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  1. I was wrong -- miscounted the horizontal lines. They're Laredo (with one of them trimmed down). The Mopar accessory strip has 8 horizontal lines but is the same with as Laredo style (the horizontal lines are narrower on the Mopar accessory strip.)
  2. I think those are the Mopar Accessory MJ side moldings. Close to laredo
  3. I haven't purchased from them, but they seem to sell new splash shields for the 4.0L https://www.detroitmuscletechnologies.com/jeep-xj-94-01-cherokee-lower-alternator-radiator-splash-shield-10-clips/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxtaBob-C7AIV-yCtBh1O6Ag7EAYYASABEgJW-PD_BwE
  4. I had originally purchased Clayton, but it wasn't done as well as the Barnes kit.
  5. Getting there on the instrument cluster project -- for roll bar lighting indicator on/off. I cut to the necessary size an XJ fog/ defroster switch pod. The plan is to plastic weld this to the backside of the gauge cluster overlay back side. As mentioned before, I will need to round out the speedometer gauge at the bottom so this little light-pod triangle fits. Also was able to drill out a properly centered hole in the gauge cluster hole for this indicator light. Paint to come. Finally, out of harms way I drilled a hole in the instrument cluster main body to fit the factory indicator light wiri
  6. Yep, thanks. I understand how it can be done. I just like things OEM or as close to OEM whenever possible. Just was informing other crazies like me on the forum.
  7. Back in 2017 I had a local-ish custom auto glass shop build me three Comanche specific lightly tinted tempered solid across the back of cab glass for my trucks. First time test-fitting with factory glass seal. Perfect fit. Going through everything that needs to be test-fit prior to paint.
  8. Gjeep

    SWB Roll Bar

    I have one up for sale. Shipping would be fun.
  9. The factory tabbed track bar nut setup has been discontinued and no longer available anywhere ... Dealers say it is and then sends you a plain old nut. I didn't have a current need for one, but wanted to find a suitable new replacement. I'm not a fan of re-using suspension grade hardware whether mine or wrecking yard sourced. I came across Barnes 4WD -- who sells a Track Bar Kit that works with the TJ/XJ/ZJ. Very nicely made. The only upgrade/ change I'd make is using a flange bolt (10.9). Their bolt is the proper 10.9 grade, but I prefer not to deal with a separate washer.
  10. I think Delphi are re-badged Airtex brand which aren't the best. I wouldn't mess around with something so critical. I've had great luck with Bosch. (Which is what was used OEM/ factory Jeep.)
  11. Before I tear apart and Powdercoat my chrome power mirror set, checking if anyone has a NOS Driver power mirror 84-96 gen. Dealers have passenger side but no driver. Looking for NOS only. Don’t want aftermarket junk. Thanks!
  12. I’m running 275/60’s on the rear on my 2wd xj. 255/60 in front. BFG T/A’s. It’s on a 15x7 factory 96 zj Laredo rim.
  13. Gjeep

    Black MJ interior

    BTT...Confirming what is now still available. The black interior will not include a dashboard, bucket seats, center console, passenger side B-pillar, rear carpet panel, headliner or visors. It will include everything else, plus a spare rear cab cross panel trim (the hard plastic piece) and a lower black dashboard panel. I can pm pics if someone is interested. I do not have a mini console. $175 + whatever shipping is to you. Thanks
  14. It's in mint condition. I had the center insert redone with a matching texture/ quality vinyl as OEM that is a darker gray that insert vinyl matches the MJ's darker dashboard and carpet color. Not looking to ship this or take it apart unfortunately. No rips or tears in it. $50 + pickup. Depending on where you are I may be open to meeting you half way. Thanks PM if interested for photos.
  15. Pics... For some reason I can't add them to my original posting. Know items that the emblems will shine up. They have not been washed.
  16. ***** ALL IS SOLD ***** Complete shortbed chrome insert bodyside factory molding pulled off my '92 MJ. I pulled these from an '89 Eliminator in a wrecking yard. New 3M tape will be needed on the backside and know the chrome insert strip is crinkled looking (no longer mirror perfect). I consider all of these moldings to be in good condition. -- $65 + whatever shipping is to you ***** SOLD ***** Two Comanche chrome emblems (chrome is very good) -- $50 + whatever shipping is to you ***** SOLD ***** Two 4x4 chrome emblems (chrome is very good) -- $50 + w
  17. Still available. It's a short bed (SB) bar.
  18. Would like to sell to CA member for the simple sake of transportation but am considering shipping on your dime. $700
  19. Hot damn...I got it in! What a chore. I decided against installing my recent purchase rollbar as it needed some tweaking to make it close to perfect. It's in great shape, but it's not 100%. The rollbar I have had for my '89 MJ dropped right into place. Seemed like the best way to go.
  20. Spent a little over 3 hours re-shaping the kicker 'feet' of my roll bar with a 4 lbs mallet...There was close to 1/4" difference between how the driver's side and passenger's side sat near the fender well at first placement. See photo's below. (Driver's side was further away.) Finally I got them equidistant to the fender well, with front legs of the bar the same distance from the front of the bed. Next step is drilling holes, adding the underside brackets, and then tightening everything up to hopefully have the metal take final shape. I want to get all this buttoned up before paint.
  21. Gjeep

    Black MJ interior

    Still available.
  22. Successful trip MI through IN, IL, CO, and back to CA...Met a couple great MJ-er's along the way. Stripped out the little rusted SportTruck which had one of the best black interiors I'll pulled. Took everything except the bench seat...which was near mint (and if you're interested ping me and I can put you in touch with the guy I gave the truck to who can sell you the seat. Auto column truck.) Got a recently relocated CA truck rollbar, complete with brackets. And last but not least a SB Jeep dealer purchased MJ camper shell. Got a bunch of other misc stuff too...but now back to focusing on gett
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