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  1. Do you still have those center caps?
  2. Thanks! I’ll have to look into that!
  3. That sounds pretty cheap 😂 would I need new shocks and springs with that
  4. Any recommendations for a 2 inch lift or is there anyway to get that 2 inches of lift by any other way than buying a lift kit
  5. Would a hitch receiver from a jk work on our trucks?
  6. mancheflo

    Tail gate

    Does anyone have any extra white tailgates with black Jeep lettering for sale I’m good condition?
  7. Is there any other way to pull it out by chance?
  8. Alright I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks eagle
  9. Has anyone ever got this cavfab stubby bumper and has any reviews on it? I want to get a new bumper but have found when taking my old one off and the bumper bracket that it is a bit bent (see second pic) and was curious if there’s any way to straighten this out or fix it or anything
  10. mancheflo


    Going with the spray paint option
  11. mancheflo


    Good info! Working 6 days this week will leave lots of time for research And I won’t forget the pics!
  12. mancheflo


    I’ll have to order a couple cans
  13. mancheflo


    Alright do you know if it would work well on the door panels since it’s nit a hard plastic?
  14. mancheflo


    Do you know if there’s any similar color in the duplicolor brand? That’s all my auto stores carry
  15. mancheflo


    Hell I didn’t even think about that, thanks man
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