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  1. So I have an awesome wife who bought me a new tool box for my birthday/father's day. I finally got around to putting drawer liners in it today. I bought the liner from Amazon. The roll was 30' long do I had some extra. I decided to make mats for my console and the cubby in the passenger side dash. I think this should definitely help with stuff sliding around. Had extra so I figure it can't hurt!
  2. So does Menards. These are really skinny where the Christmas tree meets the button head. They are definitely speciality fasteners.
  3. Ordered some new trim retainers for my back panel. Mopar still had them and they are kinda pricey. I kept looking and found a cheaper option still from Chrysler. The white ones are $2 each. The black ones are what the parts catalog shows. They are identical to each other except color. I also replaced the front turn signal housings. The old ones were cracked and had over spray on them. Hard to tell in the pictures but it looks much better!
  4. Awesome! Legos are just too much fun.
  5. Can't wait to see this! Your truck is exactly what I want my second MJ to be! One lifted and one lowered!
  6. Third vote for headlight switch and connector. Followed by a harness upgrade.
  7. The Illinois one had a Comanche Club sticker on the air tank.
  8. Factory! This was one of my favorite parts of this truck when I went to buy it. The sweet cup holder and custom window cranks came with it also. I stole the Mopar floor mats out of my XJ. Just need to replace the carpet and headliner!
  9. I would guess it's working as designed then.
  10. No problem I saw the post this morning and did it while I was at work.
  11. Mine doesn't kick on until the gauge stays at 210. This switch is reading radiator temp not engine temp like the gauge.
  12. Yes. Some of the descriptions may be wrong if Chrysler is using them now aka updated them.
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