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  1. jeepdude89

    Rear Dana 44

    You’re welcome!
  2. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    No worries! The seats with the brackets have been sold already. Thank you for checking though!
  3. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    No, but I have another one just like it off an 88 XJ Laredo that I can do $75 shipped on. Please PM me if interested.
  4. jeepdude89

    AMC Jeep Factory LWB Long Bed Rubber Bed Mat SW MO

    Will do. Thank you!
  5. I have a factory AMC Jeep rubber bed mat for 1986 thru 1992 long bed Jeep Comanche MJ’s for sale. It is in good condition for its age. It includes the matching rubber tailgate mat and mounting screws and washers. I’m asking $300 shipped or I would trade for this exact style of mat for a short bed or I’d trade for a factory chrome rear bumper. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
  6. jeepdude89

    Fuel sending unit

    I have two from Renix era 4.0 long beds that I'd sell for $125 shipped each. Both are in good working condition. Please PM me if interested. Thank you!
  7. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    No-I was talking about the white pinstripes that run up on top on the rubber chrome strip pieces like on the MJ in the attached picture. I’m going to keep the rubber pieces on it. I’m actually needing the rubber with chrome in the middle piece for my drivers door as the PO melted a section of it when he dropped his torch while trying to unfreeze the door lock and the flame melted it.
  8. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    It is in good condition-no cracks or rips. Yes, it has the grey colored interior.
  9. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    The only way my MJ will leave the family is if I pass on and my wife or son doesn’t want it. It’s the most optioned MJ I’ve ever ran across: 4.0 5 speed 231 factory AC, bucket seats, full console, full gauges, dash clock, AM FM cassette radio, courtesy lights, fog lights, cargo light, carpeted rear interior panel, power windows and locks, leather wrapped steering wheel, tilt steering wheel, floor carpet, intermit wipers, sliding rear window, Underhood light, factory rear bumper and tow hitch. I’m keeping it mostly stock. The only mods I’ve done are replaced the clutch fan with another electric fan, converted to the HO open cooling system, locked the CAD in the D30 and installed a rear view mirror with built in compass and outside temp readout from an 02 Chevy Silverado. I’m thinking of installing power mirrors and an FM modulated 6 disc CD changer that I have as a spare for my 5.9 ZJ into it as well. I’ll add the Eliminator decals back onto it, but I think I’ll leave the 4x4 badges and white pinstripes that run along the bottom off as I don’t like the look of them.
  10. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    No they don’t. I don’t even try to repair them anymore if they have damage on the unibody. No matter how much work you do to fix them they just never are the same. This MJ got hit so hard that there is a crease going all the way up to the roof!
  11. jeepdude89

    2.8L V6 Intake Manifold & Carburetor

    I am located in Springfield MO. It's about three hours southwest of St Louis. I can ship it to you or if you'd like I could meet you in Lebanon MO so it would save you about two hours of driving. I'll be picking up the 86 MJ tomorrow morning, so I should have it available for you by the weekend.
  12. jeepdude89

    2.8L V6 Intake Manifold & Carburetor

    I’ll be picking up an 86 MJ shortly that has a running, but rod knocking 2.8 in it that I plan on swapping a camaro 3.4 and fuel injection into, so if you don’t find these parts within the next week or so I’ll have them for you then.
  13. jeepdude89

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    I actually bought it already wrecked, but yes the older gentleman and his wife who were in the MJ at the time of the accident survived with no issues. You can see my personal MJ in the background. It’s a red 88 Eliminator. 4.0 5 speed fully loaded-I’ll never let it go!
  14. jeepdude89

    ISO LWB Camper Shell - OKLAHOMA

    PM sent
  15. jeepdude89

    In need of Long Bed

    PM sent