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  1. Good looking Rig 89 MJ, brought up a few questions, Where did you mount the vacuum sphere on passenger side. Second, did you have the factory skid plate? Curious to see how the combo looks.
  2. I've been mulling over my options the last two days. One question I have is as Mini Beast mentioned the air dam should go with an after market bumper, what about the Skid Plate? From pictures, it seem like either there are not many skid plates out there or people take them off when applying aftermarket bumpers? I saw pics of the factory brush guard, pretty cool, but probably a holy grail piece to find? Then you need to tow hook bumper brackets to boot.
  3. Thanks Mini Beast, I like that idea. was thinking how to keep the air dam with the aftermarket bumper, but not into silly. I've checked the web and not a lot of offerings so far for Push or BUll bars. Any suggestion from folks with that setup?
  4. Thanks Derf, hitting up the local Pick n Saves now.
  5. Hi 89 MJ, Appreciate the looking out, I'm in VA, not sure how feasible. What are you looking for out of them? Year? Like the work on your rig, wish'n I had more time
  6. Thank for the 411 Derf, Dadgum that is a big beefy bar. I'm already in 650 and 8 weeks on the crusader, so I will commit. Though I did write them a nasty gram fro the fact the do not disclose on product description you have to cut. Is it difficult to find older fenders? I I'd like to keep period correct, salvage older fenders and cut those? Just thinking out side the box. Another question, do y'all run without the engine splash guard have any issues? Mine just tore, talking to guy in Detroit who's trying to make replicas. My Alternator is always going out, have a hard time ima
  7. Well, I might add, the bumper I am looking for is aftermarket, Lots of deer hits round here, don't want my grill messed up. So need something better than stock. I got a Crusader Front with bar at the moment.
  8. New to club and first post, I just painted my 89 and the bumper I bought did not mention it will fit 96 and newer front ends. While my paint cures I'm faced with the dilemma to keep the bumper and cut the fenders or find something else that would fit. Every pic I see the fenders are cut bout 4 inches. Some the stock flares looked trash, do most folks do new flares too? 1/4 my friends say don't cut. Stuggl' in to pull the trigger, but hopefully sorting out the details will help. FYI, the decals wouldn't separate, so just a foot is on the rear. Front bumper is in but don
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