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  1. YES..... Now what does your post say? Oh crap, nope, nevermind. Just read the post. Pass. I would try to buy the canopy though.
  2. Original filter was a WIX, second was a red Purolator. I didn't even attempt to bleed the line. I have heard this before but when I kill the engine the oil bleeds back into the engine. won't this introduce air again?
  3. Thank you guys for the reply. I did a little experiment last night. I drained about 1 quart of oil and added a quart of Marvel in its place. I took it for a ride and the pressure never went over 70. I think that the penzoil 10w30 is not suited very well for my winter enviroment. I think I'm going to switch to a 5w30 for winter.
  4. Is there a relief valve in the oil pump that could be sticking?
  5. I am a firm believer in doing what benefits me in the long run. Thats usually the smart choice.
  6. If you think that at any time down the road youbwill swap to the flex pipe manifold, I would just weld it. No sense in buying new just to replace it as soon as you get the chance. Save some money in the meantime. Whats a couple extra days waiting to weld them.
  7. I recently installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge in my 88 comanche 4.0 and I don't understand what my oil pressure is doing. My oil pressure is really good at idle, it's about 40 psi cold but with the slightest touch of the throttle or just incresing cruising rpm to about 1700 it climbs to about 80, hangs for about 1 seconds and then drops back down to about 50-60. Sometimes it spikes OVER 100 and then drops, almost like it builds up pressure and then something gives and blows off pressure. In a previous post I though it was a blown head gasket because I was losing coolant but it looks lik
  8. Well I have more signs of a head gasket failure. My overflow resevour was under pressure about 12 hours after driving it last. I took the cap off and pffff. I still have not had a chance to compression test as I have a 2 week old new baby in my life and I have been so dang busy. I'm so bummed because about a week ago I finally figured out why my truck was so jerky at low speed. I ripped out all the nasty split loom and found some ground shorts that were causing voltage fluctuations! It finally runs so smooth and now this... One day at a time. I'll have to wait until after Christmas to fix it.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I have not checked my plugs in about 6 month. Thats a great point. I'll check them. I just noticed I have a very slow coolant leak that I have not been able to source yet. Is it possible that I have a head gasket leak that could be causing the oil pressure issue? I have no signs of coolant in my oil.
  10. I swapped out my oil filter just in case the bypass valve had faild and still same issue. Today at idle it was sitting at 70psi on the mechanical gauge.... Again I have no blowby when I take the valve cover cap off but there is some white mist... I will try exchanging the mechanical gauge and see if something is wrong with it. Any other ideas?
  11. I was running Valvoline full synth before, same weight. Never had this issue. Not sure if the oil fluctuations have been going on for a while though. I just put the mechanical gauge on this last oil change.
  12. Hello everyone, its been a while. I will be a thorough as I can. Well winter has come upon us so I decided to do an oil change and a few other winter prep things. This time I went with penzoil 10w30 platinum synth with a bottle of zddp for good measure. Wix oil filter. After doing the oil change I started noticing that sender was going bad so I ibstalled a mechanical one. Oil pressure is 60-65 cold and about 40-45 hot. I thought awesone.... at first. Recently I made a trip into town and noticed that I had a lifter tick suddenly and my oil pressure on the mechanical gauge was at about 70. I let
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