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    Just like any wheeler, Building jeeps, wheeling, country music, drinking beer, hanging with the boys, and my little lady! US ARMY. JEEP.

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  1. Man, what a awesome build.. Truly jealous! Quick question, if you don't mind.. How did you mount the rear bumper, or how is it mounted? and the bed sliders, along the bed rails.. What material is that?
  2. Well, now that paint has been finished up... I really haven't done much to the manche.. Cut the front fenders, and going to be cutting the back. She's gotten wheeled alot harder then she ever has after finishing up all these small in's and out's. She took a beating this past weekend, i never really wanted to beat up the truck to begin with cause of how rare the shortbeds are... and especially since you can't do any sort of cab swap. but..... I did, got a little happy with the skinny pedal. Maybe a little cocky, since the ole manche had to show up the big bad brand new Wranglers haha. Here are some great shots a few of my club members took of the jeep over the past few weekends of wheeling We had a few issues on the trail the past few times we went out. First, Wheeling in the creek doing some hill climbs the cross member dropped out on the driver side. I ended up having to baby it off the trail, and held the cross member up with 2 ratchet straps. Lucky, i think the bolts had rattled loose and backed out. I was able to use my spare transfer case drop off my old XJ to put it back up. I also welded my exhaust back on, I am assuming when the cross member dropped it took the exhaust with it. Also had to remove the rear bumper, it got pretty beat up on the this trip when doing some crossings/hill climbs. She had to be recovered out of some nasty mud. I plan on building a bumper for it, or possibly dove tailing the rear. On her second trip out, the Idler pulley was some how able to back its self off too! The pulley went bad, and the clutch fan came loose causing the pulley to wiggle/Move side to side. I caught it just in time and did a quick trail repair (No photos of that!) Speaking of the club that took those awesome photos, If anyone is in NC, looking for a full time, up beat, wheeling club. WICKED JEEPS is the club to join. We have a full NC chapter, along with several other states (SC, MD, PA, a few more!) And especially if you're in the Ft. Bragg area, We'd love to have some new members! Anything jeep! 2wd, 4wd, race jeep, etc! We're open to any jeeper out there! We've got quite a few JK's and JKU's out there, these guys ain't afraid to get down on the trails! Give us a follow, or us add on Facebook! here's a few shots of our last meet at Buffalo Wild Wings.. AKA "Wicked Wings Meet" We had over 90 people come out and support, and a whole lotta jeeps! Here's just a few i took at the beginning of the meet! Just walking through the parking lot! Also, visit us at... http://www.wickedjeeps.com/ If you're interested in the club!
  3. Man, this build is so nasty!! I'm extremely jealous haha. i've been kinda sitting here waiting for more to come, i just couldn't help to go ahead and comment on it! I have a common rail cummins, and it's been a dream to throw one into my comanche. i saw the posting about the 4bt, and thats what i would really like to do... maybe this motor would work better, i still have some saving to do and life left in my I6.. my cummins swap won't be anytime soon, and still need to learn the fab work. again man, sick build. TRULY JEALOUS!!
  4. Painted, and pretty. woooo!

