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Found 5 results

  1. So I sunk it... You can check it out in my background picture if you'd like. After going through all the mechanical issues we decided to do a little more. Started with a paint job on the body/bed and replaced a couple frame pieces. That led to removing and replacing all the carpet and roofing as well as putting in a new bench. New visors too! After that we replaced the radio and threw in four new speakers. Let me know if you guys want pictures of the interior and bed. Also I just made an account with you guys and I must say that it's a very awesome and helpful club. Glad to be a part of it!
  2. Hello. I’m new here and was told you guys know your stuff. Here it goes. I have a 1988 Jeep Comanche MJ. 4wd I am trying to make the fm radio work but all I am getting is static from it. If the radio is turned all the way up though I can hear music through it faintly. Am works great. Ohmed out from the antenna to the unit and am getting 2 ohms. If I tilt the head unit sometimes it cuts in better. I have cleaned all of the connections and checked the ground on the back. What do you guys think.
  3. But Minuit, why would anyone want to do that? You should get your head checked! Everyone knows iPods and MP3s are the only way to listen to music in your car! :roll: I want to put a factory Jeep radio in my MJ (no, it still isn't running. I got my priorities set right!) instead of the fancy CD player it has now, and here's why: - The radio wiring in there right now is.... dubious. Someone in this truck's history thought wire nuts were appropriate for a vibrating, bumpy riding automobile. As a result the radio occasionally cut out, and it even went into protect mode once. I don't like that. - The expensive radio is the only remotely stealable thing inside the MJ right now. I really, really don't want my truck to get broken into when I get it back on the road. - I'm going for more of a restoration focus on my build. A 2013 era CD player doesn't match the 1984 era interior, and the stock radio just looks better. - I am one of approximately 15 18 year olds in the world who listens to cassettes. I have a pretty sizeable collection. Now that I've bored you with that, assuming I can find a working '91-'96 radio, would the only thing I need to do in addition to that is find an intact radio harness, cut what's in my truck now out, and splice the stock wiring back in? Would an older AMC radio (really big assumption that I could find a working one) also work? How many different model years will match with the wire colors of my '91? Sorry for the long post, but any help would be appreciated.
  4. so over the past couple of weeks I pulled my complete dashboard out of my mj and the HVAC unit (I think that's what its called) and replaced my heater core . . I finally got it all back together without pulling out too much of my hair but my radio is not working.. when I switch on my dash lights the radio lights up but its unresponsive when I attempt to power it on . . I need to know if theres anything I may have missed, what I should check , and which pins in the connector will let me know that I'm definitely getting power. any help is appreciated and its the stock radio I'm dealing with
  5. please help - No dash power Hello, I'm doing a 88' to 98' conversion (Hayduke's Operation Comanche RePower) and lost dash power. Before hooking up the 98' doors I could start the engine and the connected guages, odometer, radio, and heater controls all worked fine. I've been trying to get the dome/interior lights to work- repalced door switches, bulbs, testing wiring, and connected doors, and now the headlight switch controled dash lights work, but the needle guages, odometer, radio and heater controls don't work??? I also never got the dome lights to work via the door switches and when the ingition is on one brake light is on brightly, the ground for that harness is not yet connected, I've checked and improved the grounds, checked & cleaned all fuses, relays, etc. checked that all the plugs are connected well. & disconnected the dome light & door switches not sure if I missed something... The engine will start and run well and alternator produces 14+ volts at battery. Earlier the odometer worked but now after much testing it stopped working, A cluster test confirms everything but the needle guages check out. I exposed the ingnition switch but don't know how to test the 98' style switch? What else do I need to try? I'm very close to finishing the conversion then this happens...Very frustrated at this point as the dash was all in, and now it's all torn down again..and the fuse box...and the steering column.... :fs1: I've looked on the Cherokee sites and no solution yet... Any help greatly appreaciated !!!! My focus is getting the dash working again as the dome light can wait!
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