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  1. My leak was there windshield. From what I could tell it was factory and they weren't too worried about installation. Mine had two doors the urethane was almost not there and spots that were extremely think and wide. One spot was not attached at all one the drivers side.
  2. Mine still has the tabs, they can stay. My molding/gasket/trim what ever you want to call it sets perfectly right all the way around. When I was looking for a windshield the listing for a Comanche was unavailable to all three of our suppliers. So I ordered a windshield for a 99 XJ knowing it had the rubber molding. I really like the rubber compared to the metal trim it keeps the dirt and gunk from building up under it.
  3. A windshield from an XJ does fit you just need to use the XJ rubber seal.
  4. JMO413

    Hey you, Pete!

    Great trade! That's a good looking truck.
  5. Good looking truck you have there welcome to the club.
  6. I like the blue and decals and that's about it. To each their own!
  7. That it's a gorgeous truck you have there. Welcome to the addiction.
  8. I have used it so much I printed it out. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, just glad I had it. If I try to open it my phone asks if I want to download it again.
  9. mj1988electricalmanual_(1).pdf This is the PDF file.
  10. That would have cost to much! Roofing tar is cheap in a 5 gallon bucket was my thoughts when I cleaned mine.
  11. Beacuse the standard cab pickup market is dead. Those of us who have good taste and want a real truck are few and far between in the manufacturers eyes. AKA not worth it. If you notice all the trucks driving around that aren't work trucks are crew cab with a cute little 5' bed. They build what sells is the problem.
  12. I'm guessing not many but that's what makes it fun!
  13. I have two pair of AcDelco 6 ton I bought from O'Reilly's. I believe they were about $60. They are about 24" or so.
  14. Agree with all the above posts. My 88 is a manual and the find are in the radiator for a tranny cooler. It's the normal manufacturer why build a radiator without them when they cause not harm.
  15. How many you think they have sold?
  16. Yeah mine looks similar but not quite that bad. When I got mine the windshield was leaking and a plug was missing in the firewall. O yeah giant holes in both floors didn't help either. No more leaks now though.
  17. I had to go back to the ad to look at the carpet. That is gross! I think they will probably be trying to sell it for a while. But you never know.
  18. Thanks for the cards and magnet Pete!
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