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  1. I would also be interested in a set of these. My 2nd "driver" is a '99 Dakota Sport, and the 40/20/40 seat is extremely comfortable! Please keep me posted!
  2. I have an ongoing issue with my truck not cranking after rain or even high humidity. After I open the hood and let the sun dry it out, it cranks perfectly! Other than refreshing connectors/grounds, do you have any other suggestions? (i.e. Is there a good way to waterproof my connections?)
  3. Just a quick question in relation to connector refreshing. In addition to the other steps covered, would a good dielectric grease be advisable?
  4. My question is: can I use the '00-'01 factory 4.0l two piece exhaust manifolds on my stock '89 in place of my factory one piece manifold? No pesky emissions hooplah in my state, and willing to run dual exhaust. Will this work?
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