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  1. I originally wanted to replace the one that the temp gauge reads from but I’ve recently come across a new found over-heating issue and figure I might as well swap em both out while I’m at it. As for the one on the radiator that I keep reading about… it has looked like this since I’ve owned the vehicle (a little over a year)
  2. I’ve read everywhere how to decode the engine number near the distributor, but my engine number doesn’t exactly seem to follow the same rules or maybe I’m overlooking something simple (Most likely the case), but the number stamped on mine is 707M13 and all I’m trying to do is see if it’s the numbers matching engine for my MJ so I can decide to build it or just find one in better shape and have my fun with that one. Any and all help is appreciated!
  3. I have an ‘88 Comanche with the Renix 4.0L and it has the closed coolant system with no radiator cap and reservoir on the firewall. Where is the coolant temperature sensor located at on these? I tried looking through forums but folks seem to have the hardest time staying on track or not repeating the info that doesn’t apply to this system lol any and all help will be more than appreciated!!
  4. I figured out my problem and it was a dumbass use error 🤦‍♂️ I cut the blue wires to splice in my license plate lights but the left side wouldn’t reach so I taped that side up so they didn’t make connection while not in use, thus cutting off the circuit to the rest of that wire. I fixed it and have taillights and license plate lights now. Thanks for all the help!!
  5. The lights I have are two wire LEDs and I spliced red to both blues on one side and then black to black of course. Now that’s the side the light is out on. It would make sense that it could be a ground issue. I’ll check my bases and get back. Thanks!
  6. I did and lost the taillight on that side. Might’ve just blown a fuse, maybe?
  7. Ok, so I should’ve read this whole thread before trying to wire in license plate lights because now I don’t have a taillight on that side.. smh lol But at least now I know why! I would still like to know which wires will actually give me license plate lights since I don’t have much time to trace down every wire myself. It’s is my daily and I drive home from work in the dark so any and all help would be super appreciated!
  8. She’s beautiful! Way better shape than mine is but it came out of Colorado and sat for a couple years so it needs some serious love lol
  9. 1988 Jeep Comanche 2WD with Stock Dana’s 4.0L L6 OHV 12V 5-Speed Manual 119.6” Wheelbase Black with some body rust, maroon interior, bench seat, floor-shift, sitting on staggered gloss black TIS 546BM wheels; 20” front/22” rear Undergoing repairs and slow restoration but runs and drives Owned by me in San Juan County, NM
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