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Found 5 results

  1. So the time has come for me to part out one of my jeeps and get rid of some of the extra body parts i have, i got a baby on the way now so one will have to stay until i have time to get it running. I'm not sure on what pricing is for each thing so PM me an offer. I'm taking more and more off of them to where there will be just a bare frame MJ so someone cam come buy it so i don't feel bad about scraping it. I'm also going to start hitting the junk yard for some more parts to sell to help some folks
  2. I have swapped a gm 4.3 into my 86 MJ. I used the Novak motor mounts and redrilled my factory transmission support/ crossmember. I have plenty of clearance at the front of the engine and I'm looking for advice on the radiator. The radiator had over 280,000 miles on it when the 2.8 finally went. I've already dropped in the 4.3, mated 700r4 and 231C from a gmc s15 jimmy. Will the stock style 2.8 radiator cool the 4.3 or will I need to upgrade? If I change to the 87 up radiator, will I have to change my hood latch/ front end? Thanks for the help!
  3. Got a question for you guys about drive shaft, particularly the front ones. When my MJ started life, it was a 2.5L with the AX4 and NP207. It's now a 4.0L with AX15 with the NP242. I have the original front DS from the 2.5L/AX4 setup which is awfully skinny for a drive shaft. I also have the front DS from my XJ donor that had the 4.0L and AW4 with NP231. I know there is no difference as far as the DS is concerned between the 231 and 242, but there is a difference between the AW4 and AX15. The question I'm posing is, will the donor front DS work? I'm pretty sure the skinny DS is far too short. I've included pictures for comparison.
  4. Any advice or write ups on how to do a remove and install the entire dash assembly in our MJs? Mine is cracked up from 28 years of heat and sun. I am taking the dash out of an '88 XJ as it is not cracked or damaged. Wasn't sure how much work is involved or if there's anything special I need to know before starting...
  5. I know, I know... this topic has been beat to death so much that a well trained mortician can't bring it back from ruins. Anyway... I'm not sure why so many people have told me that swapping in a 4.0 into my '86 MJ will require massaging the firewall with a BFH. The only problem I've seen is 4.0 radiator fitment and the hood latch is going to have to be changed. From everything else I can tell, the length front to back and side to side are near identical to that of my '88 XJ with a 4.0. So, what gives? Can someone shed some more light on this for me? Perhaps I'm missing something? My goal is to snag an HO engine and AX15 (external slave) and mate it to a Renix 4.0 wire harness and ECU. Will that work also, assuming fitment isn't an issue?
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