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  1. So I’m trying to trace wires from the fuel pump to the engine bay. And I noticed that it appears that the wires go into the floor of the cab. Does anyone know how to access these wires?
  2. Ok so I have an 86 and The fuel pump isn’t kicking on. I used a multimeter to test the wiring harness that the fuel pump plugs into and when I ground it on the frame and stick the positive lead into the plug at the orange wire I get fluctuated reading it’s moving so fast and it ranges from .0L .44v 199mv any ideas? here is a link to the video I took https://mega.nz/#!V1AzyIIJ!cWALltKOEhTItaV1nF0iOskqNpIZumBKs47jeW_JNAg
  3. Ok so the fuel pump is getting power but this is happening any ideas? link is to video https://mega.nz/#!V1AzyIIJ!cWALltKOEhTItaV1nF0iOskqNpIZumBKs47jeW_JNAg
  4. Thanks for this it’ll really help when I get the stuff to redo the ground
  5. Where is the buzzer wires. I want it gone in general lol
  6. Ok I’ll end up figuring out how to post a video. And it’s not a hum it’s a full on buzz like the warning that your key is in the ignition.
  7. I didn’t do a proper spark test I assume since it runs on starting fluid that the spark is good. And I can’t hear the pump. I hear a click from the passenger side in the cab. I assume that the fuel pump is good because it came with the sending unit. Also I checked to se that power is going to the unit and used a multimeter on the plug and it was getting power. I assume that I can’t hear it because the hum of the key being in the ignition.
  8. Ok I’ve been working on my ‘86 2.5L 4cyl TBI for a while.. I bought it not running. I replaced the whole sending unit, fuel filter, spark plugs and in the process required a whole new tank... I put gas in it went to start and it still would crank but not turn over. I can keep it running if I have the key held in the start position and spray starting fluid in the TBI. I popped the top off the TBI and tried to start it and no fuel was coming from anywhere. Any ideas?
  9. What are the lengths of the #9 and #11 straps. I bought the straps from autozone and I got a 29.5” and a 32.5” strap (idk why autozone only sells sets of 2 but I tried putting them on since I got the tank out and the new one. But I couldn’t get either to fit in the back same size tank but the straps were both too short.
  10. Alright thanks. I was just trying to make sure because The old one is crumbling from rust so I was going to rhino line the outside of this new one before putting it in
  11. How many straps did yours have mine has 3 I’m just trying to make sure I got the right tank
  12. I already bought the tank when I got it in the mail was when I questioned myself. The tank in the Jeep had 3 straps already
  13. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche X I don’t know the bed length. I need to replace the gas tank and I ordered the only one autozone had and it’s the 23gal. If mine came with the 18 gal will this 23gal fit? edit: fuel tank size
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