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  1. Got the upper bushing out. Having all the steering linkage out really Helps steering linkage is all painted up and assembled ready for installation! v8 zj tie tod Is a big boy compared to the flimsy stock one !
  2. Sigh.. was under it yesterday and saw that the passenger upper control arm bushing on the axle side worked Itself out. Totally not a job I ever want to redo. Thankfully the steering linkage is out of the way right now which might make it easier. On better news I got the new tie rods painted.
  3. Installed actual Ax15 crossmember but forgot to take pictures . Everything lined up beautifully except for the last hole which was a pia but finally got it through. All my new steering parts arrived alongside new front shocks and steering damper. Made a little bit of progress yesterday and got all the old steering linkages knocked out. Thankfully nothing fought back to bad. Took a couple of hits and everything came out nicely. I'm going to be upgrading to the v8 zj tie rod while I’m at it. will update when everything is installed
  4. When is that meet and great scheduled for ?
  5. Let us know what techniques work for you guys , I remember being so disappointed after completing the job and having it leak oil still
  6. Wheel caps are also ready to be installed. wish the stickers on them were in better shape but it’s better than nothing
  7. When I did the Ax15 swap I had originally reused the ba/10-5 crossmember with some nuts between the “frame” and the member. I recently acquired a Ax15 crossmember so I went ahead and cleaned it up and threw a few coats of amc blue on it before I install.
  8. I know It hasn’t been top priority but I do eventually want to begin looking for a chrome rear bumper , if I don’t end up finding an oem eventually I’ll probably go with a fey aftermarket. Still want to finish my front suspension . Next up is installing new tie rods.
  9. Got the front flaps installed. also masked off the center caps and applied of few coats of primer before paint tomorrow.
  10. Going too touch up the original front amc mudflaps that came with this truck and get them ready to reinstall them.
  11. Got the rear drums installed , test drove , washed undercarriage from any spilled brake fluid and stared at it. Feels good to finally have a working parking brake after almost 8 years
  12. Took her out to pick up some supplies to get my 87 back together. Really love the patina. here’s a pic
  13. both drums are done , adjusted and brakes a bled. Currently waiting for last coat of paint to dry on drums.
  14. Been running it on my zj for a year already. Engine sounds amazing for 200k+ , although it does burns some oil
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