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  1. So the ground is stripped now. the paint guy did a number sealing it in. I guess I can test for resistance at this point? Reading older posts, sounds like Carter is the better fuel pump to buy? I'm going to check the pump relay, clean the connections and check for resistance also.
  2. Yes,4.0. for giggles I'll look at the ground. The tank is full guess I'll have to siphon gas out before removing the pump?
  3. Hi Cruiser, I completed the ground and ballast connector cleaning, only thing I haven't done is the coil contact cleaning. Fuel pressure seems really low. Auto parts guy said should be around 70 PSI. I have avg 23 psi. Pressure falls immediately after turning off engine. Thoughts?
  4. JEEP, i finally secured a fuel pressure gauge. on ignition it barely moved one or two marks. Upon starting stayed between 21 and 24 under throttle. Upon cutting the ignition, pressure feel immediately So from what I gathered, that is not good. . Regulator seems fine no leaks or gas smell in the vacuum tube. From what I describe does it sound like fuel pump and not vacuum or ground related?
  5. To do. I figured I could prep a cap and get prep work done before hand then tackle finding TDC and adjusting.
  6. Jdog sent your page and was looking at 13 index the distributor, which he refereed to as index the dizzy. I just changed my cap and was thinking I should have kept the old cap to cut as I check its position compared to TDC.
  7. Okay figured out the Indexing the Dizzy is. How long does that take. Thinking I should have kept my old distributor cap.
  8. i gave the little black vacuum lines a good sniff, no smell of gas
  9. Umm, index the dizzy? Need a little help on meaning. Will head up to another auto parts in a bit to see if they have a fuel pressure tester I can rent. Fiddling with a couple more grounds in the meantime.
  10. Update, New distributor and rotor,. Plugs gapped New fuel filter oil change Fuel injector cleaner and new gas Oh, and two shops I've been too, no fuel pressure gauge to rent. Still working on nailing one down. Further work was delayed by a SNAFU replacing my lower radiator hose. put clamp on too high up and leaked everything at the gas station when fueling up. Like a cow peeing on a flat rock. Did wonders for my mojo. Got near red on the gauge, but kept it under as I limped home. Don't think this caused any damage. Anyway truck running wo
  11. Not yet, hoping to start Friday, lots to T-storms past two days and work has been in the way.
  12. Roger that, Thanks y'all, give her a go this weekend.
  13. J by CPS numbers do you mean? Crank Position Sensor? Also, what should the fuel pressure be?
  14. This last week, my crank times have gone up and keep getting worse, now its getting embarrassing. Once running it idles okay, little rougher than usual Also, notice some hesitation from 1500 to 2000 RPM. Above that it clears up. I do plan to replace the cap and rotor which is due anyhow. Check plugs and gap/replace if needed. Was thinking maybe the fuel filter, but would expect more issues at higher RPM. Then I was thinking about the ERG valve, but that usually has a high idle if I recall. I did replace the injectors last spring with the yellow Bosch ones. Used to start lickity
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