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  1. To answer this question properly we kinda need to know what gear ratio your running.
  2. This is too funny! Congratulations on the third bundle of joy.
  3. Think I may have found my new rocker panels. Looks like it belongs there. A little more trimming and it's almost a perfect fit. It's a rock rail from a new Gladiator.
  4. JMO413


    Not real after I told him they were Jeeps he kinda understood. Then our walk home was questions about them. So I explained why their called cab overs and how I had never seen one before. Gotta love talking Jeeps with your son! He's really fun at six he wants to know everything about everything.
  5. Mine only look about a week both times.
  6. I'm in. Let me know what you need me to do.
  7. It's scary to think this thing is out there driving around.
  8. JMO413


    I drooled plenty. My son kept asking me why I was taking so many pictures.
  9. JMO413


    So the six year old decided we need to go for a walk today. We on our walk and stumble across a pair of FC-170's. They are both ROUGH! I've never seen one in person let alone 2 at once. They are at Midwest Auto in Ottumwa Iowa. https://www.midwestauto.us/? That is their website if anyone is interested. No clue what they think their worth but I already have to many projects.
  10. They days to get out eight bolts. At this rate I'm never going to get anything done. The remnants of said bolts. The hitch is finally off!! The trans jack that keeps on giving. I can finally start fitting these frame stiffeners.
  11. Life, work, and kids. The 6 year old isn't a fan of cutting and grinding yet. Really limits my time to work on projects.
  12. Well I'm officially sucked back into this project. Opening the garage door to that front end has me hooked. Installed clear corner lamps. Just love the front of these with the clear lamps. Depo makes some nice lamps. They fit perfect. Got the rear bumper off. Added a nice solid ground for welding. Now I just need to get the stuck hitch bolts off.
  13. It's rained the last couple days and the bed is dry. Four clamps. I'm sure you could fit them with the bed liner.
  14. Agreed very happy with both of mine
  15. Cleaned and organized the garage for the last couple weeks. I can finally actually work on this old girl. Used the trans jack to set this in place. I love the looks of this DirtBound front bumper! Now this is what I get to see when I open the garage door.
  16. I will have to let you know on the water. It rolls up nice and the cross bars just pop out. The canvas comes completely off the frame.
  17. Finally but the bullet and bought the Downey Products tonneau cover. It's a nice cover for the price. IMHO $299.95 to my front door. Frame and bows installed. Fits super tight. Love how it changed the look of the truck.
  18. I finally bought one. I have wanted a tonneau cover for a while and finally but the bullet. Frame installed. Not a giant fan on the rails not being part of the canvas. Definitely a tight tight fit. Tailgate still opens perfectly. For $299.95 too my front door I love it. It fits perfect. It was beyond easy to install. I really like the look of the truck with it on.
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