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  1. Hi, i'm from germany and I have a Comanche, too. It is a 91, 4L 2WD, Pioneer modell. If I buy it, it stands about 6 years because of a transmission brake. So I put it on a trailer, bring it home and start with work. First I found a new transmission, a AX15 with a NP231J transfercase, than two axles from a 95 2.5TD Cherokee with a 3,73:1 gearing. So at one weekend we but everything in. Welded the axles that it goes to the Manche. Make the complete brakes new and start welding the side because it was rusty.
  2. My colour is „gun metall grey“ from Plastidip. 😉
  3. The wrap hold pretty good. Two years now without problems. I only had to fix a small pice on the roof. There was the underground not good. But it works good and it looks good again. I would do it again.
  4. It‘s made complet new from 20mm tubings. Only the brackets are from “Thule“ to fix it.
  5. And some new original decals:
  6. I worked a little bit at the Manche the last weeks. Made a little Roof Rack. Here it is:
  7. Finished the Hardtop today and mounted on the Manche.
  8. First paint of herculiner is on:
  9. Next step, the outside of the hardtop.
  10. Today finished the inside:
  11. After a few weeks I started with the hatdtop. Cleaned all, make it stiffer and start to paint the inside in a light grey.
  12. And the look of the Manche without the rollbar look‘s good, too.
  13. I don‘t no, sorry. I buy it only because it have the right mesurement.
  14. First test with the Mazda B2500 Hardtop. Look‘s good and fits perfect.
  15. Today I get some new tyres. 4 BFG AT KO2 in 31x10,5 R15. Lokk‘s really nice and drives good.
  16. So, after finishing the bumpers I get a new project. A Hardtop with the rieght messurement from a Mazda Walue B2500. Next step will to restore this and mount it on the Manche.
  17. Yesterday finished the frontbumper. Now with the synthetik rope and the linceplate. Look‘s good.
  18. Today I mounted the front selfmade whinchbumper at the Manche and the ComeUp Whinch.
  19. And here are the pics from the final test at the Manche. Look´s pretty nice and fits very well. Thanks to JCR Offroad!!!
  20. Hi at all, did someone know where I can get the original „Pioneer“ decals for my Comanche? Or is there someone that made good copys?
  21. tgcj

    Original decals

    Wow, great links. Thanks to you.
  22. And here is the final result: