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  1. I can't tell what brand it is but that's a "lunchbox" locker. It's a spring loaded automatic locker. It will clunk as you go around corners. That is normal. Different brands sound different.
  2. Bench seats are more versatile. Comfort varies between people and everyone is different. For me, the MJ will be a dedicated rock crawler. My butt prefers the buckets for long stretches of time. And the harness works better with a bucket seat. So that's the direction I'm going.
  3. For what it's worth, I'm planning a serious rock crawling build with 1 ton axles and 40" tires and I'm going to keep leaf springs out back. Flex is important but you can have too much of a good thing.
  4. Nobody makes any bolt on kits. So you have to custom build your own parts. That involves welding.
  5. This. The closer we get to full vaccination the better. Fewer people getting it means fewer mutations. Not only that, the more herd immunity we have the better for people who can't take the vaccine.
  6. An old high school friend has GBS and got his shots. They just had him in observation to make sure he didn't have a flare up. He didn't so they let him go and he's fine. YMMV
  7. It's that big company that takes a bunch of money and then refuses to pay for damages when you get in an accident after blaming you for it all. Yeah, like I was supposed to know that I was going to land short of the ramp on the other side of the river...
  8. With enough fabrication and money you can do anything. But why downgrade what you already have? If the AW4 is bad, get it rebuilt. That will cost less money, take less time, and be better than the 42re or 42rle.
  9. Yeah, it gets better as you get older. Needles used to bug the hell out of me but not so much anyore. Don't psyche yourself out ahead of time. When you're sitting waiting for the person to inject you, don't watch. Chat about something else and before you know it, you're done.
  10. Get off my lawn ya darn kids!
  11. An AX15 is a better trans than the T5. It's stronger and good for a small block V8. Adapting the transfer case to the trans will take some work if you stay with the T5. An AX15 from a Jeep just needs a bellhousing for the Ford. If you go with a Ford automatic you can get something like an F150 donor and keep the engine/trans/tcase combo.
  12. Should fit fine. It'll require some custom work, like coolant hoses and exhaust. Wiring will take a bit of effort but it isn't rocket surgery. Carb or EFI? What transmission? 2wd or 4wd?
  13. The US has passed 100 million fully vaccinated. That's not quite 1/3 of the population. But the rate of problems popping up from the vaccine seems to be well below 1%. Still, there is plenty of anti-vaxer nonsense circulating out there. https://apnews.com/article/ny-state-wire-coronavirus-health-1b7dd49a70a5232dca0cf2431d4da7b3
  14. I run 265/75R16 tires on my XJ which are about 32" I have 4.56 gears and really like them. They're good overall. Good around town and not too much on the interstate.
  15. The kind that makes the joke work.
  16. I had a girlfriend who hated climbing up into my Jeep on 35s. She said either the Jeep goes or she does. I do miss her sometimes.
  17. It depends on the locker. A picture of the differential with the cover off would help identify which locker it is.
  18. Round 2 with a sheet of ABS plastic. The lights fit a little better but there's still a hair of adjustment I want to make on the gauge positions.
  19. Got my second Phizer shot yesterday morning. Felt a little bit achy late yesterday afternoon. But I'm feeling better this morning.
  20. What it comes down to is one simple fact. Knowing you're right isn't the same as being able to prove you're right. A lot of people who were right have lost in the courts because proof is a lot harder than knowing.
  21. There's lots of documentation online of people using a divorced NP205 backwards in the frame. You run the driveshaft to the 205 tail shaft. The "front" of the case faces back to the two axles with 2 yokes, one for each axle. In essence you are using the 205 as a splitter.
  22. Too old to be a Darwin candidate. He's probably already passed on his genes to the next generation.
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