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  1. mancheflo

    Wheel cleaning

    Before and after, I just combined lemon juice, dawn soap and some baking powder and a little elbow grease and I think it turned out really well, still need to clean them a little more because I plan on just painting them eventually
  2. If I were to clean these with a wire wheel brush, will they be more likely to rust after?
  3. mancheflo

    Tail lights

    Thanks guys
  4. mancheflo

    Tail lights

    That trailer is nice! I’m just looking to give them a different look that’s all
  5. mancheflo

    Tail lights

    Has anyone ever “smoked” their taillights or have found aftermarket smoked or black taillights?
  6. mancheflo

    pics of tj flares on an mj?

    So with doing these do you completely cut off the lip that goes around the flare?
  7. mancheflo

    Bed width

    Does anyone know the bed width from wheel wells
  8. mancheflo


  9. mancheflo


    Will a hood from a 96 Cherokee fit on a 92?
  10. mancheflo


    I’m extremely stuck on what wheels to get, I’m also interested in the canyons but having trouble finding anything decent, I did order the steel ones but they came back and saying they are out of stock so I’m now rethinking what I want
  11. mancheflo


    So If I don’t want the tires to stick out too far then go with 4.5?
  12. mancheflo


    I honestly don’t know, the front sticks out pretty far, I got these wheels on a trade and the guy didn’t have much info on them
  13. mancheflo


    Would a backspacing of 3.75 or 4.5 be better
  14. mancheflo


    I’ll have to look into that too