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  1. So I’m trying to trace wires from the fuel pump to the engine bay. And I noticed that it appears that the wires go into the floor of the cab. Does anyone know how to access these wires?
  2. Ok so I have an 86 and The fuel pump isn’t kicking on. I used a multimeter to test the wiring harness that the fuel pump plugs into and when I ground it on the frame and stick the positive lead into the plug at the orange wire I get fluctuated reading it’s moving so fast and it ranges from .0L .44v 199mv any ideas? here is a link to the video I took https://mega.nz/#!V1AzyIIJ!cWALltKOEhTItaV1nF0iOskqNpIZumBKs47jeW_JNAg
  3. Ok so the fuel pump is getting power but this is happening any ideas? link is to video https://mega.nz/#!V1AzyIIJ!cWALltKOEhTItaV1nF0iOskqNpIZumBKs47jeW_JNAg
  4. Thanks for this it’ll really help when I get the stuff to redo the ground
  5. Where is the buzzer wires. I want it gone in general lol
  6. Ok I’ll end up figuring out how to post a video. And it’s not a hum it’s a full on buzz like the warning that your key is in the ignition.
  7. I didn’t do a proper spark test I assume since it runs on starting fluid that the spark is good. And I can’t hear the pump. I hear a click from the passenger side in the cab. I assume that the fuel pump is good because it came with the sending unit. Also I checked to se that power is going to the unit and used a multimeter on the plug and it was getting power. I assume that I can’t hear it because the hum of the key being in the ignition.
  8. Ok I’ve been working on my ‘86 2.5L 4cyl TBI for a while.. I bought it not running. I replaced the whole sending unit, fuel filter, spark plugs and in the process required a whole new tank... I put gas in it went to start and it still would crank but not turn over. I can keep it running if I have the key held in the start position and spray starting fluid in the TBI. I popped the top off the TBI and tried to start it and no fuel was coming from anywhere. Any ideas?
  9. What are the lengths of the #9 and #11 straps. I bought the straps from autozone and I got a 29.5” and a 32.5” strap (idk why autozone only sells sets of 2 but I tried putting them on since I got the tank out and the new one. But I couldn’t get either to fit in the back same size tank but the straps were both too short.
  10. Alright thanks. I was just trying to make sure because The old one is crumbling from rust so I was going to rhino line the outside of this new one before putting it in
  11. How many straps did yours have mine has 3 I’m just trying to make sure I got the right tank
  12. I already bought the tank when I got it in the mail was when I questioned myself. The tank in the Jeep had 3 straps already
  13. I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche X I don’t know the bed length. I need to replace the gas tank and I ordered the only one autozone had and it’s the 23gal. If mine came with the 18 gal will this 23gal fit? edit: fuel tank size
  14. So I looked at it again in daylight and it seems to be wedged in between the rear drive shaft and frame is that common?
  15. I didn’t thread them through the frame. I’ll thread those through but the whole tank is up in the air not just a side of it. So that’s why I’m wondering
  16. So I’m trying to replace the gas tank and fuel pump assembly I had a friend helping that did it on his xj and we disconnected all the fuel lines, we disconnected the filler now hoses from the filler nozzle and we also disconnected the wires for the fuel pump. We struggled to get the plastic cover off the bottom of the tank since I have 3 straps holding it on and the bolts were rusted on and stripped so we took bolt cutters and got the straps off and completely removed from the vehicle. And it still won’t drop... is there anything else that I’m missing that could hold an 18 gal tank with about 5 gal of fuel in it? I need help!
  17. Ok so I’m working on my ‘86 I bought and I put fresh gas in and a new battery, crossed my fingers and said a prayer to the Jeep gods and tried to start it. It cranks but won’t start😢 so I tried using starting fluid to see if it had spark and it ran as long as I kept the starting fluid going into it so I don’t think it’s getting fuel. My dad who i was in FaceTime with since he is 1000miles away said to replace the fuel filter and see then. He then said if that don't work not to go ahead and just change the fuel pump because he had problems with his thunderbird in the 90s and all he had to do was reconnect a wire that had corroded and disconnected and his fuel pump started working again. Is that a good idea? Any other ideas that are Comanche specific problems that might be causing issues?
  18. I’m restoring an ‘86 that I bought for $500 I’m looking for some interior parts like the headliner, shifter bezel/center console for 4speed. And the lower dash like the part that runs across the bottom of the dash that has your parking break release. Any ideas on where to get these other than eBay? I have the red interior!
  19. Oh yeah I'm in it for the adventure more than anything. I've seen the truck in person it's got a sturdy frame. I lived in Indiana for the first 19 years of my life (minus 6 months in Kentucky and had the fun of the major ice storm of '09) I know how northern vehicles get rusted and all that but it actually isn't all that bad with rust and all that. But yeah the adventure and wheeling is my plan. Also I'm extremely farmiliar with driving rust belt vehicles I wouldn't know what to do if I got a vehicle that runs with no problems. That's how they all work in Indiana ;-)
  20. To be honest the first and last time I saw it was last October and the owner couldn't find the keys so I genuinely don't know. I'm not going up to Indiana just for the truck it's just another perk of going (going to see brother and nieces) but that is something I'd make sure works if it doesnt then I'm not interested.
  21. Thanks for the tips. I was getting it as a first vehicle as well as a project vehicle. I want to lift it a bit for do some dirt/sand off roading but still good on the street.
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