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  1. Or you can plug the overflow and keep running a closed system. I am using a 16-lb cap.
  2. The 231 drain plug is 12mm/12point. This is according to my transfer case.
  3. 10mm...use a small ratcheting box end for best results.
  4. Looks like ROL to me. I have same covers.
  5. I'm surprised I thought Redline MT would come in 946ml containers. US Quart
  6. It gives the MJ that International Harvester look. Anybody remember those?
  7. Those block heaters loosen up over time and need to be retightened. Just look for the coolant crust forming around the perimeter. I usually do that at every coolant change and use a little plumbers grease on the O ring. Use a Volvo cap (NAPA p/n 703-1396) on your Dorman bottle or the original French Cap (Lyon France Renault spec) if you still have it. Eventually you will probably go to the Macs aluminum can, and with that you can run open or closed. I prefer closed as it runs a little cooler and its a Euro thing.
  8. My original bottle (French) lasted 20 years, replaced with a Dorman... lasted 5 years and cracked. Now running a Macs aluminum going on 8 years and all OK on a closed system.
  9. My 88 eliminator came standard with buckets, standard eliminator trim and 2 wheel drive only.
  10. Thanks for the info, I pushed up and pulled on one side and it released from its plastic clip and the other side followed.
  11. Well I am trying to remove the upper cover on the seatbelt B pillar to expose the torx bolt and don't want to break the old AMC plastic cover. It has no center button like the Chrysler ones. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. no more cracked plastic bottles, engine runs a little cooler.
  13. Thanks for the info...I was wondering what was growling down there when I used the door. Tried lubing the slider to no avail. Going to have to get inside the door and lube the spring before it explodes.
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