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  1. Yeah. It was easier to install the bolt in the opposite orientation. Cool thing about bolts... they are reversible ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Haha. It's all good! I'm still thoroughly happy with my outcome. The hitch has been infinitly useful
  3. Yeah I dunno... beats me... it had to do with my Bumper brackets... as they get towards the leaf mount they flange out to kinda sandwich the bracket and bolt on the bottom and side of frame... these are the best pictures I could just get.
  4. Old master/booster finally died. Installed a 1998 ZJ dual diaphragm unit. Install was straight forward. Reused the ZJ booster, master and distribution block. Everyone always talks about the 95/96xjs.... But NEVER have I found anything about a ZJ, which i find are far more plentiful. Unit was a direct bolt in, even came with the aluminum spacer like the 95/96. And was able to keep washer fluid in factory location. Unit has Two lines coming off of it. With built in flexhose. So bending/making new lines is easier. Cut off original oddball ends and flared two standard 3/16 flares into existing line. Installed one T block for the front lines and connected rear line direct. Shaft fit perfectly onto my factory 91 pedal. Only real modification necessary was making a 1/4" or so standoff on the pedal arm to reach the factory brake switch. In which I just tightened a hose clamp around the pedal arm that then presses the switch when it's at rest.
  5. That's how the factory made the hitch๐Ÿ‘ I just copied it. But thank you!
  6. No issues. I just unclipped them so they hung down slightly. And then also wrapped them in wet towels just for reassurance.
  7. I love the 5 pin/7blade combo units. great investment to not have to deal with adapters
  8. beds kinda trash, didn't bother me to drill through bondo.
  9. slash cut? like a miter tip? I thought about it. this is just one of the screw clamp chrome tips, so I can swap out whenever. I don't have a pic of under right now, but its just the muffler to a 90* elbow to a 45* and straight out between the frame and bed.
  10. old exhaust rotted off... didn't feel like trying to source a full cat back system. so I made a side exhaust... kinda weird, but its dfferent. I like it.
  11. personally, I think matte tan is over rated... atleast here in new England, every beat XJ and their mother paints there truck rustoleum spray can tan, I can't stand it.
  12. if hellbent on tailgate mount, I would cut an access hole on the "inside" of the tailgate and mount outward. thenjust make a screw/bolt on access cover for the back hole you cut. leaving the outter body work perfect and original.
  13. lift shackles made for the jeep Cherokee XJ will fit on an MJ. but they will just measure 1" less lift then advertised, as the MJ factory shackles are already 1" longer then factory Cherokee shackles.
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