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  1. It's working again. MSN did an auto news article on the Gladiator, tho in the end.. recommended the Comanche.
  2. Hmmm.. seems post may have been altered. Weird. Check it now. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/why-wait-for-the-gladiator-when-you-can-buy-this-jeep-pickup-today/ar-BBQLHQP?ocid=ientp Glad.. iator to have a Comanche.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/why-wait-for-the-gladiator-when-you-can-buy-this-jeep-pickup-today/ar-BBQLHQP?ocid=ientp
  4. I considered doing that. So far the Copper 90 elbows & adjustable bands are holding great. No leaking.
  5. I see. Heater bypass caps. Nice! Had I only known 15 yrs ago I wldn't have made a set out of aluminum. 😎
  6. ALL. I searched some to see if a write-up/post had been done on this topic. Didn't find one. Or I missed it. Here goes... Have a 20+ year old Comanche? Cherokee? Smell Anti-Freeze in the cabin? :o Anti-Freeze as we know is highly toxic to the human body. Breathing it can cause eye & respiratory tract irritation. My '00 XJ (250k mi) Heater Core has given up, but I don't have downtime to repair it just yet. I've made a temporary solution until I can swap out the entire box/assembly with new hardware. Today (day 1) it is 65 F degrees Dec 1st, 2018 and no loss of coolant. See photos for further details. I've done this on a Honda welding aluminum tubes together (I was bored), but this is by far easier and cheaper. I believe the Copper elbos we're $2.00 (US) each. The hose clamps are cheap too. Just solder the two Copper elbos together.
  7. Both MJ doors from my '88 (oem red) are available. Shipping most likely will be more than the doors. I'm in Birmingham AL. Thoughts?
  8. MJsNotDead


    https://westernmass.craigslist.org/pts/d/jeep-comanche-tailgate/6662988822.html Check this MJ tailgate near Albany NY. The price is high, but so is driving and shipping for something out of state.
  9. MJsNotDead

    mj doors

    I've two sets of MJ (red) doors for sale. Shipping out of Birmingham AL would be outrageous though. I'd suggest sourcing local or upgrade to XJ doors w/manual windows, and upgrade door sticker.
  10. I'll be chopping the top on my MJ, so I won't need this roll + light bar. I've always liked the oversized tubes though.
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