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  1. Could you send pictures of this carpet piece?
  2. Could you send pictures and price
  3. I am in Seymour indiana.
  4. I am in need of the rear trim behind the seats for a 1990 red/maroon trim comanche.
  5. Iron

    Dash Clocks-SC

    Alright send me your info and I'll send payment. I use PayPal I know there is some sort of fee when I send money just found that out want me to just add a few extra bucks to make up for that.
  6. Iron

    Dash Clocks-SC

    Ok how much for the 90 model and shipped to seymour indiana?
  7. Iron

    Dash Clocks-SC

    I would like to install one of these on my 1990 comanche. it is a base model that came without one is this possible? Do you know if there is a connector for it behind the dash one comanches that came without them? Thanks
  8. How much for the top one with the cassette player?
  9. I am interested in the wiper relays. This is the relay/fuse that goes in the bottom of the fuse panel correct?
  10. I am looking for some tow hooks and brackets to put on my 1990 comanche.
  11. How much for the bump stops?
  12. Wow I did not know they do that. Are you ok with that? I will make it right if its a problem.
  13. Thank you very much. And paypal fees?
  14. Sorry buddy ou didnt message back for awhile I just get nervous using PayPal paying someone I don't know. This is only my second time using it. I work very hard for my money.
  15. Ok I'll probably take it. It will be shipped to seymour indiana. Would like to know shipping cost first. And I want to wait and find out if this other guy on here that I just paid for a part is going to take my money and run lol hope not.
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