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  1. Is that the passenger side of the console onder the dash?
  2. So, i just replaced my radiator and i have an automatic transmission which shifted fine before. I had to order a fitting because one cracked during removal, and the auto transmission lines to the radiator were "open" to air for a couple of days. I got the new radiator in fine with no leaks, but when i test drove it, the tranny does not want to shift out of first gear, and i don't seem to have second or third. I have 1st, reverse neutral . Is this a coincidence or......?
  3. Got a new set of Bosch off ebay under Volvo for 45 bucks....
  4. Went with csf 2572 will let you guys know how it goes, thanks for the input.
  5. This radiator says 1989-2001 and my MJ is an 87 Anyone know if it will fit mine, or what differences there are between an 87 and 89-01?
  6. The radiator in my 87 MJ is shot. I have watched several videos on replacing it, and have noted that the auto transmission connectors are different in some and require new hoses/connectors. I still have the original system with the overflow bottle on the firewall, and since i had no problems with it am planning to keep the original design. My question is what is the best aluminum radiator to use as a replacement for my original with no need to change hoses/connections? My MJ is a 4.0 with automatic. Thanks for your input in advance.
  7. My old original radiator overflow bottle was discolored, and had a crack in the top which had been repaired with glue by the P.O. , but it did not leak. I replaced it with a new Dorman bottle and now after the engine gets hot, steam and coolant leaks from around the cap even though i tightened it as much as i can. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Thank you, without my reading glasses i never would have found the "pin" and would surely have broken the replacement nozzle getting it out of the cowl. Hats off to you!!!
  9. So i replaced my wiper motor assembly and when i went to plug one of the washer hoses back in the little plastic fitting broke. I have a spare cowl with one good nozzle, so before i break it i just wanted to ask is there a certain way to remove the nozzle from the cowl?
  10. I need a drivers side sun visor for my 87 if anyone has one let me know.
  11. I still need a dash if anyone has one let me know.
  12. Mine came with factory chrome hooks, but the dam has been"deleted" . I would like to see a factory set-up also.
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