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  1. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback guys. Let's see where I'm at and what's been done so far 1 - grounds have been refreshed throughout. I'm going to be adding in the additional two grounding points recommended by Cruiser this weekend 2 - C101, I opened this up and cleaned this out a bit but decided I'm going to eliminate the C101 before I put too much effort into cleaning. 3 - I've refreshed the connectors for about 40% of the engine bay so far, starting on the drivers side including relays. 4 - Haven't done anything with Coil/ICM but will bang that out this weeken
  2. Hey all, Wondering if anyone might be able to help diagnose what’s going on here. When idling, the RPMs stay around 800 and it sounds alright but then every 15 seconds or so the RPMs drop down to less than 500 for a few seconds and it sounds like it’ll stall then it goes back to 800. Other times, at the same 15 second interval, the RPMs will jump up to around 1100 for a few seconds before dropping back down. My sig should have details on the MJ, but it looks like the last owner has put in the 4 port hole fuel injectors and had just replaced the IAC. sh
  3. Hey all, I just picked up my first jeep and love it already! Here's the limited info that I know about it. 1987 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4x4, 4.0L, 5 speed manual, 6ft bed Build Date - Unknown. The sticker on the door is destroyed Current Location - Durham, North Carolina Status - Running strong and on the road Notes - Purple exterior(used to be blue), blue interior, blue dashboard, blue leather bucket seats and wooden dash trim. Floor shift. Pretty much bone stock aside from a 2 inch lift. Current Owner - Phil W (me) Just crossed
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