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  1. All it has for the ac is the controls. There are no parts at all for the ac that’s the part that pains me. I was thinking for now I’d just get an under dash one. Just asking if anyone has used aftermarket ac systems that can fit in the vehicle like it’s been there since day one if you know what I mean:)
  2. Since you said yours doesn’t have ac controls I think mine came with factory air because it comes with the controls for it. Must’ve been removed. I’m not much of a junk yard parts kinda guy and it looks like pulling stock ac systems is pretty hard that’s why I’m looking for an aftermarket version.
  3. Something like this should be the easiest to install and shouldn’t be too hard to route into my stock vents and starch my stock controls. Link
  4. Ok so either mine didn’t come with air conditioning or a previous owner pulled it. Has anyone used the vintage air universal kit or is there anywhere online to buy a full air system?
  5. Sorry I leave this thread for dead I’ve been dealing with some personal stuff and on top of that the friend who’s house my Jeep is at is having some issues with her husband. I’m going to have it towed when I get the money and the sheriff to go with me. I haven’t checked the battery like y’all said yet since I haven’t been able to go over and look at it. But it is a brand new Duralast Gold with I believe 800cca. And it only starts if jumped. Could it possibly be the engine ground or the starter ground and I’m grounding it through my friends car when we jump it?
  6. Oh if you are talking about the crank sensor I replaced that a few weeks ago. It just dawned on me.
  7. No when I jump it it’s positive to positive and negative to negative.
  8. Ok so I’ve been working on this MJ for moths now. I have a Duralast Gold group 35 battery with 800 CCA just bought today because the old group 58 battery was toast! It starts if I jump it but if it’s just the battery it cranks and cranks and cranks but no start. Any ideas?
  9. Ok so I’m trying to unbolt my driveshaft at the rear diff so I can easily take out my sending unit again. I think the float is stuck on something. One of the bolts is stripped. I’d try an extracted socket but I can’t fit a ratchet and socket in there to get to the bolt. Any ideas that don’t make a spark since I’m so close to my gas tank?
  10. So my 86 didn’t have the outer shift boot and I was wondering if they have the same as an XJ? Will this one fit?
  11. Alright I assume they are plug and play for lack of a better phrase?
  12. Ok so I have an 86 and the gauge cluster only has speed and fuel. What years can I pull clusters from? Can I pull from an XJ? And will I have to add sensors for the oil pressure and coolant temp, etc?
  13. Ok I have no clue where to look but are there any diagrams that show all the vac lines and wires in the engine bay. My 86 has wires that go nowhere and vac lines that are cut. Some hoses have screws inside the tubing to close it off. I’m just trying to figure out what is unplugged and where these hoses and vac lines are supposed to be.
  14. It’s been sitting for like 4 months while I found the time to fix it. I’ve tried to start it so many times. I'm thinking about charging the battery outside the truck. Can I throw a regular alternator in it?
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