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  1. I don't think so but I will check tomorrow
  2. Factory 4:10 axles from a 4cyl 5 speed Olympic edition.. D35. Girdled axle cover, bearings replaced recently, new brake lines. Drums and axle cover powder coated red. Non c-clip axle. D30 HP CAD axle. New ball joints, new tie rod ends, new hub bearings, newer brakes, calipers powder coated red. Older style front calipers. Sold my Comanche no need for them. $400 located in Jim Thorpe PA.
  3. Good bye. Going to Oklahoma from PA. Done with jeeps.
  4. Things have taken a turn... someone buy this thing before I take the sawzall to a solid body 92
  5. You can cut the brackets off the bench seat to get them in. There is someone that makes brackets but they're like $100
  6. Buyer backed out, still available. Make me an offer before I start chopping it up and bouncing it off rocks at the offroad park.
  7. Free front seats from a 96 xj. Dirty but no rips, console no cracks. Free come get them before I trash them. Jim Thorpe PA
  8. Pending sale. Will have some parts to get rid of once it's gone.
  9. Damn that's close to my house too, but I already bought a Dana 35 with 4:10 to replace mine.
  10. Congratulations, and good luck lol Ours is 11 and still and idiot, never grew out of it lol
  11. I had that on my xj, gave me room to run dual battery setup.
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