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  1. Thanks, i already did that, Cruiser is a godsend to all of us MJ owners.
  2. I looked at pics of the area where the ballast resistor is located, and my truck has 3 wires going to the grounding bolt there. 2 of them come out of the main wiring harness. If i am going to add a new resistor should i wire it in close to the fuel pump by the gas tank, and if so, how do i go about doing that?
  3. The fuel ballast resistor on my 87 has been deleted, and my fuel pump runs loudly all the time. My question is where are the wires that i need to find in order to put a resistor back in and quiet the fuel pump?I bought 2 new ballast resistors so i will have a spare, in case i have a problem. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  4. Thanks, i will remove mine and try that.
  5. Anybody know another one that will work?
  6. Where would you look for the bad ground?
  7. Looking for a good clear cargo light lens.
  8. I had issues with lights and blinkers and after replacing my right front parking light socket, my blinker "fuse/module" and parking lights fuse thought i had it figured out, but i still have an issue and i'm stumped. Everything is working, except when i turn on my right blinker ALL of my blinkers And my license plate lights blink. Any ideas would be entertained and appreciated.Thanks
  9. Did you take them off of a comanche? I have never seen any is why I'm asking.
  10. i am not sure, would someone else who knows chime in? how long are they?
  11. After Eaglescout was kind enough to decode my VIN i realized it had factory "box rails" Looking for some.
  12. Let me know when you do , thanks.
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