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  1. Any brand name motor oil is way better than even 10 years ago. I do run Shell Rotella T6 in my XJ. I did run Shell Rotella 15W-40 and 10W-30. If you engine leaks oil, then run conventional. Otherwise sort of a flip of the coin. I do run synthetics about 7,500 miles, and a synthetic oil filter (NAPA Platinum). I do use Zerex Z05 radiator fluid. I have a Ford Contour and MB 240D, so that works in them too. I do use distilled water to mix 50/50. The Z05 can be mixed for more extreme heat. I'd probably run 10W-30 from October to March, then 10W -40 in the summer. More for starting. I do run 15W-40 in the MB in the summer months, the 10W-30 when temps get colder. Yes, it makes a difference in that motor for starting. You did not mention where you are located at. That could determine what oil(s) to run.
  2. http://www.grimmjeeper.com/gears.html
  3. My take is that the radiator is a bit undersized from the factory. Some of use put on an auxiliary trans cooler or two. My plan is or would be to put a separate engine oil cooler on. Possibly with a thermostat by-pass.
  4. There is a place in TX, that sells short block. I remember $950 plus shipping. Maybe $200 core. Also, see about a place in NC or SC. I saw some good prices on them.
  5. During WW2, they would take a sheet metal part off a B-17 and make a mold off of it. I think the molds were formed out of Bismuth (sp). The molds do not last long, say 20,000-30,000 parts. I think I have used something similar or just called by another name 'Cero safe' . It is used to take cast of chambers of firearms. Also, as I remember there is a place in Ohio that deals in Ford Model T parts. They use this to make reproduction body panels for the Model T. Old school still works.
  6. I have the new fenders and am planning to use the old header. I just see it as relocating the four holes for attachment. I will be using '95 XJ wiring. I am thinking you just have to drill holes into the fiberglass of the header or in my case, make some brackets. The wiring??? You might see if you can access MAD/XJ site. It had some conversion stuff from the old XJs to the new XJs turn signals. Also, a headlight relay wiring harness on the headlights. Just thoughts.
  7. I am trying the reverse of this. The attachment bolts, screws or studs are in different locations. In my case, I could bondo the corners and make them rounds.
  8. As for straightening NiCop, I used the corner of the bottom of a wall. Sort of unrolled the coil into the 90 degree. It was fairly straight. Then when I cut the piece to length with extra, I straightened it with my hands. I did look at the rollers for straightening it.
  9. Yes, I used a pipe cutter. One of the small plastic ones. I think I also chamfered the ID.
  10. I have used NiCOP on my '00 Ford Contour SVT. Bends easy. I doubt it will rust. Porsche uses it. You can bend the stuff with your hands.
  11. I wonder if the OP could use XJ or adjustable shackles to level the rear?
  12. I'll change the subject a bit, to movies I wished I'd seen in the theater or even IMAX. RUSH, The A-TEAM, and Grand Prix. Even though Grand Prix is older, the scenes are well done. I'd include the MATRIX series on that too. The Lord of the Rings, I'm glad I did.
  13. There are write ups on the WJ front sway bar. I have been looking into this. Basically, the frame brackets need moved forward a bit.
  14. Star Wars. I saw it in DC before it gained its popularity. My friend had to convince me to go. I remember 'Sci-fi, ugh!' or something to that affect. You just couldn't explain that movie at that time to others, who hadn't seen it. I still watch it from time to time. Others Star Wars movies might be technically better. But the original has soul. The Matrix did eclipse the technical aspects. Also, excellent story etc. There were some movies at that time, that I think changed movies to come and culture. Jaws is one that has not been mentioned. Changed horror movies The Jerk, with Steve Martin. Martin was not under contract with SNL, not to make movies. He was contracted as a writer. Changed comedy. The Deer Hunter. I think it changed the perception of Nam vets. Sort of changed War movies. Saturday Night Fever, changed culture for a while. One other I'll add, Blade Runner. Except for the flashing neon lights on the hovering cop cars, I think it could be release today. Alien is up there. Also, like Rocky.
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