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  1. Maybe some of those are to blame for all the containers stuck in the ships in LA? Lol
  2. Those bolt holes are there to accomadate different motor, transmission, and/or transfer case combinations that were available. Just find the 8 holes that line up for your application and bolt it in.
  3. 3m roloc discs are great. However they will throw junk everywhere. Not ideal for pan gasket on the block.
  4. NEVER swim with your top on.....
  5. are those poly mounts or rubber? Looking good couple more hours you should have it buttoned up.
  6. Always start bleeding at the furthest point from the master cylinder. If you still have a rear proportioning valve on the rear diff, the only way you will successfully bleed the system is to follow the MJ specific procedure. Any other method will result in trapped air in the system.
  7. I don't plan to wheel it, so crawl ratio isnt that much of a deal to me. And not plans to go bigger. Its just my daily so I think 4.10 will be the ticket.
  8. I don't think I want to go that far down the rabbit hole pete.
  9. How will it run down the interstate with 4.10's? I would like to be able to do 75 without destroying it. Lol
  10. Should i also buy a second set for the pinion too?
  11. Ok ive got an update. Tore it down part way today. It doesnt seem to have any shims on the carrier. Didnt pull the pinion yet. Here is some puctures of what I found. Spider gear damage.... No noticeable damage to the ring gear.... And then there is the pinion..... And I'm not sure about this. Appears to be rtv..... Edit: Current shopping list: Front master rebuild kit New gearset for front to match rear Rear master rebuild kit New gear set for rear Limited slip unit for the rear Any suggestions on gearing would be welcome. I currently have 3:55's and find it anemic on the hills. I am contemplating 3:73 or possibly 4:10. Don't wanna loose the highway driveability as this is my daily. Currently running 31's with no intention of going any bigger. Suggestions on limited slip?
  12. I have done a few over the years. I simply pull the rear main and push the seal out. Sometimes it takes a little persuasion to get it atarted moving but should slide out fairly easy.
  13. The only oil gaskets I have left to change are the dizzy and oil filter adapter. So far no leaks from either. It had taken about 3 cases of degreaser to get to where I am over the years but am gaining on the leaks. The pan gasket was for sure leaking and the rear main was rock hard and had to be leaking. So no loss either way. It has already been changed but the truck is out of commission for other problems.
  14. I like the look of a winch in the factory bumper. What mount did you use?
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