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  1. Fire4755


    Anyone have any stock shackles they can part with? Not looking for lifted. Just used OEM take offs.
  2. Hey so its been a while since Ive posted on here but I got rid of my TJ about 2 months ago to free up some funds and a month later got an XJ. Its a '95 Country with the 4.0 Auto and the girlfriend has named him Eugene. Well here's the day I picked it up. and this is the interior It had but this isn't my picture. Since I got it I have had a good bit of work on my hands. I went to OBX beginning of the month and knew I wanted to bring it so I had to beat the clock. With that in mind I had the Jeep Shop throw a 3" Skyjacker lift on for me to save time, not to mention I couldn't really do it at my townhouse easily, and then I got to work on my days off. I mounted 31" Extreme Countries, new front pads, rotors, and a caliper, new exhaust manifold (which I now have to redo because the gasket it came with leaks now), Tow hitch, trim off the front lip, add cup holders and prolly some little stuff I forget. While we were down there the hurricane hit and I ended up being the only one in my family who could leave the house. I had it up to the doors in water..... Now that Ive been back I took off the roof lights and mounted a light bar, had the interior hydro dipped, and fixed the wiring for the cargo light. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I'm going to be adding a lund visor, front D rings mounts, and extending the roof rack with some rear lights. Also have to do front axle seals so I'm gonna throw an aussie locker in while its apart. Couple other plans for the winter is new floorboards up front, frame stiffeners, mount a rotopak where the stock spare was, Sway bar disconnects and YJ brake lines, and eventually an 8.25 with an LSD. Basically the plan for this jeep is be an awesome DD that can handle the roughest winter or dirt road I can find. I will be wheeling it but its not going to be a hardcore crawler by any means.
  3. For sale or trade. 1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer, Auto, 5.0L V8, Soft and Hard tops. Truck has 13x,xxx on it. It is not inspected but it passed emissions. To pass it needs some welds on the frame cross members, as well as a front brake, 4x4 button (its push button 4x4 with locking hubs), and rear leaf mounts. It is my second vehicle and just don't have time for it so my loss is your gain. I was offered 6K before it's inspection ran out so do not try and low ball me. I know the value of it and I'm already asking less then half of what it is worth so if you have a welder you have can have a sick new toy. I just had the transmission gone over at Cottman and also just put on new warn hubs. It does have body rust above the rear fenders but I painted it black to slow it and have the panels to fix it. They come with the truck as well. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/3150800902.html
  4. I'm definitely interested I may still have my bronco by then which won't have any problems there but well see how it goes. Let me know 4847985626
  5. WTB 4.O 5 speed 4x4 MJ in PA area. Prefer red cause I miss my old red one but any color is ok. Let me know what you have cause Its time to get back into a comanche. Jamie
  6. Man it looks incredible. I'm so jealous and can't wait to get myself another one now that my job situation has finally improved. Hope to see it and go wheeling with you if your down.
  7. So jealous thats exactly what I wanted to do and an to do the cut on my next manche if I find one
  8. I know I miss it and I'm buying a f350 so I need a real offroad truck haha
  9. So happy to see it man I can't wait to see it lifted and offroadin. FYI me and some guys are goin to rausch on nov 18-19 if u wanna come
  10. The title says it all I want a 4x4 short bed 4.0 5 speed. Has to be driving. Rust isnt really a big deal because its gonna be a strictly off road toy.
  11. I have one for 125 in PA, viewtopic.php?f=24&t=29860&p=299914#p299914
  12. Fire4755

    3.07 rear end

    i have one in PA for 125
  13. anyone want anything everythin is still for sale and i need it gone I'm broke please no good offer will be refused.
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