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  1. MJsNotDead

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    If it's weak, then make it STRONGer. If it's hot, then make it COOLer. If it doesn't fit, then MODify it.
  2. MJsNotDead

    1988 MJ Long Bed 4x4 - just bought

    4.0L runs and idles well after sitting for some time.
  3. MJsNotDead

    1988 MJ Long Bed 4x4 - just bought

    XJ floor pans driver and psgr side.
  4. MJsNotDead

    MJ LB Dual 24gal Tanks?

    You guys ROCK! :D Great suggestions and comments. Exhaust would be easy enough to customize. Options: 1) Turn it (shorten) out in front of the right rear wheel. 2) Turn it (shorten) out behind the right front wheel. 3) Go into the rail. This sounds bonkers, but it's just a 1 3/4" or 2" exhaust pipe. Those are just some ideas for now until I do it.. and I'm gonna. Cost would be anywhere from $100 (used junk yard price) to $400 all new OEM I'sd suppose. Why not, right? I've driven trucks w/dual tanks and LOVE it. I may 'bob' the Long Bed, so I'll have to keep all major components in front of the rear axle. I use to rebuild totaled (those that look like crumpled tin cans) automobiles, trucks, vans, etc.. so no worries w/the exhaist mods. Just curious how I'd rig it to switch while driving. I suppose I'll research some F250's w/dual tanks to see. Anyone local to Birmingham Alabama have a used 23.5-24 gallon MJ fuel tank or know where I can find one?
  5. I searched here.. though I've not yet found a discussion on adding an additional 23.5-24 gallon OEM fuel tank to a Long Bed. Anyone doing this? Any roadblocks? Seems there's ample space + welding on the hook-in brackets on the floor of the bed.
  6. MJsNotDead

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Really great idea with those seats!
  7. MJsNotDead

    1988 MJ Long Bed 4x4 - just bought

    Yes, it sure is. There's only a tad bit of rust in the floorboards. I've clean XJ floorboards to weld into it. Should have some new photos end of the month.
  8. MJsNotDead

    Roll Call!

    MJsNotDead '88 MJ 4x4 LB (Bought 6/9/18) '00 XJ 4x4 Classic. 3" Lift. '00 XJ 4x4 Sport. 3" Lift. IT/Engineering. Mechanical. Automotive. Aviation. Everything Else. Birmingham, Alabama
  9. MJsNotDead

    My 88/97 1 Ton Comanche

    Beefy Rig!!! Interesting combination of mechanics.
  10. BIG PLANS!! Bought this June '18. My 2nd MJ. My 1st w/a title. :) This '88 needs 5spd trans and rear axle/spring debacle 'fixed' for starters. First things first. I hope to be posting soon a lot of OEM parts off this one. MJ to XJ conversion pending... spare time. I have all I need from two ('99 & '00) XJ's. STOKED!!! I'll keep the posts going as my MJ takes shape. Thanks!!
  11. GREAT looking MJ Sport! I've seen one other like this, but white.