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  1. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Night time pic of bed lights
  2. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    RGB lights down the bed rails, and across the tool box. Connected to done lamp for now. And my new Comanche Club window decal!
  3. GreasemonkeySC

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Put the tail light panels in the drill press, and a little wiring later....... Side marker lights, and reverse lights.
  4. GreasemonkeySC

    WANTED: Original short-bed 6' bed liner (JEEP or COMANCHE)

    If you want it simply because it says Jeep, or Comanche there are options for you! I use to do lots of custom interior, and body work. I have made more raised, and inset relief panels than I care to think of. If your interested in a spray in bed liner, and have the same relief panels across the front wall that's fairly simple. Raised relief is the simplest. Go on eBay, grab ya a 12x24in 3\16in thick piece of HDPE. I scribe my designs, then cut by hand, but the suggestion I make to first timers is to spend the money and buy the $20 decal for the tailgate. Put the decal on the HDPE, cut out the letters, use a sander to bevel the edges, spray adhesive, or 2 side tape to attach to the bed panel, then have the bed liner sprayed over top of it. Instant raised relief custom bed liner!
  5. GreasemonkeySC

    Cargo Light

    Ok, I'm game! How bad is this gonna hurt?
  6. GreasemonkeySC

    jeep lighting mods...

    Finally done with my LED lights. New LED headlights, front marker bulbs, front park\turn bulbs, Rusty's tail light inserts & LEDs. I gotta do the interior lights, dash lights, and figure out a 3rd brake\cargo light.
  7. GreasemonkeySC

    Cargo Light

    I can't find a listing on that light any place. I'll go for an LED 3rd\cargo light, but I gotta find one I know will work before I cut on the body to mount it.
  8. GreasemonkeySC

    Full Gauge Swap Tip

    Oh yeah, I've made adjustments, but I'm far to impatient to wait on a power drill. I remove the gear cover, and manually roll the gears to the proper location. Little instant spot glue, and we're back in action.
  9. GreasemonkeySC

    Full Gauge Swap Tip

    I need to do this swap. The @$$ hat previous owner put a used gauge cluster in this truck. The actual milage is around 150k, but he didn't bother taking the time to correct the odometer reading to match the truck. It's shows 245k. [emoji849] Guess I need to start making a pull-a-part list!
  10. I'm not one of those toys it in the bed kinda guys. I don't l like heavy stuff rolling around back there, and I don't like light stuff flying out! I purchased a pair of Aluminum T-tracks 48" long, a pack of #8 drill tip screws, a 10 pack of stainless 1\4" thread lifting eye nuts, and 10 stainless 1\4" bolts. I screwed the tracks to the side of the bed rail, insert the bolt in the track, and screw the eye nut down. This have me 4' of adjustment on both sides of the bed and lots of loops to tie off, or bungee to. I'll eventually add a rail on the tailgate, and the back of my toolbox. Total cost was around $50 POWERTEC 71067 Double-Cut Profile Universal T-Track with Predrilled Mounting Holes, 48" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XSX88M9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_7tpiBb4ZDTMGR Stainless Steel T316 Din582 Lifting Eye Nut - 1/4" (10pc Set) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XMQWDTG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.BpiBbA83NBX9
  11. GreasemonkeySC

    Dumb Spare Tire Question

    I have all of my tools from my 99 suburban. I just threw the jack, and associated tools in the toolbox. Can't hurt to have a 2 ton jack with a much larger foot print.
  12. GreasemonkeySC

    SB tonneau

    Man that looks great! I'll likely get a cheap $115 eBay tonneau, and modify it. I just grabbed up a toolbox and mounted it today. Still want the tonneau, but it's gonna start at the box!
  13. GreasemonkeySC

    Front brake question, HVAC question.....

    Was that for my issue, or in reply to "coolwind" ? My issue is fixed!
  14. GreasemonkeySC

    Dumb Spare Tire Question

    I got a buddy looking for the jack & handle. I hear ya on the lug wrench. I use these.... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1JNZP0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_SnFgBb3J8S763 The telescoping handle comes in handy for using with the 36mm axle nut socket, and the nose is long enough to fit my snap on flip socket. I toss the cheap crap sockets it comes with.
  15. GreasemonkeySC

    Front brake question, HVAC question.....

    Found a pic. Yes it's usually the inboard side that wears because the majority of stress & motion is on the inboard pad from the caliper piston. I've had to fix my TJ twice in 135k.