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  1. EvapoRust does make a solution for the coolant system. I used it after Prestone and Blue Devil. It drained out Black with a tinge of green. I am still have some 'dirt' issue. I think there is a build up on the rear 'cylinder' water jacket. I did run some Super Purple Cleaner water mix last night. Came out a bit darker than simple a water flush. I might try the vinegar as suggested. I have used Critic Acid before. It does work. Don't leave parts in these products to long. I left some bolts in for a few months. It solidified.
  2. I did look at my 'HESCO' water pump. It did look like the Flowcooler impellor. Not what it should be. So, I stand corrected. I do use NAPA water pumps. Also, I use ZERX Z05 Coolant. Mainly, I have a Ford Contour and MB240D. That is the coolant recommended for them. Also, the instructions for it say you can mix it with a higher concentration for Higher temps. I do use the CFS all metal Radiator. I do not contend with the air temps others do though.
  3. Better to drop it on your foot. Maybe it has Egyptian influences.
  4. Sort of looks like an XJ. But its no brick. Here's a brick: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bricklin_SV-1
  5. Also, maybe see what a shop around you would do it for.
  6. I'd try heating it up with a Propane or MAP torch. If you suspend it up on the center, possibly the ring gear will drop off. Might need to lightly tap it to get the ring gear off. I haven't actually done a ring gear. Then flip and heat and put it back on. I doubt you will get it to hot with a propane or MAP torch. You might need to use an Oxy-Actylene torch. Be careful. I would evenly distribute the heat. I would not get it past a blue color. Wait to see if others have done this.
  7. Can't you take off the ring gear and flip it?
  8. I've used a '95 XJ VC on my '88 MJ. I also upgraded to the larger CCV Tube and fitting from the latter XJs. I had to cut and splice in tubbing as the RENIX position of the CCV is a bit farther forward. On my '98 XJ, I use a 93-98 ZJ VC. It is aluminum and has the CCV grommets from the 96-01 or even latter 4.0L VC. I use the Felpro VC gasket that is a silicon rubber with a steel reinforcement for the earlier 4.0L. Its about $35-50.
  9. There was a comparison by Blackstone Lab on their analysis. There were a lot of premium oils. They compared with three engines. One was a Subaru, one was the Corvette and I forget the other. Amsoil was one of the top oils. Rotella T6 was the other. Except it was not listed on the Corvettes. For some reason the Subbies will use Rotella out of warranty. Better to replace the cats vs the engine? Anyways, look for an oil with roughly 1000 ppm of zinc (ZDPP).
  10. I've used the Rotella 10W-30 in my XJs. Yes, diesel rated. I've used the 15W-40. Presently the 5W-40 Synthetic.
  11. I still doubt the HESCO and Flowkoolers are the same. From the pics I saw, Hesco has curved vanes. I don't think HESCO says anything about a restrictor. Hornbrod on this forum had the issue of to fast of coolant flow.
  12. 96 was the last of that body. The engine and some electronics changed.
  13. I'd probably recommend a MOPAR water pump. I think someone on this site sells them.
  14. I don't think the HESSCO and the Flow Cooler are the same. It looked at pics, and the HESSCO has curved vanes, the Flow Cooler straight vanes with a discs on top. I think they used to pop rivet a disk on. Looks one piece. I do have a HESCO in the box. I do hear you need to put a restrictor in the upper hose to slow down the flow. Also, another aspect as I see the OP has two with AW4 trans, is a trans cooler. Plenty of threads out there on this.
  15. If the fronts are the same as XJs, I'd recommend Iron Rock Offroad or Hooligan. Although, I used Ruffstuff for the front. I like the quality of IRO (mid XJ) and Hooligan (rear XJ). I'll be waiting for Krusty to get his MJ's on the market. I have ordered the Inner Frames (XJ) from T&M and they worked well.
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