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  1. I have an 86 and this is in the plan for the future so I can run the 87+ upper radiator support and hood latches nicer from my 95 swap. Its definitely nice seeing someone go through the process
  2. Thanks dzimm! I'll pop that ring terminal on this weekend. That black plug I'm holding might go to the fog light harness that mines not equipped with. Can someone confirm that? Also I have three plugs in the front. Two go to the horns but I'm not sure what the third go to. I grabbed a picture today.
  3. Just finishing up my 95 4.0 into an 86 lwb swap. I have a few random plugs and I'm not really sure what they go to. Does the first ring terminal attach to the ignition coil bolt. Also does anyone know what any of these 3 plugs go to in the second picture? Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Doing some more searching, I came across that last sensor. That is the temp sensor that goes to your gauges, not the computer, correct?
  5. Thanks guys! That's one off the list of things I have to worry about haha The engine came out of a 96 cherokee 4.0 sport. It came from someones field half complete for 350$.
  6. Thanks Ωhm!!! That helps allot. Do you know if it was tied down to something or just floating around with a relay on it?
  7. after about a year and a half, I'm finally finishing up the 4.0 swap into my fathers 86 Comanche. Being my first engine swap, it never occurred to me to label any of the electrical connectors as I took them all off. I found a home for most of them but I'm a little lost on four of them. Any help identifying them would be greatly appreciated. The first two are located near the battery. I think the large one might be a factory fog light connector. The third one is on the other side of the engine bay near the computer. That one possibly might be a diagnostic port. The last one is on the back firewall near the intake manifold. No clue on that one. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Fiatslug87 thank you so much, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  9. HOrnbrod, thanks for your reply. So far, I have swapped the engine using a 95 xj frame horns and mounts, modified the firewall (with a bfh), the trannys connected to the engine and the crossmembers connected to the tranny. The crossmember is from the 95 xy along with everything else. The problem is that there's allot of movement under there. I can basically push the whole tranny three inches side to side and the crossmember an inch forward or back. I'm just trying to find the best location before I commit and start poking holes or welding.
  10. I've gotten to the point in my 86 2.5 manual to 95 4.0 auto swap, that I need to bolt the tranny in. Being an 86 it doesn't have holes/plugs/studs to mount the crossmember. I'm having a hard time locating it left to right and was wondering if anyone could give me some mesurements. I made a drawing looking for two dimensions and if it's mirrored on the other side. Any help would be apreciated.
  11. So I've finally decided to get serious about restoring my fathers 86 and first on the agenda is replacing the floor. I very much never want to do this again, so I'm trying to do it right the first time. I cut all the rust back and have some new floor pans to go in, but I have a question about the rockers. They're rusted from the inside near the tire. Here's a before picture and where I'm at now. Has anyone repaired this before and have any advice. Right now the plan is to get some metal flats (maybe stainless) and try to weld them in at the right angle but I'm open to different solutions. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Ok. Thank you for your help.
  13. Yes it is, the blimp I believe it's called. There are also four fittings on the firewall that I'm told go to the air conditioning.
  14. I inherited an 86 jeep comanche with a 2.5 tbi. It was mid project and has no vacuum lines. I have this vacuum diagram and I'm slowly measuring fitting/nozzle sizes to get the vacuum tube diameters but I'm having a problem when it comes to the egr system. Does anyone have a picture or a good description of the EGR/Canister Solenoid? Also do i need to install the vacuum tubes for the air conditioning or do I just need the tubes shown on the diagram? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. You wouldn't have wrote down all the sizes somewhere, would you? The closest parts store is about half an hour away. Also what type of line did you use? Vacuum, Fuel, Silicone? And how much did it cost?
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