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  1. That’s an add on mopar kit fog relay.
  2. Been cleaning, prepping, painting, and sorting parts... Also took delivery of a well packaged Spectra fuel tank. Finally! These are made in Canada and are quality reproduction units -- but I will say their shipping box was paper thin with no protection/ padding around the tank whatsoever. I had taken delivery and shipped back 3 tanks prior because they had been bent and dented in transit. I contacted Spectra directly, explained I was restoring a couple Comanche's, and they sent me 5 well packaged tanks to choose from. I ended up keeping 2. Way to go Customer Service -- really appreciated it! Here's one of them cleaned up...
  3. Only difference on the MJ seats is on the backside top of seat below headrest is about 3” of carpet material then turns to vinyl. Xj seats look better.
  4. It's listed at $9K on the local (Los Angeles) craigslist.
  5. Gjeep

    Various parts

    If you look on the back side of an XJ driver's side kick panel '86-'93 there is a curved line for the exact cut for the MJ foot brake pedal sweep.
  6. Nice -- someone can go after that Thunder Chief look. I just hate to drill holes in the top of my bed-rail.
  7. Originally on my 92 MJ locates in CA it’s whole life. Trim is not bent, black is faded and one paint chip where psgr windshield wiper hit it until adjusted. $50 plus shipping. Includes all pieces to surround windshield.
  8. Long ago I had wired back to the camper shell interior lighting that goes on with the trucks interior lights; additionally, I fit a first gen Dodge Dakota 3rd brake light just above the rear glass of the SnugTop's shell. Worked great. This round, just in case I go camper-shell-less, I've wired cargo light and 3rd brake light wiring to the back top of the shell. Since my factory rocker switch locations are all occupied with fog light, auxiliary fan override, and winch on/off & in/out controls -- I wired the cargo light with the interior lights also. I though about using a 70's GM foot actuated hi-beam switch, but decided against it. As for the actual cargo/3rd brake light I'm using...I've poured through all years/ manufacturers that existed. Settled on 2 that look MJ appropriate. First gen Dodge Ram full size (top photo) and second gen Ford Ranger (bottom photo). Since I'm waiting on them to arrive, I'll need to hold them up to the MJ to see which looks best. I'm leaning towards the Dodge as it is Chryco. I also dug up some NOS upholstery I got 15+ years ago...1987 YJ black "Jeep" logo's denim vinyl and XJ black vinyl. I had also purchased a few years back some aftermarket non-logo'd (because they can't logo it without Jeep's permission) black denim vinyl. The aftermarket denim vinyl is a blue black color (top right color) versus a brown black color as the NOS denim and denim vinyl is...so I'll be going with the logo'd upholstery. Now to decide on the stitch pattern of the winged bucket seats I'm going to use. I think I'm going to go with a stitch blend between the Laredo and the old Wagoneer XJ Limited. When I have some time I'll play with Photoshop.
  9. I can tell you between my 2 trucks — the 89 had Phillips screws and my 92 torx.
  10. Yep, actually crossed my mind too...but I think will keep as is. For now.
  11. Lots of cleaning today -- everything from fuel tank hoses, breather lines to an '87 XJ black horn hub. 25+ Q-tip to get it done. I'll be touching up the plastic torx of the hub also. Also painting a ton of nuts and bolts for re-assembly when the time comes...
  12. eBay...I have rolls and rolls of it. This is the guy I buy it from -- located in Santa Ana, CA https://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-1958-Pontiac-thick-masticated-rubber-sheet-1-8-C70064545/333580344687?fits=Year%3A1946|Make%3APontiac&hash=item4daaf01d6f:g:qjkAAOSwTglYmXFB
  13. Finishing up wires to the back of the MJ – 3rd brake light and interior light for camper shell. Also running optional 12V ignition-on cigarette lighter power for the bed. Did a masticated rubber cut-out for underside of the ‘X’ cross member for the tire contact. Cut, punched and push-pinned it into place. And finally, filled the taillight sockets with marine grade dielectric grease and snapped on the new backsides.
