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    SC Wheelin, November Toy Run

    Mid-Carolina Jeepers and Quarry Town ORV park Toys 4 Tots Trip: November 17th Quarry Town 131 Rock Church Rd NW Greenwood, SC 29649 All are welcome to come so this will not be limited to club members. We want to be able to give the biggest donation we can. As usual please bring a $10-$15 toy per person for entry. This will cover entry into the park and lunch. We would like to have everyone at the park by 10AM so we can get all our waivers signed as a group. We will have two convoys leaving about 9AM from each location. If you’d like to follow please be ready to go by 9. First Location is Bill & Fran's Restaurant in Newberry and the other will be the Burger King/Family Dollar in Saluda.
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    Roll Call!

    92 Comanche Eliminator West Columbia SC
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    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I finally got my new AC condenser installed a few days ago, and the replacement line between the dryer & condenser is the wrong one.[emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] I finally got pissed, and had a line made for $30. Vacuumed the system, charged it up, and I got cold air! Well.....I got cold air from the defrost vents, so I gotta tackle that tomorrow. I'm almost positive it's the control panel now. I had done some vacuume system repairs previously, and verified that I had vacuume at the controll panel after repairs. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] So close, and just in time for the cold weather to start moving in!
  5. GreasemonkeySC

    One Week Anniversary Today

    That's about how it is for a long time. I've been quit since 2014, and I have days I could go burn one like I never stopped.
  6. GreasemonkeySC

    Jeremy's Radio Emporium

    If I was doing a straight up restoration I would be calling you today. I like gadgets to much. Guess the few years I worked for the local car audio shop stuck with me. BTW: I've got the OE radios from my son's 94 YJ, and my 92 MJ. They worked when removed. If you want them, let me know. I can stick them in a USPS flat rate box.
  7. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I know it's not cheap, but I'm going to all silicone vacuume lines. I've already done my TJ engine, and lines to the lockers. Cost me about $75 in total. All I've got left is to do my axle vents and transmission vent. Another $45 roughly. I've guesstimated the MJ at around $75-100.
  8. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Can you tell my over the rail toolbox is under the SofTopper? [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  9. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    The OE lights in the cluster just didn't light up the gauge very well for me. The green color is easy on my eyes. I used a dark red in my 03 TJ, and dark purple in the wife's JKU. The 94, and 01 wrangles will both get green as soon as I get to them. Oh yeah, a 215 is skinny for an MJ in my opinion. That's what was on mine when I got it. 215\55R15 highway tread. [emoji2961] I put 235\75s on it within a week or so. Much better, and fixed my speedo.
  10. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    So let me just clear it all up, and squash it! Me&my86MJ I apologise if I offended you, or you felt degraded by my comments. I in no way meant for you to feel judged, or that this wasn't a safe space. I'll refrain from offering my opinion or information to you unless you ask. Sincerely Greasemonkey Can we all sing Kumbaya & hug now?
  11. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Your eyes must be far better at focus from far to near than mine! I've never had any big issues with Wranglers. I've only ever had Uniroyal laredo's blow out repeatedly. I daily drive my MJ, but that's an average of 6-8mi daily. I don't run the interstate much, and when I do it's usually 4-5mi. Heavy rain, snow, flooding, mud, dirt...... is all done in one of the other Jeeps with far better tires. Oh, and I toss tires at roughly half tread.
  12. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    The green down take away from my outward visibility. It's the opposite for me. The white OE light was so dim I had to do more than glance down to see what my gauge were reading. White LEDs were to bright, when I looked at a set in a buddy's XJ before I did my LED swap. The green only gives a glow, and doesn't illuminate the entire cabin as the white. It's bright enough for me to see, but not distracting, or taking away from my vision. I don't have any traction issues in my truck with the Walmart wranglers. It holds the road just fine, and as I said...... If I need something with more traction I'll drive one of the 4x4s. Your assessment of minimal or adequate tire contact area is subjective at best. I didn't criticize him to begin with, but your doing a bang up job of criticizeing my choices! I tried to offer up better options for what he was trying to achieve based on what he posted. I'm sorry if it read badly, but it is the internet, and it's easy to mistake the tone as you read something. I might have made a smart @$$ comment about a $#!& box, but I was never nasty about anything. I've not defended anything other than the only example I gave him of an actual cold air intake! Oh and defend myself against your claims of knowing the brightness level of my gauge cluster, and the road manners of my truck.
  13. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I absolutely agree that the coffee can is better than nothing as a barrier to reduce moisture, dirt, or damage,but that's not what the original post was about. It was about a cold air intake. I was trying to give him some options that would give him actual cool air, and improve performance. That's not cool weather, that's freezing. So no I don't imagine the under hood temp wouldn't be terribly high in freezing weather. I guess I should have been more specific. Cool is a subjective term to define. BTW: My Walmart wranglers are perfect for a daily driver that will see nothing more than a little rain. If I need traction, there's a YJ, 2 TJs, and a JKU in the driveway. You should try the Green LED dash lights. They are far more easily seen at night, but not blinding.
  14. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I'm far from upset, were just holding a conversation. $#!& box is a technical term. I though you were a certified wrench turner? I've not given you a glimpse of my balls! [emoji16] I'm not sure you would be the same afterwards. [emoji23] I don't assume to know more than you, or know your life, as I can only attest to my own. I bet you got a bunch of papers to prove your smarter than me, and that's ok I make stupid work for me. [emoji16] I wasnt giving greif but guidance. Like my first post to you.......I only told you that I could give you several options that were better than what was pictured. I gave an example, and expanded upon that in my second post to you. Your intake being open, or housed is up to you. I can give you an opinion on what's better for what you do with it, but that's not where we're at. You stated that the pic was going to be a cold air intake. I just pointed out that it's in no way a cold air intake if it's pulling air from the engine compartment. It also isn't optimal to use metal in the intake, but I have some in my TJ due to necessity of location. In fact my TJ is rolling around with a bunch of the plastic flex tube from the mock up I did, and a year later haven't had the silicone tubes bent.
  15. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Just trying to help, not trying to tell you what to do. Cobble together whatever hot air sucking $#!& box you please! We're here to help each other, and bounce ideas off each other. I was merely trying to share some knowledge from years of experience, and actual flow testing of aftermarket & OE intakes. Actual life experience, not YouTube, or Google. But WTF do I know after doing performance work for years, and retiring as an Auto. Tech. after 25yrs. The pic you show appeared to be a metal intake tube. (Notoriously high heat soak.) The plastic coffee can air filter housing I can only assume is open on the end, or bottom. (Pulling engine compartment air is as far from cold air as you'll get! Average temp is well over 100°F every in cool weather.) You claim the OE intakes on later models have tiny tubes, hard bends, and restricted airways. (The or intake tube is far from perfect, but it's as I stated.... matching the flow rate of the OE throttle body's limits.) You can put a good high flow dry filter in an OE air box, with OE tube, wrap the tube with hood insulation, add a section of tube to the air box, and route it into the void between the fender, and wheel well. You will get actual cool air, from the outside, and at the max flow rate for the OE throttle body. I'm fairly sure your not going to engineer an intake beyond the limitations of physics using a plastic coffee can.