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  1. GreasemonkeySC

    Picking up a new hobby I've always wanted to learn!

    About 15yrs ago we had a welding related accident at work. The kid that was suppose to be doing the fab work was a moron! He had been doing allot of small jobs all evening, and had cutting slag all over the floor, accompanied by drops from making small cuts. He was busy welding a vertical filler of about 1\2in, and since he sucked at it, there was hot weld dropping off into the floor. The previous job he did had resulted in a half empty can of spray paint that he left on the welding table. As he was welding, he knocked the can off the table, it landed on a sharp piece of slag that punctured the can, and the dripping weld ignited the paint. It shook the entire building, and have him 3rd degree burns to everything that was exposed.
  2. GreasemonkeySC

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    Several years ago we got 1 of the SC HEAT cars as a prize. Gen 2 Charger. It was completely upfitted, and ready to roll. 1 week into service it starts blowing the fuses for some of the accessories. Here is the professional work I found in the console.... At that point I gutted the wiring, and started over!
  3. GreasemonkeySC

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    Oh I know they are just people, but that guy is one of those that doesn't come to the shop until it's dead! Parts have to fall off, or it not be drivable....
  4. GreasemonkeySC

    HVAC mode actuator location

    It's holding, so I have a bad control panel. Just have to verify with the gauge.
  5. GreasemonkeySC

    The Blue and Black Manche

    How fast do you need to sell it? I want it! I'm in Cayce, and can come look at it and time your free.
  6. GreasemonkeySC

    Picking up a new hobby I've always wanted to learn!

    I took a class in high school. It has been a highly valuable skill. I've built bumpers, skids, trailers, tire swings, and all sorts of awesomeness!
  7. GreasemonkeySC

    CB mounting?

    I mounted mine on the front wall inside the bed. I'm have to move it when I put my camper shell on.
  8. GreasemonkeySC

    HVAC mode actuator location

    Finally got time to install a temporary vacuume canister while I sort out the problems. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] BTW: still no vacuume leak, and mode stuck on defrost. [emoji53]
  9. GreasemonkeySC

    Um...... you're doing it wrong......

    This is a few years old, but I just ran across the pic. Police car comes into the shop, and it literally fell apart as I was pulling it in to check a rear end noise. Officer states the rear end is making noise after his last call ended with a high speed chase! Yeah, because that just happened on your last call.......[emoji52] Bearing failed, ground it's way through 3\4 of the axle shaft, and then the shaft broke.
  10. GreasemonkeySC

    Running hot & Over heating @ interstate speeds

    The pic of the wiring is only the lighting & siren control unit. I add the console, prisoner cage\dog kennel\swat gun vault, camera system, police radio, data transfer system, battery isolator, second battery, computer dock, GPS locator, electronic shotgun lock, and wireless refueling system. I do all of that along with fab work, mechanical repairs, supervise the shop, drive the car\truck\equipment wreckers, and every other job they have ever thought of!
  11. I spent the past 18yrs of my career with the P71 Interceptor. They do have some quirks, but very solid vehicles. I have a co-worker with a 98 P71 that has 345k on it. He drives 80mi round trip to work\home every day in it. It's been tweaked to the point he's getting 21mi per gallon. He also has an 04 P71 drag car. Twin turbo 5.4 under the hood. It's a freaking beast.
  12. GreasemonkeySC

    Running hot & Over heating @ interstate speeds

    All uploads are failing!
  13. GreasemonkeySC

    Running hot & Over heating @ interstate speeds

    I did run a new wire, and found the problem along the way. I found a repair by the PO, if you call it that. Kinda surprised the 18ga section of wire he placed in the middle of the harness didn't catch fire. Oh, no sir, when I say I'm going to run a new wire......I do it right. I removed the connector from the relay terminal, new wire gets an OE connector at the relay terminal. I cut the harness open every so often to pull a new wire through the harness, or run the new wire in loom along side the harness, and label both ends. When someone goes behind me, they can easily see what's been done. Just retired from 25yrs+ in the automotive field. Basic mechanical, basic fab work, but the past 10yrs have been primarily doing install & upfitting. Other than I wasn't allowed to trim & fit wire, this is some of my work.
  14. GreasemonkeySC

    jeep lighting mods...

    I've got knock off LEDs in me MJ and in my son's YJ. We didn't have factory DRLs, so I'll hook them up to a basic toggle under the dash, and to ignition. That will allow me to run the DRLs, or go dark when I want. Mine are kinda bright......