  14. Plugging along finishing lots of details to the MJ's underside...Drilled a 1 3/8" access hole on either side of the frame so I can put a nut on all the bolts for the sway bar end link mounting bracket. Took my time measuring and all came out well. Once the brackets are mounted/ nuts in place I'll use these 'caplugs' to fill the holes. Mounted all hardware since chassis paint -- front and rear shocks, attached brake lines, bled system, etc.
  15. 55002368 Know that what Team Cherokee sells as this is not correct. Don't think this part is available any more, so wrecking yards it is.
  16. Looks good, but FYI it looks like a repaint area. That's why the difference. You also can see it it the photo you posted. topside above bodyline is original paint. Below is repaint area.
  17. Looks good...I’m running those on my 2001 xj, but know those are 96-98 grand Cherokee zj rims. Tj rims are 15x8 and the slot is more of an angular cut-out.
  18. Exactly. These amps need just under an inch breathing space all around to keep cool. Kick panel isn’t a fully enclosed area fortunately. Should be a-ok.
  19. Thanks...I do what I can to make those sound system additions visually subtle. I want my enclosure set up to appear 'factory' Comanche somehow. Finally got the fuel, brake and breather lines in place. Came out nice and clean. I know most people do'n't notice chassis side, but I do. Nuts I know. And axle brake line attached.
  20. Chipping away and changing a few things as I go...Since I'm going to be running subs behind the seats now, I needed to go in yet again to the PDC and modify things so I could get 60W fused power to run the Rockford amplifier that will power these. With that, I need to bump the IPF relay harness power to just outside the PDC -- about where the cruise control servo cable attaches to the PDC/overflow reservoir bracket -- in a weatherproof fuse holder. Diagram and photo below. The Mega fuse holder for the 270A alternator now resides in front of the coolant jug for easy access (use to be in the mounting area of the DirtBound battery tray -- a nightmare to access). I also added a hose off the overflow so if coolant does flow out, it won't wet/damage any of the electric. With those changes engine-side, I was able to run the wiring inside and install the subwoofer amp opposite the main 4-speaker amplifier -- on the passenger side footwell panel. I needed to move around the power window relays and connector that powers the harness for the inner door passenger side to makes things work, and make sure the amp has enough breathing room. Eventually all loose wires will be organized here too...
  21. Also been freshening the fuel tank with new hoses, clamps, and roll-over safety valves. I was surprised to find both the seals on mine were cracked. Chances of fuel actually leaking out of these are slim, but while they are sill available from dealers I'm replacing both the seal and valve of both.
  22. My 6.5" Rockford woofers came today...they're about 2.5" deep and heavy as the 8" sub going in my '97 XJ. Looks like I'm going to need to rethink my subwoofer area. Either going to build a MJ specific fit-to-the-backwall enclosure and/or adapt the first gen XJ separate sound bar to hold those speakers, as that sound bar is plenty deep (unlike the '99+ XJ integrated sound bar). A little project to get to.
  23. For what it's worth, my '89 MJ has NOS metric ton leafs installed and my '92 MJ new General Spring metric ton leafs... same amount of lift on each 3.5".
  24. It depends what kind of condition your current sockets are in...AC Delco# LS7 if you need the entire socket and it's about $25 per socket. Gray in color like OEM. https://www.carid.com/acdelco/gm-original-equipment-side-marker-lamp-socket-mpn-ls7.html?view=236082&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0NeB8vup6QIVTOztCh3c8g5jEAQYAiABEgIV3fD_BwE Or if you just need the backing, the less expensive way to go is through Wiring Depot. Their socket# 2583F is cream/ yellow color, but only $7 per socket. https://www.wiringdepot.com/store/p/494-JT-T-2583F-3-Wire-GM-Chrysler-AMC-90-Double-Contact-Back-Up-Stop-Tail-Turn-Light-Socket-Pigtail-1977-Newer-1-Pc.aspx Removing the terminals of your current MJ sockets are easy to remove and pop into a new connector.
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