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Found 5 results

  1. I want to put the 97+ dash in my truck, but I don’t want to convert to OBD ll. Has anyone done this or know a way to retain the Renix engine management and gauges while swapping the interior? I thought about using a custom gauge cluster in a blank template that fits the newer dash, but I wasn’t sure which gauges work with Renix. ideally I just want to update the interior and allow the ability to run a double din radio with the already existing center dash swap that’s out there. Any ideas would be helpful!
  2. I haven't started a build thread here yet, but I figured now is as good a time as any. My MJ started its life out as typical base model Comanche Custom with the 2.5L TBI, AX4, NP207. It is now undergoing some major surgery as I am taking on the infamous 4.0L swap. When it's all said and done, it will have a Renix 4.0 from a '90 XJ, an external slaved AX15 from a '96 XJ and either a NP231 or NP242. I have a build thread over on CherokeeForum ('86 Comanche DD) and I will continue to update it there, but as of right now, this thread will start where that one left off. Also, to aid fellow members here in potential swaps of similar nature, here's my photobucket album: Comanche. More in the next post...
  3. Ok guys, let me start off by saying that I'm swapping from a 2.5L/AX4/NP207 to a 4.0L/AX15 (external slave)/NP231 or NP242 (not sure which yet). Past few nights, I've been working on tearing out the 2.5 in my '86. I have a '90 XJ with AW4 as my donor. However, lets forget about it being an '86 for a second because I have a few general questions about the 2.5 to 4.0 swap that I haven't quite been able to find in the vastness that is the interwebz... Here goes (they'll be more as issues arise): On the AX4/5 equipped MJs, the end of the exhaust downpipe, where it stops just behind the transmission crossmember, I know that it won't work when I move the crossmember back for the AX15. My question is, can I or do I use the downpipe from the XJ donor, or will that not work either due to length? If not, what would be the best way to remedy this? Next, I know that I need to upgrade the fuel pump when going from TBI to MPI. With that also comes replacing all the rubber lines with high pressure fuel injection line. My question in regards to this is, can I reuse the steel lines that are currently under my MJ or would I/could I use the lines from the donor XJ? Also, since we're on fuel pumps for the moment, will the fuel pump and fuel level floater (fuel sender assembly I guess it's called) interchange between the XJ and MJ tank? Will there be any wiring issues or is this not a concern since they're both Renix? Now, when I get ready to remove the drivetrain, I plan to remove the engine, tranny and transfer case all in one shot. How do I remove the AX4's "stick" or shifter arm to clear the belly of the beast? My MJ sits at stock height and I have only 2.5 ton jacks to work with here. Also, will the transfer case shifter linkages work when going from the 207 to the 231/242? I also should note that I have the shifter handle, linkages and brackets from the '96 XJ that the AX15 came out of. (Don't have the transfer case though.) Forgot to add, with the added weight of the engine, will I need to grab some 4.0 coils or will the 2.5 coils suffice? On a random note, I think my AX4 is an external slave setup. I was under the impression that early AX4's were internal slaves. But, the PO did say the engine was from a later model Wrangler. Perhaps the AX4 came from the same Wrangler? Just a guess.
  4. Any advice or write ups on how to do a remove and install the entire dash assembly in our MJs? Mine is cracked up from 28 years of heat and sun. I am taking the dash out of an '88 XJ as it is not cracked or damaged. Wasn't sure how much work is involved or if there's anything special I need to know before starting...
  5. Hey guys, New to this site, i have read alot of peoples forums and tech info via google... and i decided to join it after i purchased my first MJ. I bought it from a 4 wheel parts tech down here in raleigh NC, i have owned 3 cherokees and know a decent bit about jeeps. But I'm kinda stuck on this one.... This was his project truck that he did not have time for, and i was really interested in getting a manche and totally starting a project with it. -88' manche it WAS 4cyl 2wd, -now converted to a 93' XJ inline 6, trans and TC, and wiring harness, and he also started to swap the dashboard in.. I am lost on how to get this dash board properly working, and connecting all these senors and connectors. i know that everything will not fit right in, but i would like to atleast get it to where i can move the MJ around the farm and see how the running condition is. Any info, please help! Thanks, Travis
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