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  1. Do you guys know the correct rubber mount I need to buy? I am going to replace that when i fix this issue. I have seen some that have offset studs and ones that don't.
  2. Well that's good to know. I was thinking it was the wrong one completely. And I had just found another 2.5 with the ax4 a guy was parting out and it had the same bracket too. Really confused me lol.
  3. Ok. Wish the junk yards around here had one. I've searched and searched trying to find parts for this thing everywhere.
  4. Is it possible to get more info on the mount plate. Does anybody remanufacture them? Has anybody else made there own? What exactly is the part called? Anything will help. This problem is putting me through the ringer. I just want to get the truck done so I can drive it.
  5. Iron


    Yeah I thought that was a little odd.
  6. Iron


    That is very cool that you can do that. Thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks! Will the info be sent to me on here or emailed or.. sorry I'm new to using comancheclub.com
  8. Thanks for posting that Pete I couldnt figure out how to post pics on here with my phone.
  9. I just posted vin in registration. Will somebody run it and contact me with all the info?
  10. Iron


    1990 2.5 short bed 2wd dana 35 all stock. Currently restoring.
  11. It's a 1990 2.5 liter is all I know. I was trying to figure out how to post my vin. Do I go to registry and select new topic and put all the info in there then post?
  12. Ok guys having trouble finding info about this problem. I am trying to find the correct mounting plate that goes underneath the trans. All I know is the truck was originally a automatic and they swapped it with this four speed manual. In the pictures you can obviously see that it is not the correct bracket, bolt holes don't line up correctly and they tried to put a bolt in one that didnt line up all the way and cross threaded it and just left it. This is how I got the truck. Pictures of the correct bracket, links, dimensions of a bracket to build, etc would be greatly appreciated. I am having so much trouble figuring this one out. (Couldnt figure out how to post pictures off my phone on here.)
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