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  1. Over time the ISA will slow down. Poor response/reaction times.
  2. Both ST and LT fuel trim only adjust INJ PW time (mS) during Closed Loop (CL) operation. Numbers greater than 128 increase INJ PW time while numbers less than 128 decrease INJ PW time. Now how they work together on my part here is a guess. So my guess is whichever way ST is trending, LT will follow that trend, but the goal of LT is to keep ST number at or around 128. If LT can't keep ST around 128, LT will adjust itself again and again until ST reads near or about 128. Could be why ECU needs so many types of drive cycles for its re-learning procedure.
  3. I found this procedure. 88 FSM Computer Relearn Procedures.pdf
  4. Need to check the ground leg. KEY OFF. Measure continuity (Ω's) between the following points: D2_8 and D1_3. D2_8 and Battery Negative (B-). D2_8 and C220_B (disconnected; harness side).
  5. Thanks for PIC's So it seems like TPS voltage (0.06vdc) never varied from that value regardless of where the Throttle Plate (TP) was. Now TPS wiper arm moves with TP. Both TPS and MAP are the big boy sensors for fuel strategy. Happy this smoothed thing out for ya.
  6. I have no proof yet (I never followed up on it), but someone somewhere on here had low voltage on the TPS C_B measurement. I think he claimed the TPS was improperly installed, if that's possible (something to do with the TPS wiper). I only mention this for you to keep a eye out for if something like this could happen.
  7. The most common way to adjust TPS is use C220 for engine related issues. I guess it could be done using C259. Anyways, follow @cruiser54 tip #8. http://cruiser54.com/?p=54
  8. Which connector are you taking your measurement off of?
  9. Replace it with the Paleface Limited Edition.
  10. This does everything I need, even came with Mircosoft Office tools. Its my 20lb monitor that acting up (goin flaky).
  11. Yea, 3ghz with HT on the Pentium 4 sticker on the front of the computer. Plus whatever this means; 800Mhz FSB 1MB L2 Cache.
  12. I love my Windows XP still running on a Gateway 500GR with Intel Pentium 4 Processor 530 supporting Hyper-Threading Technology. 26 years later my monitor now is starting to get a little flaky. Dinosaurs went extinct because they just couldn't change, I think I'm in trouble.
  13. Low pressure could be caused by ice in the pipes. Myself, if I didn't have heat, I'd turn the water off at the street or where it enters the house, then drain all my pipes.
  14. Ωhm

    Rolls-Royce SUV

    Marketing seem to drive all business decisions. Maybe one day you'll see them out on the trails. It is a all wheel drive vehicle.
  15. Ωhm

    Rolls-Royce SUV

    Yea, those are still cool.
  16. Ωhm

    Rolls-Royce SUV

    Should RR make an SUV? I don't think its right, but its not my money. https://www.fckerbeckrollsroyce.com/new-vehicle-2021-rolls-royce-cullinan-c-12896/
  17. Wrong, No. Its more like an illness. Isn't it?
  18. Isn't that the OPs problem? Can't get a screw loose.
  19. Time to join the T-Bird forums. You know how they work.
  20. Love that mechanical pull the channel select knob for each channel memory. High tech stuff there.
  21. Was that even a 'word' back when they built that car?
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