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  1. Use a can of 3M spray adhesive #90. It will never happen again!
  2. Been busy lately. So busy I'm having to get my buddy to work on my MJ while I'm running my new business. So here's the list of repairs........ New control arms, bushings on the axle, ball joints, end links, fuel sending unit, motor mounts, spring & shackle bushings.
  3. And I checked today. Thermostat opens properly.
  4. Starting to think my new thermostat isn't opening fully.
  5. This is after a flush & fill with pre mix 50\50. Chem tested - no head gasket leak! Dash, thermostat housing, radiator cap. It's running 225° with the AC on at highway, or city speeds. If I try to tow my #800 trailer it runs up around 250°, with or without AC. It's never run this warm before. Just started yesterday. I don't understand WTF is going on.
  6. Recently replaced a failed water pump, and put in a new thermostat. Flushed & filled the cooling system. Everything went well until I towed a 1500 trailer down the interstate @ 80mph. 25 miles from home I notice the temp rise quickly, so I kill the AC. Temp doesn't drop, so I pull off to investigate. Temp is holding at around 245° with the E-fan constantly running. I let it sit & cool for a bit, then check coolant. I find a muddy rusty nasty mess in the radiator. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] I hooked the trailer to my wife's JKU, and back down there road I go. Temp holds at about 225°. We made it through family lake day, but just barely. Now I gotta flush it again.[emoji2959] Anyone know a good coolant additive for rust prevention? One that's not snake oil! The curious thing is that I have 2 TJ's, and a YJ. None of them have this issue, and I fill them with the same coolant & water.
  7. Who the F**k invited the clowns fishing? [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]
  8. You can do an Amazon search for "M10 1.50 shift knob" and get pages of results! I have the Hurst T-handle, OE fat head knob, aluminum ball, aluminum tall knob, and Dragon Ball Z #4.
  9. Added some pinstripes. Not sure I like them.....
  10. So jealous of that black interior!
  11. Started hunting for another freon leak! [emoji2959][emoji2959]
  12. Sunday I noticed a small coolant leak. Found a loose lower hose clamp, and fixed. Fire it up, fill it up, watch the constant stream from the water pump. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] I was cleaning up some grime on the rear of the intake manifold, and the motor stumbled! [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959] Intake leaking! Today I replaced my lifetime warranty water pumpi just put on a few months ago. [emoji2959] After some inspecting, I find the 2 rear manifold bolts were not completely tight. Intake leak fixed! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji322][emoji322]
  13. I look forward to that info. If I'm gonna keep my truck as a DD, I've got some upgrades to make.
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