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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody, so I have this 90 2wd, I'm trying to restore it, right now I want to put this 2000' front from an XJ on MJ, but I noticed that I need to change the fenders as well for the 2000' fenders, so I would like to know if there is anything more that i need to change, I've seen that everyone who made this conversion change the doors too, is this necessary? Thanks, i would upload some photos when i get home right now I'm at work
  2. I will finish up the sanding on the body and put on the black doors from the XJ and then I will no longer be able to work on the truck. I started the project in 2015 and then left home for two years, now that I'm home and don't have my own transportation I need to get a car quick to start school. If you search for the "Hawaii Jeeps" you should see most of my build process with this truck. The XJ had 118,000 miles on it, the MJ had 130,000 miles on it. As of right now, it is an empty shell with half of the 2000 XJ body panels on it (I will put the doors on as soon as the new lock pins come in the mail). I am currently sanding down the paint on the comanche panels that was done by the previous owner. I won't paint it since that will allow the buyer to paint it whatever color you would like. I found all the primer, base coat, and clear coat needed here in town priced at $350-$600 depending on the color of the base. I was planning to paint it Silverstone (Late model Cherokee Grey) or Mystic Gold Metallic, (a factory Tacoma color). I have all the Agate interior from the XJ including seats, which are all in great shape. The driver seat has a spot that was rubbed down in the fabric on the left side. I also have brand new extra padded carpet that is charcoal/dark grey colored. I have speakers, wiring, and a small amp for the sound system, (the speakers are brand new Kenwoods). Also I have a role of tint (I believe it's 5%). The original MJ interior panels can be painted Agate to match the XJ vinyl. I bagged up the nuts and bolts for the whole truck and wrote where they went with sharpie. The drive train: 2000 XJ 4.0 litre l6. I have new moog motor mounts, transmission mount, Felpro rear main seal, and Felpro engine gasket set. The transmission is automatic, the transfer case is a Np231 with advance adapters slip yoke eliminator installed professionally. The biggest things that are left on the to-do list include: Fabricate new seat mounts for XJ seats Fabricate or find firewall mounts for gas and brake pedals and get new pedals New front axle (there is only a 2wd axle with no differential in front) Gas tank modifications + fuel pump New paint job If you have any questions or if I left out any important details just let me know. I have a lot invested in the truck and I am asking $3,200 for the whole project. I don't think I can finish it but I would really like to see someone else make it happen. Here are pictures as of now:
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