  5. Well I've been lazy and she hasn't been painted yet! I know, i've been slacking.. but now that the weather is warming up and season is back in action.. the comanche has gotten lots of love. She's had two Uwharrie trips since the season has started, and I've found a few issues here and there. I've saved up a few bucks to get them fixed up. She's got her full 97' exterior swap done. Front Clip to the doors. the 8.25 is now locked with a lock rite locker. I've installed a mechcanical Temp gauge, and removed the thermostat. She runs really cool in this NC spring/summer heat. Which is a relief to me. I've also started a set of half doors with my buddy, he's made a set so he's using some of his experenice to help me out a hair. SHE NEEDS ARMOR. Lordy, i have beaten here up those past two trips. I got a little throttle happy, and had some fun with this new locked rear end (dying for a front locker now!) She's got a nice dent in the cab. and some thrash on the underbody. I PROMISE. I'm looking into paint this week (June 4th 2014) I took some leave and some time to hang out with the old jeepy. I just can't figure out what color i wanna do. Most of the upgrades are pretty simple and basic for us jeepers out there. But I figured i'd go ahead and update this a little bit. Here's some photos for y'all! Installing new shock tabs on the axle, I was grinding off the old stock shock mounts.. and got myself. Had to have surgery and some stiches.. We're all good now.
  6. Haven't been on in a while, caught up with ARMY nonsense, working on this jeep, other peoples vehicles, etc. Comanche is alive, and running. Greg from the Raleigh 4WP helped me out with the wiring harness and got the motor to turn over with the turn of a key. Once we had her turning over on her own, i had to settle a few things out with the jeep. Replaced radiator, water pump and thermostat. Installed a switch to control the E-fan Bolted up steering completely, and trac-bar Welded up new shock tabs for the rear axle for my bilsteins! Had to drill hole in fire wall to run the shift linkage from the trans to the shifter, also drilled out the 4 wheel drive shifter bracket to slap that in there. Bolted down seats and the top part of the dash completely. Had to run new fuel lines off the stock hard lines and new fuel pump regulator. Tighten down serp-belt and all the pulleys. Nothing to crazy, i had most of the stuff put together before i even had the wire harness done. At 4wp Wire job prep Currie Steering and Trac bar Shock set up Shifter w/Linkages Both Shifters in Ran the shifter linkage in the fire wall New Radiator Headlights, and she's alive! After i got most of the stuff out of the way where i could drive her around, we decided to take a little club trip to URE. Come to find out that the TC was SHOT. Chain slipped up in 4WD. So i had to take her slow and easy running around in 2WD. Wasn't to bad of a trip. She did most in 2 wheel with ease. I had 34 Super Swampers on her, removed those nasty 36s.. Last day on the mountain the alternator went out, drained the battery completely.. but just that trip showed me what i needed to fix and work on. here's some photos from the trip. Bought myself a NP231 Rebuild kit, going to attempt to take this case apart and see if i can't teach myself a thing or two.. Also have bumper brackets on order for the front bumper. and lining up a paint job for Christmas from the family. My morgan the manchenstien Could be a little stuck... Prettiest Tailgate around.. Angry Eyes... Camp Site looking pretty The Cummins and the Manche!
  7. Well, its been a while since i've been on here to update my page.. I've been really busy, finally finished up all my training with the Army, got extremely lucky and was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.. about 45 minutes from the house. So i can still work on the MJ. Well, when i came home on my holiday block leave i was able to scoop up some fenders, and doors for my 97' conversion. i was able to install them for a test fit while i was home, didn't get the doors on yet. Still want to do a little more work with those. Here are a few more of the MJ, I've got the MJ & my new Pop-Up camper Here she is paired up with my buddies 88 2 door XJ When i got back from training, and settled in down at bragg i was able to take some money from the savings & treat myself with a new truck. 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 24v Cummins Turbo Diesel 4x4 5 speed 105k on the clock, here is the big girl with the little MJ Here is another one of the truck, with the jetski hooked up from this past weekend. As of right now, the MJ has been killing me.. Having alot of trouble with the XJ to MJ harness, nothing seems to be working or going right with the truck. She's still got a little ways to go before i can get her on the trail, or atleast up and running. I have a friend from 4WP coming to give me a hand in the near future to see if she can get going.. As of this weekend, it's my 21st birthday... it's time to celebrate on Carolina beach!
  8. lol this picture is on the facebook page "I hate when i take my doors off my cherokee and the unibody folds in half" and it has a caption as "IT'LL BUFF OUT" Which i thought was hilarious seeing this photo under some one else's thread!! Btw, i love the build man, it's so awesome! I am extremely jealous, and i wish my comanche was running so i could join the awesome MJ club!!

  10. I have gotten most of the wiring in place, and plugged up. After bolting in the 93-95 XJ Fusebox into the comanche i realized that the main harness was WAY too big to be plugged up in the engine bay due to the fender well... Nothing i could really think of besides cutting a small box in the fender well to atleast get the main harness plugged into the back of the fuse box. So, i started cutting! Eventually i felt satisfied with the cut and the harness fit right in! It's all plugged up! I moved on to bolting the dash board completely in place, after visiting LKQ and getting myself the correct bolts, screws, nuts, etc to get this dash into place. with a little help from my buddies, a few curse words later, it was in place! I moved on to the fender/header panel removal.. Got those off, and now she's waiting on her new front end conversion! Also did a little "Test fit" with the 97+ header panel so see maybe what she'll look like with the sweet Jeep JK bumper. I just need to get a few things sold, to help with the cash funds, and hopefully she'll have her new panel/fenders & doors on!
  11. i only bought the interior panels for my comanche, i haven't bought anything else. i just posted this to the local guys of the forum.
  12. Alright man, hopefully we will head up there for rockvember... my manche is no where near done for it to be wheeled... but a few of my buddies have XJs, TJs, and a few 4 wheelers. we might head up there.. i shipped off for basic training on nov 20th, so i won't be around until next spring.
  13. I went to lkq today to pull a few wires from an xj and some dash board stuff.. came across a 87-88 MJ, has tail lights, bed, bench seat, clean interior, (I took a pillars, D pillars & most of the plastics) still a good dash, with a shifter on the steering wheel. jeep has around 243k i believe.
  14. dude this was an awesome build, i cannot get over how much work you have put into this truck. i am extremely jealous and hoping that some day i can do the dash swap also!! the jeep is so sick, i am in the raleigh area, and i got to URE quite often. i hope to see you there one day!
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