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  1. Looking for one in decent shape
  2. anybody recommend a good way to bypass one of the fuses in my fuse block. The fuse controls the parking lights, dash and license lights. I cannot break loose the screws on the block to pull out the block. every time I pull out the light switch it blows the fuse. any help greatly appreciated.
  3. anybody have the small trim piece that goes above the side marker and mount to the header panel? need both sides. for 87 sport truck
  4. Anyone know if you can use the end caps from a xj on the comanche? also looking to replace the license plate light bezel
  5. Anybody have a recommendation for a clutch kit? Going in a 1987 4.0 4wd Comanche Sport Truck
  6. did you ever find the keys to the doors?

  7. rocklaser

    mj doors

    did you ever find the keys to the doors?
  8. rocklaser

    mj doors

    looking for both doors any year that fits. If new latch is required (newer XJ door) need those as well. need to be clean and functioning roll up windows. Be willing to ship to upstate NY 12804
  9. rocklaser


    12804 upstate NY
  10. rocklaser


    Need a reasonably good shape tailgate
  11. I was able to pull the inside weather stripping on the passenger window and with a very long and narrow flat tip screwdriver trip the locking mechanism inside the door. I also first soaked the hell out of it with PB blaster
  12. got the door open, appreciate all the feedback
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