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  1. JMO413

    The (almost) daily Comanche picture thread

  2. JMO413

    ABS Brakes

    Agreed snow tires are awesome. You know you can just pull the fuse for the ABS pump to disable it. Then you could put in a speed sensor and have cruise again.
  3. JMO413

    The (almost) daily Comanche picture thread

    I just read through his build yesterday. That truck is beautiful!
  4. JMO413

    The Littlest Comanche

    Good to hear you got the brick moved so the Comanche could be free. That is some beautiful scenery in your pictures!
  5. JMO413

    nickel brake lines?

    That is a good deal. The correct fittings can be a real pain to get from the part stores.
  6. JMO413

    Project buyback

    Looks like a very nice truck for $900. That carpet looks like new, good work.
  7. Wow what a build. Spent the last two days on and off reading through it. I absolutely love that green!
  8. JMO413

    Evolution '88

    Those are awesome!
  9. JMO413

    I needed a laugh... :)

    Lol. I truly love the map!
  10. JMO413

    My build

    That is one amazing transformation! I am so jealous of your interior. That bench seat is beautiful!
  11. That is one awesome truggy! You do amazing work! Any new updates?
  12. JMO413

    Little Red Wagon

    That looks awesome. Defiantly makes the air cleaner look nice! I will add that to my to do list.
  13. JMO413

    Diesel Cherokee Wagoneer Holy Grail?

    This is what they are talking about. If you look carefully the grill sticks out 2/3 of the way up. This picture is in correct. The part that sticks out is on the bottom. It matches up with the turn signal. Hope this helps.
  14. JMO413

    Zero top end power

    Have you tested the TPS? I works start there is there easiest part to test.
  15. JMO413

    Restoring a dead comanche

    Good to see another one saved! Your going to end up with a very nice truck.
  16. JMO413

    Looking for mj pics!

    Mine is 4.5" SUA on 31's
  17. JMO413

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    That makes it even cooler!!!
  18. JMO413

    Sigh of relief

    I have the brown dog rubber mounts in mine and love them. There is a little bit more vibration than the old wore out ones. I found that you don't want to over tighten the bolt that connects the mounts to the engine brackets.
  19. Just got thought reading you build, looks awesome. Can't wait to see a CRD MJ! The flir pictures are awesome. Keep up the good work!
  20. JMO413

    Sigh of relief

    Looking very good. Interior looks super clean!
  21. Wow. That is one awesome rig you have built there. Just got done reading through the whole build. Keep up the awesome work. Can't wait to see it with the stand alone.
  22. JMO413

    Wheel cleaning

    Aluminum doesn't rust. They may be more likely to corrode if they currently have clear coat over the aluminum. I would try spray on wheel cleaner first and a good scrubbing then power wash.
  23. JMO413

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    A motor home I could enjoy driving. I'm guessing 4 x 6
  24. Looks like a nice truck to start with. Great find for $800!
  25. JMO413

    Budget Wheeler - 87' MJ

    Good find. That a great deal with the locker and 4.10.