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  1. Who the F**k invited the clowns fishing? [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]
  2. You can do an Amazon search for "M10 1.50 shift knob" and get pages of results! I have the Hurst T-handle, OE fat head knob, aluminum ball, aluminum tall knob, and Dragon Ball Z #4.
  3. Added some pinstripes. Not sure I like them.....
  4. So jealous of that black interior!
  5. Started hunting for another freon leak! [emoji2959][emoji2959]
  6. Sunday I noticed a small coolant leak. Found a loose lower hose clamp, and fixed. Fire it up, fill it up, watch the constant stream from the water pump. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] I was cleaning up some grime on the rear of the intake manifold, and the motor stumbled! [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] Intake leaking! Today I replaced my lifetime warranty water pumpi just put on a few months ago. [emoji2959] After some inspecting, I find the 2 rear manifold bolts were not completely tight. Intake leak fixed! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji322][emoji322]
  7. I look forward to that info. If I'm gonna keep my truck as a DD, I've got some upgrades to make.
  8. That's the style. I was kinda thinking it was the 134a causing the issue. It's always hit or miss with 134a retrofitting on OE parts. I've been through lots of HVAC training over the years. None of them could ever convince me that using 134a in a system engineered for R12 wasn't going to cause issues. There's no mechanical issue I can find, so I'll deal with the slow initial cool down.
  9. [emoji3525][emoji3525][emoji849][emoji2369]
  10. AC went warm again! [emoji51][emoji31] After some searching I find this BS..... The low side cap I replaced was apparently deeper than the one that came with the fittings. [emoji849] Dug out the broke cap, checked the schrader's, leak tested again, filled system again! Has anyone noticed the AC in the MJ is slow to start cooling on start up? It needs to be driven a bit to get cold. Almost like the condenser isn't being cooled. I've been through the system, everything but the evaporator & high side hose is new. Vacuume leak test is good. I got no pings on my sniffer in the cab & under the hood, system has dye in it, pressures are normal, hose & condenser temps are normal. [emoji2369][emoji2369]
  11. While I was replacing my alternator the other day, I found the freon leaki had been procrastinating dealing with. So now....
  12. Decided to get back at that code #41. Finally found a test procedure got that fault code. Found an open circuit between the ignition & ASD relay. R&R ignition switch. $25 Continue testing, found faulty alternator circuit internally. R&R alternator $175 Test battery I had charging during the repairs. It failed! Install used battery I had around the shop. $0 Finally! She's back on the streets!
  13. My exterior door & ignition key are the same.
  14. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji23]
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