, see if that is when newer emissions regs started to take place.
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