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  1. I'm going to agree with Pete on this one. Either it was dealer installed or a factory option that could be added on. IMHO
  2. https://comancheclub.com/forum/40-member-projects-other-cool-stuff/ How about a few more pictures of the Typhoon.
  3. Welcome to the club. Love the patina! make sure to fill out your signature so everyone knows what your working on.
  4. Congratulations!! Well deserved a awesome truck and good build to read.
  5. JMO413

    Whats in your cab

    Trash can. I have one in all my vehicles. I think it comes with having kids and keeping a vehicle cleanish.
  6. JMO413

    Printer #2!!

    So I take it sales are going good. Nice to see!
  7. Scotch locks are always a bad idea. To this day I don't understand why they make them.
  8. That is one heck of a find!
  9. Never thought about that but very true. I also believe that's the difference between a person who works at a parts counter and a parts guy.
  10. There's really not allot you can do in all reality. Discontinued is the end for a normal parts search. IMHO After that it's really a specialty search. That is where it's no longer profitable for the dealership. This is where people like you and I really enjoy the hunt. Most people just give up or make something work.
  11. You are so right! I will look up anything and give people part numbers and the dealerships phone numbers that have them. I'm guessing I'm one of the few that will go that far. Standard industry answer is that's discontinued good luck. And that is sad!
  12. I actually got that from nickintime. I have read that from multiple places in the wonderful internet.
  13. You can definitely change it without pulling the trans. Only tip I have is use dish soap as lube when you install it.
  14. Welcome to the club! I agree with what everyone else has stated. Get it running and see what problems it has before you start modifications. Cruisers tips are a must.
  15. I can see what you asked about it every time. Very nice truck you have there. Sounds like your had a great faster in law! Sorry to hear about the loss. Welcome to the club. Make sure to fill out your signature.
  16. Say it can't be so.
  17. JMO413

    Hornbrod update

    Thanks for the update.
  18. The PSA should include not plugging in the under hood light connector also.
  19. I would guess bad sockets they're kinda notorious for being an issue.
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