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  1. Thanks for the info, I pushed up and pulled on one side and it released from its plastic clip and the other side followed.
  2. Well I am trying to remove the upper cover on the seatbelt B pillar to expose the torx bolt and don't want to break the old AMC plastic cover. It has no center button like the Chrysler ones. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. no more cracked plastic bottles, engine runs a little cooler.
  4. Thanks for the info...I was wondering what was growling down there when I used the door. Tried lubing the slider to no avail. Going to have to get inside the door and lube the spring before it explodes.
  5. Coolant is 1/2 inch off the floor cold right now, I like to keep it around 1 inch last checked approx 90 days ago. Thats about a 1/5 of the tanks capacity so lots of room for expansion.
  6. Thats probably the best and most economical route to take considering the price of the Macs. I must admit I'm getting a bit of coolant squeezing past the 15 lb rad cap when the ambient temperature is above 30C (86F) as I have the overflow blocked. I think an overflow bottle is in my future too.
  7. The original from Lyon France lasted 20 years, replaced with OEM crown that lasted 5 years. Now running a Macs aluminum in a closed system, going on 5 years and no problems. This one should last till the end of my jeep life...
  8. According to http://www.car-part.com/ looks like theres a used one in Campbell River...
  9. The original french surge bottle (Lyon, France) lasted 20 years, then I replaced it with a Dorman bottle copy of the original; it only lasted 5 years...chinese junk but cheap. Finally broke down and bought a Mac's Radiator aluminum surge tank... pricey but probably the best thing out there. This tank will probably outlast the jeep and me. http://macsradiatorshop.com/surge-overflow-tanks/replacment-jeep-radiator-fill-tanks-366.html
  10. velco

    Later Guys...

    Thanks cruiser for all your help...you are well appreciated by all the jeep nutz
  11. I'm running Amsoil 75w90 in both my BA10/5s...nice and smooth and shifts well in the cold of winter.
  12. What triggers the useless upshift indicator on the renix as it seems to be related to engine RPM?
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