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  1. I know the ba10 is poor (currently ditching mine) but is the ax5 actually bad? I haven't heard too much about it. *Scratch that didn't realize he didn't have a 2.5l. So ax5 doesn't apply for him.
  2. Zeta bird I might be too late in replying to this but when ever I am trying to trace speaker wire I use a AA battery and just connect it in. You'll heat a slight crackling on the speaker to tell which it is. And it shouldn't harm the rest of the car.
  3. I would like the console. We can work it into the deal for the flooring
  4. Well that one's gone I assume but in some states you need to be a dealer or repair shop in some you don't. NY you can't buy as an individual. I just added the link in case someone in GA wanted to get a good project truck
  5. 86 clock I'll take a photo of the pin connector. Not sure if it's the same between years. It looks the same type of clock but idk
  6. I have no use for that stuff so I can attempt to pull it after I get the rest of the dash off. If it isn't too hard to get to the foam part I can pull it for you.
  7. I got most of the gold interior out. I will pull the vinyl for you in the next week most likely.
  8. Tape deck sale went through.
  9. 10 bucks for the factory non tape radio. It works, I tried it before pulling it from the parts truck I also have a working clock
  10. Pending sale on the tape deck
  11. This is the 86 radio but I didn't pull it out yet.
  12. Out of my 88 so 2 years newer ;) it came with my jeep as the previous owner put in a new head unit.
  13. I am going to pull one I have to see if it fits his need but it's got a Crack in the center so it may or may not be what he wants. If you see one def pick it up at the yard
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