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  1. got the rear axel pulled, lift is on its way. now to just order the gears, then install! going to be road worthy not too long from now!

  2. Both the pinion and ring gear are missing teeth, and two of the spider gears are missing teeth, and two are just plain missing (shattered) :rotf:
  3. 1989 Jeep Comanche 4.0L in-line 6, Manual 4wd, rear axle d35 3.08 Located in Wisconsin Still drives but for now only in 4wd Exterior: purple, Interior: Dark red w/ bench, Floor shift
  4. Waunakee Highschool, Waunakee, Wisconsin The ring gear and the pinion gear are both missing teeth and don't spin freely also, one of the spider gears shattered and the carrier is damaged from the bits and pieces being churned around in the diff. like a blender, :laughin: Thank you for your generosity, the truck is 4wd, we tried to locate a replacement axle by calling almost all of the junkyards we could find in our state and have had no luck with this 3.08 ratio. We have contemplated the cherokee axle swap but none of us are confident enough in our welding skills to guarantee the welds
  5. The main problem we are currently trying to resolve is that several years ago former students took the truck for a joyride during winter, did doughnuts in the school parkinglot, and blew out the rear diff. We have been trying to source a new axle assembly and the only axle (dana 35) with the proper ratio (3.08) and the closest one we can find at a junkyard is in Iowa.
  6. We are three highschool students with a yearlong project of fixing our school's autoshop truck. We have made a fair bit of progress and we joined this forum to find answers to Comanche specific questions and to keep track of our progress.
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