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  1. Good advise. Saving money is good. Better yet why not just get all 4s? Again, I need to learn how to solder.... And I need a new fuse block too haha
  2. True, I just like the excuse for a cigar.
  3. In fact, I know it's part of my issue. If I jiggle the wires to my driver blinker it shorts out.
  4. I looked for this harness. I couldn't find it. I pulled the headlamp out and still no luck. You have been a tremendous help! Got the 4 hole injectors in. They fixed my leak and my stumbling idle.
  5. No nothing that causes alarm. Aside from my driver side front running light always being on and my front blinkers sometimes working, I'm just going to let good enough be for the time being. I don't have the time or funds to fix anything right now. It's my work truck and I need it Monday through friday and with three young daughters they take up my weekend time right now. I just discovered my injectors are leaking and this needs to take top priority at the moment. I don't need a fire.
  6. Geezer probably. The last owner, garaged for 15 years, was a high school student. The C101 is very clean and so are the ecu connectors. They look brand new clean. If you really want to see them or suspect them I can send some pics tomorrow. I have the bbq going right now. Hungry kids.
  7. I pulled the relay and it does not prime still. Does that mean the short is before the relay?
  8. Nevermind I see it. Try the smoke trick. Take a cigar or cigarette and blow it into manifold vacuum and see where it goes.
  9. Have you tried blowing smoke into the engine to see if it leaks out anywhere? Does this seem like a sensor issue, maybe MAP sensor? I don't see a vacuum line hooked up to the map. Should the 86 have one?
  10. Ok I did check the ground at the tail light, sanded and cleaned. I only have checked the harnesses under the truck. Are there more hidden?
  11. So I took out the switch again and thoroughly cleaned it and cleaned the c101 connector again and it no longer powers my fuel pump. No I noticed that when I pull my fuse for instrument lights and put it back in my hazard flasher clicks. don't know if its tied to all of this. Tried re connecting my fusible link and it still primes my fuel pump and my driver side running light stays on as long as my link is connected. Obviously I'm shorting out somewhere in there.
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