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  1. id never leave it running!! someone could steal it !! this was back 2-3 years ago . .that brake got worse and worse and the fix was like you said (put it in gear). . unfortunately I haven't driven that truck in almost two years not but can't wait till the tires hit the blacktop here again sooooon!!
  2. I have a 1991 jeep comanche sporTruck . the pedal will finally stay down after pressing between 10-15 times no matter how far I press it and will "pop" out of no where . . It has popped at several gas stations and in one incidence, led me on a wild chase to hop in and on the brakes before it would have collided with several cars and in another instance popped and damaged a gate at a friends house . .I say THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE RIGHT
  3. is it possible you might be able to find a picture of the ones you have . .for color purposes ?
  4. I had the same problem every now and again with my 88 pioneer . I think I wound up narrowing it down to the vacuum hose that comes off the brake booster . id check to see if that hose is sealed up tight . .it may help but them again it might not good luck
  5. A question : do any of yall know if there are any companies out there that are doing remakes of the original decals of this truck . mine have to come off to paint eventually and I don't think the truck will be the same without them (I'm referring to the decal that says sporTruck and stretches all down the sides of the truck)
  6. there she is . .the one on the left getting the heart transplant (new motor )
  7. haha I thought they looked better and I think I figured it out as you can see this the intake pic . but thank you!
  8. intake manifold professionally cleaned, pulled all fittings and reseald, new injectors (4-holes)(opinions?) fuel rail cleaned and protected with paint
  9. new engine to start, all new thermostat housing and thermostat, water pump and inlet tube, oil dipstick and tube, distributor, oil pump and pickup, oil pan and gasket, harmonic balancer(not in pic) and new s/s valve cover and oil pan stud kit. new valve cover and header are coming soon , ill keep you posted and get some pictures of the truck in here too
  10. sorry about the picture being too large and stretched out of square . I need to looking into figuring out how to fix that :???:
  11. I want to start off a build thread so I guess I'm starting here . my favorite thing in the whole house, my $2000+ dollar baby , my jeeps heart!
  12. if you oiled the O-rings the top and bottom (fuel rail and manifold obvi) you should be able to press the injectors into the rail quite easily then with all six in the rail line them up with the manifold and give it a couple of good careful pushes they should all go in most of the way . replace the four screws and tighten them and lastly give each one a good twist back and fouth . (they moved pretty easily with the oil) you will be able to tell if the o-ring is seated , if not it will sort of bind. . in the end if theyre not leaking I wouldn't worry about the seals, and yeah id try the primin
  13. you need to make sure your priming the fuel rail. meaning let it fill with fuel and push all of the air you let in during the injector swap OUT .(this will also help to make sure all of the injectors are pushing fuel when their supposed to and not air) .from what ive read the pressure should be around 30 psi or so . . to do that I believe all you have to do is switch the key on until you hear the pump shut off . then turn the key back (shut off the power) wait 20-30 sec and switch it back on . you should hear the pump kick on again for a few seconds or so and kick off . .with a rag and somethi
  14. hey thanks . good luck getting everything sealed up and back together
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