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  1. Really ? Like what ? Working at Honda as a tech I also get to see all the issues that the new cars tend to have. I know
  2. My 87 has it , unfortunately my 88 wasn’t ordered with a rear bumper and now has a few so not sure about that one. maybe it was Chrysler cutting costs after they acquired amc ? It seems like the older renix era jeeps had cooler interiors with more chrome etc
  3. Got my parts on Tuesday , beyond happy with them really cool and honest to work with ! If only you weren’t so far away I’d get more things
  4. Made sure to clean the fuse block connector to avoid any future problems. put it all back together, everything is working as it should
  5. Well I knew my fuse block wasn’t In the best shape. I’ve been putting this off since I bought the truck 2 years ago so I finally ordered some fuse pins. Taking apart the fuse block wasn’t to bad. This fuse connector was done for. This one is for the brake lights. I’m currently working little by little. It gets really hot here in Vegas pretty quickly and I work on it during dawn and sunset. ill keep updating this. I need to replace the other pins on the fuse block and I will update with the finished product
  6. Did you replace the battery ? Or just Charge it ? I went through this last week , I though my wife’s wj had a parasitic draw but it was just the battery that was bad. I took it to work , hooked it up to the fancy Honda battery charging tool and the battery only charged up to 11.9v. Let the battery sit all day at work unplugged and by the end of the day it was at 4.3 volts
  7. Drive it around for a while and let the computer relearn , my wife’s wj did that when the battery went bad last week
  8. Now what I have to do now, i still need to: -address the rear pinion seal seepage (sigh) -Fix the leaking trans cooler hose (easy) - Check if it’s the weep hole that’s leaking from the water pump, or if it’s just the lower radiator hose that’s seeping -unclog the hvac drain tube I just detailer her yesterday , and man , it cleans up really good , had to wax that nice blue finish.
  9. Haven’t done much to it , I replaced the two piece sunroof trim with a one piece rubber piece from a newer wj from the junkyard old two piece trim Then this is the newer style one piece seal I also replaced the special quadradrive transfer case fluid. The fluid was really dark and dirty , I’m not sure if it was ever changed before me Since I had bought the Jeep , one thing that bothered me was the way the door panels fit,. I ordered some new clips from eBay and all is good now last thing I did was also replaced the stretched throttle cable that had been bugging me. Luckily I scored this mopar cable for 20$ no picture of the new cable Installed but you get je picture
  10. Make sure to post pics when you get it ! The drivers leather is staring to get worn on my wife’s wj and I want to keep it looking pristine
  11. Nice to see another Vegas memeber On here
  12. Went the the jy yesterday and finally snagged up the towing package fan. I’m happy With this upgrade , one thing I absolutely love about older jeeps is that you can bolt on parts from better jeeps. This fan took 20 minutes to Bolt on and now I have more peace in mind and the a/c seems to blow even colder now which is always a plus ! I also think it’s funny how Chrysler just used the same gauge cluster from the limited v8 in the limited 4.0. We all know that the red line isn’t that high on the 4.0
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