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  1. Year and engine would be helpful for correct diagnosis You can add the info in your signature so that you don't have to put it each time. Link in my signature on how to do it
  2. jdog

    NOS Parts

    that sucks, very unfortunate and with that news
  3. jdog

    power antenna

    yeah, I kinda miss it, and it will fit in with the interior I'm installing. I haven't seen a power ant. on a new vehicle in a long while, its either stubby or a standard (and that's usually on a chrysler)
  4. jdog

    NOS Parts

    got anymore surprises coming?
  5. jdog

    power antenna

    WTB power antenna assembly
  6. jdog

    90 MJ Part Out-WI

    not so much gross as much as incorrect vehicle. interested in ecm if available
  7. @eaglescout526 might have a set
  8. that carpet brightens things up a bit, looking good
  9. because you couldn't stand to see another one go to the crusher
  10. no worries, classifieds open up at ten posts. good luck with your search
  11. @neohic @Eagle @Pete M Please move to classifieds
  12. ok, verify the battery is good, just because its new doesn't mean its good, you'll have to do a amp draw test to figure out whats staying on. another thing could be either a mis-adjusted ignition switch or a bad key tumbler thats allowing the key to be removed in the acc. position.
  13. with 10 posts now you should be able to post in the wanted section/ look in the classifieds
  14. OK let's clear this up, what exactly are you wanting to know, is it the battery dies or is it the vehicle doesn't start?
  15. @Pete M @neohic@Eagle Please move to proper Area Welcome, hard to say with that info and no pictures
  16. jdog


    Correct VIN: 1J7FJ26S4NL192909 BUILD:2/4/92 BODY:JL61 APAS Monotone Paint BAPS 75 Amp Alternator BCCS Maint. Free Battery BGAS Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes CUMS Mini Floor Console DHNS Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System DJHS 230MM Front Axle DMMS 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio DRJS Dana 35 Wide Rear Axle GACS Tinted Glass Windows
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